A Look into Ronnie Coleman Net Worth

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Ronnie Coleman net worth as an American professional bodybuilder is massive. He is considered among the top 5 highest paid in his profession. As one of the most successful bodybuilders, he is known as “Big Ron” in the bodybuilding world. He has been the winner of the Olympic Games eight times and because of this achievement, he was named as Mr. Olympic. Let’s take a  glimpse into his life and personal achievements.

Early Life

As we describe his early life, Ronnie Coleman was born in Bastrop, Louisiana in May 1964. He graduated in accounting from Grambling State University. He used to play football as a middle linebacker of the team called the GSU Tigers and Eddie Robinson was his coach. The most interesting thing is that after his graduation, he became a police officer in Arlington, Texas from 1989 to 2000.


He started his career in bodybuilding from the Metroflex Gym in Arlington when one of his friends, Gustavo Arlotta, encouraged him to join and practice. In the year 1990, Mr. Texas bodybuilding competition was held and for the event, a lifetime training was given to Ronnie by his coach, Brian Dobson. He won this competition by the first rank and got highly paid. With the passage of time, Ronnie Coleman net worth increased tremendously when he took part in different popular bodybuilding competitions and earned a lot of money from them. These competitions provided him with additional career opportunities. In 1995 and 1996, he won his very first professional competition which was with the Canada Pro Cup. In addition to holding this record, he also won the Russian Grand Prix during the year of 1997. Coleman so successful that he even beat his own coach, Brian Dobson, in the event. We can estimate by Ronnie Coleman net worth that he has gained much success in bodybuilding.

After that, he visited different countries like China, Brazil, and Australia for professional competitions and signed endorsement deals which became the factor of his net worth. He also provided people his training videos – The Unbelievable” which was the first video of him and his others, “The Cost of Redemption” and “On the Road”. In these videos, he provides tips and guides for weightlifters who were experienced in their field. During training, Colman prefers to use free weights versus machines for a maximum range of motion and flexibility. Ronnie trains for 4 days a week.

In 1991, one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s organizations, “The Inner City Games”, was supported by Coleman. He also received the Texas Navy Certificate Award from the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, for his brilliant bodybuilding performance and for promoting physical fitness.

On Muscle Sports Radio, Coleman made an announcement that he will participate in Mr. Olympia Competition along with announcing that he wouldn’t be able to participate in the 2009 competition as he was not prepared for that. Moreover, he also didn’t take part in the 2010 competition. During 2011, Coleman launched his own company, Ronnie Coleman Nutrition that provides wellness products and sports nutrition toward bodybuilders. He had a spinal surgery procedure in 2011 but made a full recovery. In 2012, he has won over 30 bodybuilding championship titles.

Ronnie Coleman Net Worth

Most of the public are curious to know about Ronnie Coleman’s net worth. In 2017, the estimated salary is about $10 million. Maybe this salary is not accurate as it is estimated by a number of sources and websites.


There are some factors that affect any celebrity’s pay which is following

  • Taxes
  • Management fees
  • Investment gain/loss
  • Marriage
  • Divorce

But when we talk about the highly paid bodybuilder, Ronnie Coleman is among the strongest and heaviest lifting bodybuilders in history.

How to be like Ronnie Coleman?

As we know, bodybuilding makes our bones and muscle stronger. One can also build huge muscle like Coleman by following his exercise chart. But also have your workouts incorporated with a diet plan and get enough rest. He included a lot of staple foods like chicken, beans, rice, vegetables, protein powders, protein supplements, and eggs which are the best source of protein for building massive muscles. Coleman has some genetic traits to credit for his muscle mass and strength. If we came to know about his daily intake of nutrients, it will include 546g of protein, 474g of carbs, 150g of fat, and a 5562 calorie intake.

Personal Life

If we look into his personal life, Coleman is a confessed Christian. He married his first wife, Christine Achkar Coleman, back in 2007 but divorced shortly after. After a period of time, he then married her personal assistant, Susan Williamson, in 2016. They are the parents of two daughters named Valencia Daniel and Jamilleah.

Last modified: August 2, 2017