Woman Thanks Bear For Not Eating Her Kayak. Bear Then Eats Her Kayak.

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In Southern Alaska, an eternally grateful Mary Maley thanked her neighbor, a bear, for not eating her kayak as she filmed him from the safety of her back porch. “Thank you for leaving my kayak alone,” Mary said. At that point the bear, whom she kept addressing only as Bear, then move toward her to introduce himself. That’s when things got really crazy, as Mary whipped out a bottle of pepper spray to keep the black bear away.

Seemingly having grown frustrated with Mary’s antics, the bear decided he didn’t like being pepper sprayed, proceeding to eat Ms. Maley’s kayak in poignant retribution. You can hear Maley’s desperate pleas trying to get the bear to stop, only to be completely ignored.


We caught up with the bear, asking him why he ate Maley’s kayak. “My name is Fred, not Bear. I’ve met her several times before.” he said, offering no further explanation. Answering why she called the bear Bear instead of Fred, Maley defended herself, say that “He looks like another black bear I know named Bear. They all look the same.”

Maybe she deserved it.

Last modified: October 2, 2015