Random Questions to Ask People on Facebook

If you would be asked right now to provide a list, will you be able to come up with random questions to ask people on Facebook immediately? In order to make things easier, you may want to think of questions that you would like people to ask you. There is a big chance that they like to be asked those things as well. These questions may be very funny or they can also be flirty.

In order to make people answer your questions willingly, you need to make sure that the random questions to ask people will not be stressful for those whom you will require to answer. If they do not want to answer, allow them not to. There are still other people who are willing to be asked and will be more than willing to answer you at the soonest possible time. Your best bet is to make the questions as engaging as possible. You may become surprised when you receive a lot of replies.

Here are some of the random questions that you can ask:

  1. Are you the type of person who normally arrives at the location late, on time, or early?

Asking this question will help you to get to know other people better. You will have the ability to know if the person is very conscious of the time. Next time that you meet up with these people, you will know who are the ones who will arrive on time and who are those who would be a bit late.

  1. Can you tell me about something that you have achieved?

There are a lot of people who do not like to brag about the things that they have achieved in fear that people will judge them for being braggarts. By asking people this question, you will give them an opportunity to talk about themselves and to state something that they are proud of.

  1. Can you think of 3 things about the environment that you consider to be beautiful?

You may not realize this, but adding this as one of the random questions to ask people on Facebook, you will give people the opportunity to take a look at their surroundings – something that not a lot of people do at present time.You may become surprised with how deep the answers of some people are.

  1. If you would be given a chance to change your career, what career would you choose and why?

People may still have secret dreams that they would like to fulfill but cannot because they know that their secret dream will not be practical. By asking people this question, they will have the opportunity to talk about the things that they want to do. At the same time, they will not be afraid of getting judged.

  1. Would you rather experience winter days or summer days for the rest of your life?

There are some people who absolutely love the winter. They like the fact that they can bundle up and play with snow all the time. It gives them an opportunity to sit around the fireplace and just enjoy their hot cider, hot coffee, or other hot beverages. There are also some who would rather get the chance to be at the beach all the time. They want to feel the sun’s heat and rays on their skin. No matter what they choose, this will give you a chance to get to know your Facebook friends more.

  1. Can you name a favorite food you can eat for the rest of your life?

If there is one topic that a lot of people would appreciate, it is food. This is something that you will not have any problems with especially since people will be willing to answer. They may even state their reasons why they prefer some food over the others. You may be surprised with the number of people who like the same food as you.

  1. Do you like to shop?

The self-confessed shopaholics will probably give a resounding yes to this question but those who do not find shopping too interesting will tell you their answer straight. This is, once again, an amazing opportunity for you to know more about your Facebook friends.

There are still other random questions to ask people while you are on Facebook such as the following:

  • How addicted are you to social media sites?
  • Do you have a secret name that other people do not know?
  • What is one mistake you regret?
  • What is your favorite hobby to do in your free time?

As long as you would keep your questions simple and general, people will have no trouble answering.

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Valerie Stitt