10 Sex Moves Inspired by Pokémon Sex Comics

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Pokémon is a popular series of cartoons and movies which are not just popular in its origin country but all around the world. With the passage of time, many companies have launched Pokémon related products including Pokémon sex comics. Whether its Pokémon sex comics, card games, mobile games or story books, each and everything got popularity all around the world equally.

The sex industry has used Pokémon sex comics in a totally different way other than just entertaining their customers. With the help of artists and graphic designers, they introduced different sex moves which is actually inspired by Pokémon sex comics. These sex moves are not only limited to “man-and-woman” sex positions only, but also many homosexuals moves and sex positions.

The sex moves inspired by Pokémon sex comics has been named on different Pokémon species. There are many moves which cannot be actually practiced in real sex. Otherwise it could be harmful if it is not performed properly. If you are a reader of Pokémon sex comics’ books, and online series, then these moves would not be something new for you.

Defiantly, the purpose of these sex moves is not to try them at home or in your real life but use them as a part to get entertained or may be used as a joke only. You can use these moves to joke around with friends or with your sex partner during the sex for fun only. Following is the list of top 10 most popular sex moves which has been inspired by Pokémon sex comics:

The Metapod:

Metapod is a small bug which gets very big when it uses his power. This sex move is all about getting your partner hard and starts to tackle his mate from behind.

The Electrode:

Electrode is an angry but fast Pokémon species which is famous for doing thing fast when it uses his power. This sex move is actually inspired by it in which the partner gets released or “explodes” immediately.

The Dugtrio:

Dugtrio is ground species. Unlike the others, this is not a single species but they are three of them. The Dugtrio sex move is for those who practice and enjoy threesome sex. In this sex move, you put your head inside the covered partner without aiming any specific part of your partner.

The Lickitung:

This is a normal Pokémon species with very long tongue. So, if your partner asked for Lickitung sex move, its mean that he or she wants to get licked in sex. This sex move is realistic as compared to the one mentioned above and can be practiced during the sex act.

The Haunter:

Haunter is a ghost species with a tongue like Lickitung but he is not obvious about it. This sex move is more referring to the same sex people who like to do many oral acts during the sex. In the Haunter sex moves, the tongue has been used to make one’s partner paralyzes (means very deep).

The Snorlax:

Snorlax is one of the laziest Pokémon species who sleeps all the time and is known for it. That’s why he has been named Snorlax. This sex move is referred to those who get sleepy during the sex act or one who is being lazy while making love.

The MissingNo:

MissingNo is not a very popular Pokémon species and it is limited to the video game version of Pokémon only. This sex move is kind of weird because in this a person has sex with a stranger who is affected by sexually transmitted diseases. This move actually does not make any sense at all and has been named only due to the bad graphics of the MissingNo in videos games.

The Professor:

The Professor in the cartoon has been known for giving good advice to one character and giving much better advice to another character of the cartoon; which makes him regret the first one. The move is totally inspired by this habit of the Professor and it is for those who have sex with more than one person at a time. During the sex, do what your first partner asked for and then do something more excited with your second partner – for which makes your first partner regret her decision.

The Eevee:

Eevee is one of the cutest species among all the other Pokémons. This sex move is inspired by his character in the cartoon in which you show your sexual partner different objectives (sex toys to play with during sex) and see how it evolves your experience.

The Ditto:

Ditto has the power to get dressed with other species or change her characteristic. In the Ditto sex move, you dress exactly same like your partner and then mimic all of their moves. This sound funny, but this could be fun when it has been actually tried in the sex act.

Last modified: August 2, 2017