Top Travel Ideas: Philadelphia

Philadelphia City Hall
By: Michael Righi

Philadelphia happens to be one of the most important historical cities of America. Today, streets and modern offices exist side by-by-side, with a number of sights and early building being evident everywhere you go, including the Franklin Court, Independence Hall, and Liberty Bell. As you go towards the south is the original residential area of the city known as Society Hill. Philadelphia realized how important the early buildings are to the city, when it comes to its impressive past, which is why they made a decision to restore some of the eighteen-century structures.

Whether you are looking to learn about Philadelphia and History of the US, or just looking to have some good time, here are top travel ideas that will blow you away.

Independence National Historical Park

This place has seen some of the most important and treasured historical moments in America, having stood to witness the adoption of the famous Declaration of Independence that happened on July 4, 1776. It also saw the creation of 1787 United States Constitution. To the east of this place is the National Museum of the American Jewish History. To the north of Museum is the famous Christ Church Benjamin Franklin.

Independence Hall

This Hall once served as Pennsylvania’s State House of Colony. It was the exact place where a meeting was held by Continental Congress 11 years later after adoption of Declaration of Independence to write the Constitution of the United States. The main area is Assembly Hall, a place where closed door meetings were held by the second Continental Congress to discus and agree their desire when it came to Independence from the British. It is here that George Washington was selected to be the Commander-in-Chief of all the Continental army.

Liberty Bell Pavilion

This Bell has for a long time been a symbol of independence and freedom in the U.S. The same bell went on tour to every part of the country around the late 19th century, looking to inspire sense of freedom in addition to conquering divisions that were left by the effects of the Civil War. In 1915 the bell completed its journey and was placed in Philadelphia, where it remains till date. It is found in 143 Third Street, PA 19106.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

This Museum is a home to one of the largest art collections in the United States. It is found in a neoclassical building with a broad set of stairs on the front, which became famous when they were used in the “Rocky” classic American films. Here you will find medieval galleries, including pictures by Van Eyck brothers and Rogier Van der Weyden. In other rooms you will see Baroque and Renaissance work and treasures art of the 19th centuries. There is also the famous American art by Thomas Eakins, Philadelphia artist and many others. 

If you love to learn about History of the United States then Philadelphia is the place to visit. It is a home to many historical buildings and monuments, where you can get to learn about the fine details of US independence and the Adoption of Declaration of Independence.

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