Trump congratulates Clinton, calls for country to come together

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Trump Congratulates Clinton, Calls for Country to Come Together

Donald Trump congratulates Hillary Clinton and thanked her for her service to this country, which is the opposite of what you say about someone you’ve been promising to put in jail. And his crowd cheered for both statements, which, if you’re looking for silver linings in this debacle I’ve found 2. That’s a very magnanimous move, and now we know Trump was bullshitting when he said he’d appoint a special prosecutor, etc. I know the campaign is refusing to rule it out, but Pinochet wasn’t thanking Allende for his service. And also that there’s not going to be a huge movement to have him actually do it, because the people who voted for Trump just wanted to win, and feel like they’ve been heard, and now they’ll chill out and stop cos-playing Paul Revere and go back to just putting bumperstickers on their cars. But honestly I don’t know anything about anything, so don’t listen to me. You may find the video at this link soothing.

Last modified: November 9, 2016