Paul Dillet – The Day He Collapsed

There are a lot of news that made headlines in the world of bodybuilding but one of the most well known is the collapse of Paul Dillet during the 1994 Arnold Classic. Dillet is known to be one of the bodybuilders with the best physiques at that time. A lot of people knew that his body took a lot of hard work and perseverance. He did not win the 1994 Arnold Classic but he was given so much attention during the competition because of his collapse.

It has been more than two decades since it happened but a lot of people are still interested in what took place. What did Paul Dillet go through that made him unable to finish the competition? Was he in some type of pain? If you have not read up on the details about it yet, you have a lot of questions in your mind.

What Occurred?

It is important to discuss what exactly occurred during the competition. Dillet was one of those that were highly favored. Seeing his physique at that time was truly note-worthy. He was able to show that he is one of the best based on his appearance until he experienced severe cramping. According to reports, the cramping was due to the intake of diuretics.

His first walk at the state was at 11:55 AM and he did not show any sign that he was in extreme pain. At around 12:30 PM, he tried to do a double-biceps pose but failed. When he tried to do the pose, he started to experience some muscle spasms that made him unable to continue. He went offstage and was still in pain. It was then suggested that he should take fluids but Dillet did not want that. He told onlookers that he was just suffering from muscle spasms but he would be fine. Of course, he did not turn out to be fine but he probably thought that the pain will subside and go away.

He waited for almost half an hour before he went back onstage again. The moment that he went onstage, the crowd went wild. He was given a very loud applause by the audience as they cheered him the loudest. A lot of people hoped that the muscle spasms he experienced were just that – muscle spasms. He did some poses but it was evident that he was doing it with difficulty. When he did the back double-biceps pose, he once again encountered some spasms.

The spasms caused him to fall over and immediately, a marshal was there to help him out. Of course, the marshal was not able to carry Dillet’s weight on his own so other marshals also went on the stage in order to give assistance. Paul Dillet was unable to move. Due to this, he was brought offstage rather awkwardly.

Dehydrated to the Core

A lot of people have said that he was probably dehydrated and since he collapsed, the paramedics tried to find a vein in order to hydrate him. They were finally able to find one and he was given IV drips. Even in the condition he was in, he was still trying his best to enter the contest but he was advised against it. He was then taken to the local hospital with his consent.

There were a lot of people who feel that if only he was able to finish the contest, there was a very big possibility that he could have won. He was one of the early favorites and if he was able to deliver, he could have been the winner.

It seems that dehydration is not new to the bodybuilding world. There are some bodybuilders who are trying their best to deplete water from their systems just to look ‘dry’ for the competition. Some people do it and end up extremely dehydrated. Severe dehydration can cause a heart attack; but people still continue to do it.

The Best Body is Hard to Get

A lot of experts say that Paul Dillet hit jackpot in the genetics department because he has the body for bodybuilding. Perhaps he just did not take good care of his body the way that he should. He was too focused on showing off that he experienced the repercussions of his actions. Modern-day bodybuilders should remember his story so that they will not repeat the same mistakes as Paul Dillet.

Last modified: August 6, 2017