Tinder Can Probably Work Better For You, Do These Things

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tinder on android phone

Tinder is it. Millions of people are using Tinder and swiping right every day across the globe. Are you on the Tinder train? Tinder, while once seen as an app for quick hook-ups, has become an app that can be used for meeting people who are seriously interested in starting meaningful relationships as well. With its quick, edgy game like atmosphere, this app has taken off and can be, let’s face it, seriously addictive. However, are you getting the most out of your Tinder experience? Here are some tips on how to succeed on Tinder.

  • Research the App: Research the app before you start using it. When you sign up, play around with the features or look up some online tutorials so you are very familiar with how Tinder works.
  • Photo: You don’t want your photo to be disingenuous or dishonest. You want a photo that tells who you are in one shot. It needs to be attractive, but not edited. Use a current photo! Also, tailor the photo to the type of date you want. If you want something that may lead to a serious relationship, don’t use sexually suggestive photos, but if you are only looking for casual hook-ups, photos on the more risqué side may be the way to go. Most importantly, don’t let the photo lie about who you are.
  • Description: Follow the KISS principle in your description. This means “keep it simple sweetie.” Keep your description short and to the point. Be honest, but don’t overly share your life philosophy or problems. Double check your description for grammatical correctness, and don’t overuse exclamation points and emoticons. Both come off as immature, and incorrect grammar just makes you look less than intelligent!
  • Swipe Right: Swipe Right…a lot! The more you swipe right, the more chances of being seen and matched with someone who swipes right on your photo as well. Statistically, you have a better chance of making a real match if you have more swipes to get matched with. Of course, any time you feel someone is genuinely creepy or totally not your style, feel free to swipe left on that one!
  • Be Witty and Original: Yes, it’s difficult to do, but be witty and original in your messages. Matches probably get several emails that just say “hi there” and nothing else. Comment on their description or photo and avoid talking about yourself on the first message. There will be time for that later on. Most people are not interested in small talk on Tinder, they want to feel like they are interesting and they want to find you interesting as well.

Finally, don’t take Tinder or yourself too seriously! Use it to have fun, and if a serious relationship results from your escapades, that is a great bonus. Tinder can be lots of fun. Using these tips on how to succeed on Tinder can help you enjoy the fun a lot more!

Last modified: September 17, 2015