Sword Art Online Wiki – Facts You Should Know

There are a lot of anime fans who wished that a certain game like Sword Art Online will be available to the public so that they can try their chance to be in an actual game wherein the things that they do can affect their future immediately. If you are a die-hard anime fan, then there is no chance that you would pass up a chance to play a game that is similar to that. It is also possible that you have tried to find as much information as possible about Sword Art Online. In fact, you have scouted Sword Art Online wiki just to find information about it. What facts have you found out about it so far?

Here are some of the details that you should know that should be included in Sword Art Online wiki:

  1. There are 10 unique skills that are used in Sword Art Online but a lot of times, only 6 of these skills are used. If you are not too familiar with the 6 or you would like to take the time to re-watch the series or watch it first if you have not done so yet, here are the 6 skills:
  • Shurikenjutsu
  • Darkness Blade
  • Kirito’s Dual Blades
  • Infinite Spear
  • Battoujutsu
  • Holy Sword
  1. Have you ever wondered why the main character Kirito is the only one who can use the Dual Wield skill? This is because of his fast reaction time. He is the fastest out of all the other players available.
  2. It seems that there are some real games that are inspired by Sword Art Online but of course, these games cannot imitate what Sword Art Online can do which is to bring people into the games and play for their lives. One game that has been likened to the series is Art Online: Infinity Moment. It was a hit when it was released probably because people hoped that it would give them a taste of Sword Art Online in real life.
  3. Asuna’s nickname is “Flash” because she is extremely fast but she is not fast just because of her skills but also because of the weapon that she uses called Lambent Light. This weapon is actually maxed out which means that it is the strongest that it can be.
  4. One of the characters of the story, Lizbeth used to have brown hair but when the series was turned into anime, her hair was changed to pink. This is because of the decision of the producers of the series to give characters some distinct qualities. For example, those who have pink hair are known to be very cute yet obnoxious at the same time.
  5. The computer that Kirito uses in the game is actually far out. It may seem like a normal computer system until you check out its specs. The normal computers that you can purchase now have a processor speed of 3.4 GHz but the computer that Kirito used in the series has a speed of 24 GHz. Just imagine how fast that is. We may never know, the time may come when computer feed is so fast that games like Sword Art Online will be possible.

Are you enjoying the facts that you have learned so far? These are details that you want to find at Sword Art Online wiki, right? There are still a lot more.

  1. If there is one food that Kirito would eat all the time, it is teriyaki chicken burgers. This is something that he would choose to eat over and over again.
  2. Kirito’s least favorite food is anything that has spring onions on then. He will only eat spring onions when it was cooked by Asuna. It seems that love is more important than food.
  3. While the game has stated that people will not be able to log out unless the final boss is defeated, something happened when Kirito defeated the boss of the 75th There are some players that were able to log out but more than 3000 players died. There are different reasons for their deaths. Some died because of the monsters that they encountered while there are also some who died because the nerve gear was removed while they were playing. The people who are outside the game cannot be controlled.
  4. The players who are part of the game can also change their temperaments depending on how they will play. The more that people kill other players and commit crimes, the more that their cursor will change from green to red. Players have the option to reform if they would like.

With all of the facts, you would like to see at Sword Art Online wiki, which one is your favorite?

Last modified: August 9, 2017