What’s new on TV for Winter/Spring 2017

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twin peaks

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2017 is a year full of potential. There’s potential for an all but inevitable nuclear fallout, a potentially transformative new presidential administration, and potential for a lot reasons to try and avoid reality altogether. Luckily, potential extends into the upcoming 2017 television calendar, which looks to be chalk full of escapist titles for any and everyone to escape the constant bloviating from “the other guys.”

After what was already a considerably exceptional year of television in 2016 (and 2015, and 2014… you get it), 2017 seems poised to overcome its preceding years with a slew of new and returning programs. Whether or not you consider the current state of television to still be the proverbial “Golden Age,” you can’t help but get excited for the slate of early show debuts in 2017. Especially when it comes to the Winter 2017 television lineup, there are some potentially kick ass shows to come January through March.

In short, the lineup is stacked, from streaming to network to premium, there is going to be a kickass new show on pretty much every single night. Let’s start with the channel that always seems to have a hit on their hands, no matter what the show (as long as they never try and do Vinyl again), HBO. The first big show of 2017 that HBO is rolling out is Jude Law’s The Young Pope, where Law plays the first U.S.-born leader of the Roman Catholic Church. In short, Law’s Pope is the sort of Machiavellian, hot, sadist that we’ve come to love in the likes of Don Draper and Walter White. The show also features Diane Keaton as the surrogate mother to Law’s Pope that always has his number. The show already premiered in Europe to massive praise and fanfare, so expect the same when it finally premiers stateside.

Next up on the list is a twofer – Legion and Taboo – for FX. After effectively establishing themselves as the only cable network willing to gamble on programming like You’re the Worst and Atlanta to massive success, they’re moving into the realm of big time players. Legion is a comic book property starring Dan Stevens (the soon to be “Beast” in 2017’s Beauty and the Beast) as an unwittingly powerful mutant. Aubrey Plaza also stars, and the show looks absolutely incredible to say the least.

The other show on FX’s prestige platter, Taboo, looks like it may be the early front runner for show of the year in 2017. Taboo comes from the braintrust of none other than Tom Hardy – the most badass man in Hollywood – and his father. Set in the 1800s, the show features a man left for dead in Africa coming back with some Santeria-esque abilities that look like a lot of fun. This show is no doubt going to be good, because it’s the reason Hardy jumped off of the dumpster fire that was Suicide Squad before things were set into motion.

While the three shows mentioned above are all new shows that will likely be picked up immediately for years to come, the single most intriguing show of the early 2017 television slate is without a doubt the revival of David Lynch’s shortlived cult series, Twin Peaks. In typical Lynchian fashion, not much has been revealed in terms of whether the season will be a full fledged followup to the series, or an adjacent reboot. Either way, the newest season will see the return of original series stars Kyle McLachlan and Sheryl Lee, along with newcomers in the likes of Michael Cera and Laura Dern, and a whole slew of other big names. Color me intrigued.

So those are some of the shows to keep an eye out for in the coming 2017 television season. Granted these are all newer shows, and we didn’t even begin to scratch the surface on new seasons of Stranger Things, Veep, Game of Thrones, Baskets, Silicon Valley, Top of the Lake… you get what I’m saying. Basically, prepare yourself for a full blown marathon of television on the weekends, or just kiss your weeknight social life goodbye, because 2017 will be nothing but must see tv.

Last modified: January 9, 2017