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A beard can take on an important role in a man’s life. It can be used as an object of personal expression, serve as a source of pride, or serve as part of your disguise if you’re ever forced into the witness protection program. Where would we be without the option to grow a beard? Think of some well-known men of history: Abraham Lincoln, Che Guevera, Charles Darwin, and Colonel Sanders. Do you know where they would be without their beards? We may never know for sure but I seriously doubt they would have ended up being the leaders and go-getters they were without their beards. If you’ve chosen to join the ranks of the bold and the bearded, find out what your own facial hair communicates about you.

The Soul Patch

You either don’t understand what cool is or you just don’t care and you enjoy having a small tuft of hair clinging underneath your bottom lip. Few men can successfully pull of the soul patch so if in doubt, don’t gamble on the small chance of you being that man. Don’t call it a beard. If someone mocks it, act like you missed a spot shaving.

The Goatee

Does it make your mouth feel safe to have a warm boundary of hairy protection encircling it? The goatee can mean almost anything so make sure you have a good backstory to support it. You’re probably one of two extremes: either a man to be taken very seriously or a man that cannot be taken seriously at all.

The Chin Strap

The chin strap beard takes precision shaving and basically the thinner the strap, the more you are overly obsessed with yourself. If you have time on your hands to carefully measure and trim your facial hair every day, you’re out of touch with reality.

The Five O’Clock Shadow

Maybe you’re lazy or maybe you were just up too late being awesome and you didn’t have time to shave this morning. People will be able to tell which of the two you fall under. The shadow can carry a hint of mystery and adventure, especially if it’s not your typical look. People may not help but wonder why you weren’t able to shave.

The Long Chin Beard

Are you a biker a gold miner or a wizard? Those are the only people authorized to isolate a long flowing growth of hair that protrudes solely from the chin. If you wear one, people will probably ask you which of those three groups you belong to.

The Full Beard

The fully bearded man is a man on a mission. He doesn’t have anything to prove, he’s already proven it. He has the patience, endurance, and confidence to pull off a feat of excellence. Of course there was that shady period of limbo in the early stages of his facial hair growth project when others were unsure of what he was trying to do. But the big deal is that he made it. When the time comes to say goodbye to the beard you’ve grown so close to, people will continue to associate you with the fine beard.

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Women’s skincare tips that men should and shouldn’t try




goodluz / Shutterstock

I know I spend a lot of time raging against the beauty machine, but it’s not all bad. With the rise of male specific skincare and cosmetics, guys have discovered that taking a little extra care of themselves can be nice. That said, there are things that are worth trying and things to avoid.

Some things worth trying:


Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells from the top-most layer of your skin. It makes your skin look fresh, and can help prevent zits and in grown hairs, especially if you exfoliate before shaving. You can exfoliate by scrubbing, like using an exfoliating cleanser or a washcloth, or a chemical exfoliant like a low-dose alpha-hydroxy acid lotion. Exfoliating too much will piss off your skin, so remember that less is more. (Those plastic microbeads are horrible for the earth, so avoid those too.)

Chemical exfoliants work better to prevent ingrown hairs from shaving if you use them regularly, but not immediately before or after you shave unless you want to feel like your face is on fire. Also, they make your skin more sun sensitive. Yes it sounds annoying, but for some it’s their anti-acne holy grail.

As far as exfoliators go, it’s best to get one with natural seeds to remove the dead skin cells, for plenty of reasons. One, you don’t want to kill our planet. Two, they’re more gentle on your skin, which is a good thing. St. Ives Natural Apricot Scrub and Blemish Control is bomb, and has a great price, too. Plus it can be found at most drugstores.

Another option for exfoliating is getting a facial toner. Facial toners are helpful for people with oily or acne-prone skin, as they remove excess dirt and oil. A lot of toners contain strong  chemicals, which again sounds scary, but it can actually be good for acne. You can buy your very basic Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel, which is at most drugstores, or you can spend just a little more and get Pixie’s Glow Tonic, which is like, the Jack Daniels of facial toner.

Moisturizers with sunscreen

Unless you live somewhere with prolonged periods of darkness like a never-ending LAN party, you could benefit from a moisturizer with sunscreen. It’s a one-step way to moisturize your face and protect against sun damage. Considering the prevalence of skin cancer in every race, age group, and gender, a bit of daily sunscreen will do you good.

Moisturizing makes your skin more resilient to damage and feel less tight and itchy. It can also prevent the over production of face grease and make you look more dewy and less hungover.

Moisturizers with sunscreen are relatively inexpensive (no need to pay more than $15) and easy to use, so you might as well do it. Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer has SPF 15 and will actually make your skin look, uh, radiant. This isn’t one of those bullshit buys, Aveeno knows what they’re doing. Plus it’s less than $10. Win.

If you have oily skin you may want to avoid super thick moisturizers. Unfortunately, SPF is kind of a thick substance that doesn’t exactly make you look less shiny, but Clinique’s Superdefense Daily Defense Moisturizer with SPF 20 is perfect for oily skin types, and will also protect your skin from that giant ball of fire in the sky. While it’s a little more costly than the drugstore options, you’ll see that you really get what you pay for with this product.


No. Not that kind of facial. The kind you pay an esthetician for.

Sometimes you want to look really good for an event: your wedding, your enemy’s funeral, accepting your Nobel Prize, whatever. Getting a facial makes your skin look awesome by removing dead skin cells and the face gunk in your pores, and adding moisture.

You could do this at home, but it’s a pain, and you’ll probably mess up your face. When a professional handles it, you get to relax in a dimly light room for 30+ minutes listening to whale song or Enya. You can turn off your phone and just bliss out while someone else grooms you.

Keep in mind that face gunk removal (extraction) may leave red marks, so either ask the esthetician not do it or get your facial about week before your big day. The effects of a facial aren’t permanent, but it’s worth it once in a while.

So if you feel up for calling your local spa and penciling in a facial, go for it. But for those of you who want to have what the ladies call a “spa day”, here are some products that you can lather on your face in the privacy of your own home.

Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque is a gift sent by the gods to make us nicer to look at. Kiehls can be a bit more pricey, but this is another case where you really do get what you pay for. This stuff cleans your pores gently, and you get to leave it on and look like a green lake monster for fifteen minutes. What more can you really ask for?

If you’re looking for something a little less expensive, Garnier’s Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spot Overnight Peel is rad because it’s not too expensive and you can leave it on overnight so it takes little to no effort. You’ll wake up feeling prettier (manlier) in no time.


Lady skin care practices can be rad, but a lot are bullshit, and companies are trying to sell that bullshit to men too. Here are some things to avoid.

Anti-wrinkle cream

You’d think with all the claims manufactures make about wrinkle creams that there would be evidence to back it up. Well, kind of.

Manufacturer studies are like skewed poll questions, choosing very specific contexts to get the answers they want. For example, comparing the use of their product to using nothing, which proves that their cream is literally better than nothing, but that’s not how they market it.

They package a couple tablespoons of moisturizer and buzzwords in a chic looking bottle, give it a luxurious scent, make their “proven” claims, and charge $60 or much more. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll put some on and feel fancy AF, but it’s not substantially different from regular moisturizer. It’s a waste of money, and you and your face will continue to age because that’s how shit works.

But if you still feel like your face really needs some youthfulness, maybe try Estee Lauder’s Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-aging Creme. It’s not too terribly expensive (as far as anti-aging treatments go) and you’ll feel better knowing it’s in a gold bottle.

Skincare/Beauty Supplements

Do you know who can make a supplement?


Do you know who is responsible for the safety and effectiveness of supplements?

The manufacturer.

The FDA monitors supplements and prohibits the inclusion of known dangerous substances, but they often rely on consumer reporting. Supplements don’t go through the rigorous process of testing like drugs, and we often find out about dangers after they’re on the market. Remember Hydroxycut? Weight loss with a side of liver damage?

As for effectiveness, manufacturers can say things like “promotes clear skin” or “supports skin health” because when correctly worded they don’t need solid evidence to back up their claims.

That’s not to say supplements don’t do anything. Supplements can negatively interact with medicines you take, or just make you sick. (And some, I hear, are harmless.) When it comes to beauty supplements, your best-case scenario is throwing money away.

I’m not even going to give you some suggestions for supplements even if you’re into that sort of thing. Just don’t.


Unlike anti-wrinkle creams and supplements, cosmetic Botox works as advertised: a neurotoxin paralyzes perfectly healthy parts of your face to diminish wrinkles. It’s becoming more and more popular with men.

Potential side effects include droopy eyelids, headaches, trouble speaking, bruising, drooling, and more. But hey, at least you can’t move your face, right?

A round of Botox requires a professional to administer, but the skill, credentials, and cost of said professionals will vary wildly. Your dentist can be licensed to administer Botox in a weekend.

Yes, some people swear by Botox, and a skilled hand can make it much more natural than the uncanny valley flesh mask you sometimes see. But there are people and things that deserve your frowns, scowls, and derisive laughter to the full extent your face can make them. One of the perks of being a guy is being able to visibly age and have your anger taken seriously. Why would you ever trade that?


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How to Get Rid Of Moobs



how to get rid of moobs

Moobs, or man-boobs as some call it, is a very embarrassing condition that many guys suffer from. It is something which affects their well-being and confidence to a great extent and to mention, the kind of social impact that it has on their lives.

So naturally, one may wonder as to how the problem can be taken care off and how to get rid of moobs? They search and seek out every possible solution with the hopes that they can finally be free of this embarrassing condition in their lives, many of whom are willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of the problem.

To begin with, it would be great to get a good understanding about the problem and what exactly it is. In general, it is the accumulation of fat under the nipples and chest for guys, which creates the ‘appearance’ of the female breasts to some degree or another. It need not be fat tissue at all times however. In many cases, it could even be actual glandular tissue that is the cause of the problem.

Also to note here is that the problem is not really a problem in a health-sense. On the contrary; the issue is more of a cosmetic issue. To put it differently, there aren’t really any health consequences due to this. It is merely a cosmetic issue and nothing more.

So the big question that will ultimately come up is, “How to get rid of moobs?”

The answer to this question is not one but many. There are different reasons that this can happen so the answer to the problem depends on the cause of the issue.

Regardless, given below are some ways in which the issue can be resolved:

1.) Wait it out and let the problem take care of itself

One of the biggest causes of moobs is puberty. Puberty brings about a great deal of changes in the body due to a spike in the level of testosterone. This, in turn, sometimes converts into estrogen, which then leads to the issue of moobs.

The best solution in this case is to simply wait out the puberty phase, after which the problem will even out all by itself. This happens because once a person reaches the adulthood stage, the levels of the various hormones reach an equilibrium and homeostasis.

2.) Lose Some Weight

For the vast majority of moobs cases, the problem can be solved with nothing more than a change in lifestyle.

Too many of us lead sedentary lives where we barely get physical exercise. In addition to this, we also have the issue of having to deal with junk food which we tend to consume on a regular basis.

These factors together when sustained over an extended period of time have given rise to people becoming overweight and eventually obese. By merely changing one’s diet and exercising, it is possible to see drastic changes in the not too distant future.

3.) Correct Homonal Levels

This is something that can be solved only by a doctor. A simple blood test will show whether your hormonal levels are generally stable or downright out of whack. If in case your hormonal levels are currently haywire, you will need to get things under control.

The way that this is achieved is through the process of drugs such as Nolvadex or Tamoxifen. What such drugs do is control or even eliminates estrogen’s negative effects. This however, should be done only under a doctor’s guidance and prescription.

4.) Stop Eating Estrogen-Rich Foods

Estrogen is a naturally occurring compound which occurs in nature in abundance. In plants, the hormone is called ‘phytoestrogen’, which is just another word for ‘plant-estrogen’.

One of the biggest sources of plant-estrogens is soy, which is present almost everywhere. By simply avoiding plant-estrogens, you can avoid unnecessarily consuming this hormone in your daily life.

5.) Go for a Surgery

This is but the last resort that you have left. While it may cost a fortune in some countries, it is considered worth it for a lot of cases since it is permanent. The surgery however, should only be considered after all other options have been exhausted.

As a whole, if you are wondering how to get rid of moobs, the above will give you a rough idea on how to go about with the whole process. There are certainly plenty of other ways that you can use. But the above are by far the most effective of the lot.

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Fat Burner Supplements – Things You Should Know About Them



fat burner supplements

There are some people who have assumed that fat burner supplements are going to be very effective in melting their fat even if they are not doing anything. Things do not work this way. Remember that supplements contain some ingredients that will only help you burn a bit more fat than usual but it will not melt off fat from your body without effort from you.

People normally want to lose weight because of how media portrays people’s bodies. Women are shown to have small waists and hourglass-shaped bodies and men are required to have abs so that they will be considered attractive. People may pretend that they are not affected but most people always are. This is the primary reason why people are always finding ways to lose weight.

What you can expect from fat burner supplements is that they can help shrink your fat cells. But you know what they say about fat cells when you start eating again – they will get plumper. The moment that they go back to their original size, you already know what is going to happen – you are going to go back to your normal weight. You want to make sure that you will do things that will banish those fat cells.

If you truly want to lose weight, here are some of the things that you can do:

  1. Make sure that you will focus on your diet. You may think that you are going to exercise until you are so tired that you can barely move. But if you truly want to have a successful weight loss, you have to know what you are eating. The moment that you have formulated a plan of the foods that you need to eat, you need to ensure that you will continue with the diet. You can take a look at your diet and see if it matches the number of calories you need to consume every day.
  2. You have to set up realistic expectations regarding the amount of weight that you want to lose. There are some people who believe that if they take fat burners, they are going to melt ten pounds every week. But this is not true. If you are going to take the fat burner and combine it with different exercises and proper nutrition, you are going to lose about a pound to 3 pounds every week. If you lose more than that, this means that you are not following a healthy diet.
  3. It does not mean that just because a fat burner is effective, it automatically means that you are going to take more of it. This is one of the mistakes that people do. They sometimes take more than one type of fat burner every week because they have assumed that it will allow them to lose more weight. Taking too much fat burner supplements will be bad for your health eventually. When searching for the right supplement, you need to find the supplement that comes with the lowest dosages. Stay on the fat burner for a couple of weeks. Another thing that you have to remember: if you are advised to take only one capsule a day, then follow the instructions.
  4. If you choose a supplement that comes with high caffeine content, you may get so much energy that you will be too tired with all of the caffeine you are taking in. Remember that caffeine is a stimulant so is it very likely that you are going to be energetic at one point then suddenly, you will drop from exhaustion.
  5. You need to record your progress and assess if it is actually working according to what you have planned. You need to know your starting point and see how much has changed since you started taking the supplement. Remember that there are some supplements that are better than others.

Based on the things that are mentioned above, it is evident that you need to have a diet that will allow you to lose weight naturally. At the same time, you need to know the proper exercises that will help tone your problem areas. The fat burner supplements that you see in the markets are not all the same. There are some that are always better than others. Do not forget to check out the different reviews so you can make the right choice.


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