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Its about that time. You might be asking yourself, “What time is he talking about?” Simply put, it’s around the time of year in which we all begin to pontificate about the various features likely to be included on the newest iteration of iPhone (sorry Android and Samsung users, this article’s about iPhones). In 2016, that means lucky iPhone number 7.

There’s not a ton to be known about the new iPhone 7 and what its features will include – maybe a pair of wireless Beats by Dre with every purchase, and then there’s this whole “super cycle” thing, but we’ll get into that another time – but that’s never stopped anyone from speculating. Before we end up too far down the rabbit hole of iPhone fodder, let‘s focus on the most pressing new development to come out of Cupertino, California (Apple’s HQ) – iOS 10.

Apple’s milestone software number, iOS 10 was announced at the 2016 Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, and is expected to hit its beta release come July, with its official release coming later this fall. The first big news associated with the debut of iOS 10 is likely to upset some of the more “seasoned” iPhone users –iOS 10’s compatibility only goes as far as the iPhone 5, iPad 4th gen, and iPod Touch 6th gen. So sorry to all you iPhone 4 users, you’re going to be forced to purchase a new iPhone or convert. That’s the beauty of planned obsolescence for you!

Now for the “sexy” new developments – Apple has redesigned the iPhone and iPad lockscreen – you can say goodbye to the “slide to unlock” feature that’s become synonymous over the past 9 years. Now all you have to do is “Press Home to open.” Furthermore, another new lockscreen feature is the “raise to wake” development, which is actually Apple taking a page out of Android’s books. Chalk that one up as a win for Android, as this feature has the highest likelihood of streamlining user interface.

The next streamlined development comes with regard to the ability to access the iPhone camera, which you don’t have to fiddle around with swiping up and occasionally getting the control center. Now, its as simple as a swipe right (hello Tinder users) of the locked homescreen. Another big time development – and one that has been long overdue – is the fact that Siri went back to school, and has come back a bit brighter. You can now use various forms of terminology to say “Siri, send a message to John Doe,” such as “Shoot a message over to Johnnie Boy,” and Siri is less likely than ever to say something cluelessly sassy like “I’m sorry, I couldn’t find anything on shooting massage overture June.” That one has been a long time coming, as far as I’m concerned.

Camera access and more intelligible interactions from Siri are great and all, but iOS is still an operating system on a communication device, so hopefully Apple would direct some of its brilliant energy toward, you know, the whole phone thing. Luckily they did, and the new features for phones are actually incredible.  Are you super popular with business type people who call you all the time but you never answer your phone because you hate talking on the phone? Well you’re in luck, because with iOS 10, you practically never have to answer your phone again, as Apple has developed a voicemail transcription feature! Another communication-linked development from iOS 10 makes texting a lot (that’s relative, I suppose) more entertaining. Apple has added more emojis and made them more robust (i.e. “bigger”), and now you can enlarge or shrink the size of your text message for dramatic effect! So when your ex gets engaged while you’re just sitting at home alone, you can now send sentiments like “CONGRATS YOU RUINED MY LIFE” in as large a bubble as you please!

So there you have it, a run down of just SOME of the new developments linked with the upcoming iOS 10 update for iPhones 5+. While it may not be the iPhone 7 (or 8, which is supposed to be the mother of all iPhones), the iOS 10 does look like it’ll streamline iPhone use and general user interface, with some fun little flourishes here and there. Its not the Apple Car, iPhone Infinity, or anything like that, but hey, at least its something!

Gadgets and Grownup Toys

Google’s Daydream View is a VR eye pillow

Google has a unveiled a mass of new products that are soon to hit that market, not the least of which is the new Google Daydream View, a VR headset.



Google Daydream View

Google's Daydream View Is a VR Eye Pillow

Google has a unveiled a mass of new products that are soon to hit that market, not the least of which is the new Google Daydream View. The Daydream View is a VR headset designed to work with smartphones like Google’s new Pixel. Soft cloth covers the Daydream intended to make it more comfortable and feel less like a gadget and more like clothing.

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Almost Like History

Hot Toys Batman – Toys You Can Collect



hot toys batman

Who says that toys are only for kids? Kids can have fun with various toys while adults can collect toys and display them. There are Hot Toys Batman that is worth checking out. You just have to know what toys to look for and you will be fine. Why do adults love collecting toys? There are different reasons for this:

  • Toys remind adults of their childhood and the type of life that they used to live.
  • Toys can bring out the inner child in various people.
  • Toys can become expensive in the long and the toys can be cool and fun investments.

Have you checked out Hot Toys Batman now? You do know that they cost a lot of money, right? You would truly need to want these toys so much to have the strength to save a large amount of money on the side for the toys. If you would check out their website, you will see that most of these Batman toys are for pre-order. They are complicated to make and they can look very realistic too. You will surely know and realize why it is worth spending a lot of money for Batman toys.

You may think that the moment you have purchased these toys, that is it. You can keep them in your bedroom and allow them to gather dust. You may clean it occasionally especially when you want to show off your collection but this is not how you should take care of your toys. If you truly want to care for them, there are some tips you have to remember:

  1. Keep the toy complete. Does the toy come in a box with a lot of accessories? You need to make sure that all of the extras and the accessories are complete. If you plan to sell them in the future, you have to lower your price if it is incomplete.
  2. Choose the right toys to collect. You may want to stock up on Hot Toys because you believe that it is going to become more popular and more expensive in the long run but you cannot tell how the trends are going to be in the future. It is best that you stock up on different ones so that even if only one would be trending in the future, it will still be worth it.
  3. Take note of the rare toys. There are some lucky people who have managed to get rare toys without realizing it. If you are smart, you will know which toys are rare so that you can actively scout for them. Rare toys may be worth a small fortune in the future provided that you choose wisely.
  4. You have to decide if the toys that you are going to collect will still be relevant in the long run. You know that there are so many people who used to collect Beanie Babies before. After some time, these people realized that there is no point especially since there are only a few rare ones that are truly worth a lot of money.
  5. Keep the toys in their best condition. Once again, the moment that the condition of the toy deteriorates, you will not be able to sell the toy for the price that you want.

Remember that the sooner that you start collecting, the better. If you want, you can also take a look at some thrift stores so you can find the best Hot Toys Batman for you. Some may have been released a few years back.

There are some Batman toys that are considered to be good now such as the following:

  • Classic TV Series Collection Set – This is a collection that is still based on the 1966 TV series. You can never go wrong with something like this as a part of your toy collection.
  • Arkham Batmobile- You cannot have a collection of Batman toys without the car that Batman uses for his different adventures. This particular toy is considered to be cool especially since it looks so much like the car. Just remember that you cannot transform it into a tank but it will still be nice to have as a part of your collection.
  • Lego Batman – Who says that Batman can only be enjoyed by kids? There are still a lot of adults who love playing Lego. Take your chance and purchase some Batman-related Lego. You may choose to build it or keep it in the box. It will be your choice.

The Hot Toys Batman that you want is not the only toys that you should collect. There are still a lot more that are just waiting to be discovered.

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Have You Heard About The Tug Toner?



tug toner

Have you ever come across a ‘tug toner’ or at least heard about it? If in case you have not, you will likely find this to be very interesting. There is certainly no shortage of fancy exercise gadgets in the marketplace. Ever since the rise of the fitness culture, there has been a never ending flow of fancy workout gadgets that promise the sky and indeed, even the entire universe.

For proof, one need not look further than the infomercials that play at the middle of the night, hawking the latest in workout systems which promise fast results and at the most convenient prices. Then again, you could also go to your local sports gear shop or even gym where there are even more crazy fitness gear, with each one looking weirder than the one just before it. This obsession over weird and whacky workout gear is certainly not new. It has in fact been happening for a very long time – at least since a couple of decades.

However, it has only been in the recent past that the concept has taken off with such an aggressive level of marketing. Much of this can be attributed to a massive increase in the reach of the mass media across the world. Today, the mass media has the power to reach millions of people through a variety of different ways, be it newspapers, magazines, television, radio, etc.

Regardless of how the advertising is done, the fact is that marketing agencies can target more consumers than ever before; to the point that they often end up with issues of backorders, which may be to the tune of thousands or even millions of units.

Introducing The Tug Toner

When it comes to strange exercise contraptions and gear, one need not look any further than the tug toner.

The tug toner happens to be a very popular fitness fad that has become rather commonplace in health circles everywhere. With a promise to deliver stunning results unlike any other product currently available in the marketplace, the tug toner happens to be one of those things that have started to gain the attention of plenty of people, regardless of whether or not it actually works.

At least is what you are made to believe when you look at the tug toner contraption, because the fact is that is that nobody really knows the truth about the product. In fact, there are plenty of people who are searching to buy it online without being able to find the original seller of the product.

So Why Is This The Case?

There doesn’t seem to be any clear cut answer to this question but it seems like the craze for the tug toner began when it was featured on the popular talk show, Jimmy Kimmel, where it was apparently sold at the Walgreens outlet. Since comedy happens to be one of the main and predominant themes of the Jimmy Kimmel show, it is very likely that the product doesn’t exist in real life and very likely nothing more than a satire.

After it was shown on the show, the product quickly became very popular with people wanting to buy their own tug toner for its many wonderful fitness and health benefits. Despite all the popularity, it seems likely that the tug toner was largely nothing more than a satire of late night infomercials that hawk the latest gizmos which promise the world.

Is The Tug Toner Real or Fake?

In fact, a lot of people have searched for the product online but have not been able to find it available for sale. It is in fact something that many have even dedicated entire blog posts for, which can be easily found through a simple search on Google or any other search engine.

At the same time however, it should also be noted that there are people who have started taking advantage of the new market demand for the tug toner and have begun selling imitation products on various online stores. Therefore, should one come across a product labeled as the ‘tug toner’, it is very likely that it is nothing more than an a cheap imitation of a concept that was used as satire for mocking phony fitness gear that is frequently hawked at midnight by shady salesmen.

In all, the tug toner is perhaps the best example of a satire product meant to mock the various nonsense fitness gear that have flooded our marketplace. Also, it is very likely that the product doesn’t really have an original manufacturer and is for the most part a cheap imitation created by clever capitalists to seize the moment and take advantage of this new found tug toner craze.

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