The Rock – Young! Facts About Dwayne Johnson

There are a lot of people who know Dwayne Johnson as one of the most popular and well-loved pro-wrestlers, but most people regard him as one of the most popular entertainers of all time. What a lot of people do not know is that The Rock’s young pictures are available online. Fans cannot help but compare the young Rock with the person that he is now. It is already a known fact that if there is a movie with Dwayne Johnson in it, it is not going to bomb at the box office. Even though he only makes occasional appearances in wrestling, he gets a lot of cheers from the crowd. He also manages to showcase his skills on the ring.

The Rock, Young did not always have the successful life that he is living now. There was a time when he felt uncertain about what he was going to do with his career. He does not hide what he has experienced in the past but not a lot of people know details about it either. People do not even bother knowing about his past anymore because all they see now is The Rock – a successful man who has appeared in countless movies and shows.

Perhaps now you have become interested in learning more about it. You will not be disappointed with the facts that you will know.

1. Do you know why he became interested in wrestling? It is because wrestling is in his blood. He is the son of Rocky Johnson and Ata Maivia. Rocky Johnson is also a wrestler while his mother, Ata Maivia, is a daughter of another wrestler, Peter Maivia. He is also related to a lot of other wrestlers because of his Samoan blood. He also has a lot of in-laws that are also wrestlers. The fact that he was able to reach ultimate popularity in wrestling cannot be merely contributed to his bloodline though. He did a lot of work in order to reach the top and it was not an easy road to get there.

2. The Rock young became a part of the bad crowd. He became part of the crowd that normally stole from tourists and shoppers. He probably did it because the money was tight. He spent a lot of time at the back of the police car because he was a lousy thief. Even though the other members of the crowd were able to steal a lot of money, he was caught so many times.

3. His first dream is to become a part of the college football team. It was a dream that almost occurred. He played for the Miami Hurricanes in the year 1991 and he was considered to be one of the standouts, but he had an injury that stopped this dream from happening. He was told that he could not make it and that was when he suffered from depression. He said that he did not want to do anything anymore.

4. He and his family were evicted from their home. When he was younger, they were on the road all the time and it seemed like their home was on the road. But they had an actual home in Hawaii that was padlocked when they got back. It is true that wrestlers were earning money at that time but with all of the training and other items needed in order to maintain his father’s physique, they did not have a lot of money to spare. Eventually, things would work out for the best.

5. The Rock is actually Canadian. A lot of people will be shocked to know that the Rock is actually a Canadian wrestler. This is because his father is Canadian and he is probably one of the most successful wrestlers of all time. While he was not considered a Canadian in the beginning, the law of Canada was changed in 2009 wherein a child is Canadian as long as one of the parents is Canadian. Due to that, The Rock officially became Canadian in the year 2009.

The Rock, young as he was when his father was a wrestler felt that he should not go into wrestling because of the things that he experienced. His father was on the road all the time and they had money problems but perhaps he could not deny his obvious talent in it. He cannot deny that the blood of his father is running through his veins.

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Valerie Stitt