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Image: Icon Productions

Image: Icon Productions

The Passion of the Christ — Mel Gibson’s gory vision of the final days of Jesus — was nothing if not controversial when it was released back in 2004. Rumours of a sequel have been circulating ever since, and now it looks like a second project has finally been confirmed. According to Oscar-nominated screenwriter Randall Wallace (who has previously worked with Gibson on Braveheart and Hacksaw Ridge), a script for Passion of the Christ 2 is already in the works.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Wallace explains that the project is becoming increasingly difficult to keep under wraps. The sequel will apparently pick up where the original left off, focusing on telling the story of the resurrection of Jesus. As a religion major at Duke University, Wallace says “I always wanted to tell this story, The Passion is the beginning and there’s a lot more story to tell.”

The original movie, starring Jim Caviezel in the lead role, was a gritty, gut-wrenching depiction of the crucifixion story from the Bible. It split audiences right down the middle (a 49 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 47 percent rating on Metacritic reflect this), and caused controversy just about everywhere it was released. Some praised the film and Caviezel’s performance in particular, while other viewers were turned off by its over-the-top violence and perceived anti-semitism. Opinion was similarly split on its Biblical accuracy, although the filmmakers never claimed they were trying to be 100 percent faithful to the source material.

The initial theatrical run of The Passion ran into trouble in some of the more religious countries where it was released. In some cases the film was banned outright, as was the case in Malaysia before Christian protests saw the restriction lifted. In Israel, theatrical distributors refused to market the movie. Despite (or maybe because of) all this controversy, The Passion went on to earn a very respectable $611 million worldwide. Its success resulted in a surge of faith-based movies as studio bosses realised that religious audiences would flock to see live-action depictions of their favourite sacred stories.

Its captive audience is probably the main factor driving demand for a sequel to The Passion. The original movie was, for the most part, a hit with Christians, and many would like to see the filmmakers tackle more New Testament subject matter. “The evangelical community considers The Passion the biggest movie ever out of Hollywood,” says Wallace, “and they kept telling us that they think a sequel will be even bigger.”

As you’d expect at this early stage, details about Passion of the Christ 2 are pretty thin on the ground. It’s not known when the film is expected to be released, for example, or whether Jim Caviezel or any other members of the original cast will return. There has been no studio or financial backing confirmed as yet either. But given the proposed subject matter, you can at least be reasonably assured it won’t be the same grizzly 2-hour ordeal as the first movie.

Q: Do you think Passion of the Christ 2 will stir up controversy again when it hits theaters? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Todd St. Vaughn

    So are the Italians going to kill another Jew, or do they just keep beating this poor shlub?

    • Nah this one’s about the resurrection. So it’ll basically be a zombie movie, but without the shotguns and chainsaws.


Marijuana. Infused. Beer.

It was only a matter of time before weed found its way into America’s favorite drink. Enter: marijuana-infused beer.



These days, you can find marijuana infused in everything from alcohol to BBQ sauce to bath bombs to candy bars. So, it was only a matter of time before weed found its way into America’s favorite drink: beer. Enter: marijuana-infused beer.

From Business Insider, a report that Lagunitas Brewing Company has released an IPA infused with marijuana. It’s called Supercritical, and it’s available for a limited release in California. In case you don’t know, Lagunitas Brewing Company is based in California and was purchased by Heineken in early 2017.

Sadly, though, it won’t get you high — the beer contains no THC.

For inside scoop, watch the full video. Then let us know in the comments what you think about marijuana-infused beer.

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Donald Trump as Seen by Google’s Deep Dream




Last Summer, Google unleashed Deep Dream, their neural network that takes pictures and tries to identify patterns and overwrite them, on an unsuspecting public. When you put an image into Deep Dream, what you get when it “wakes up” is often nightmarish. Dogs, birds, insects, pagodas are inserted at random places in the image, giving it a surreal and sometimes beautiful–if terrifying–aspect.

So, since this election season is already off-the-charts surreal, I thought to myself, “What would it look like if we ran some candidates through Deep Dream?” Well, now I know.  I started with Donald Trump, who is already deeply weird and unsettling. The results are spectacular.

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An incomplete guide for groceries you can’t find



Arial photo of grocery store

Every once in a while, you find a hapless, bewildered person wandering through the grocery store. Perhaps that person is you.

You’ve been sent out to pick up something unusual for a new recipe or some kind of produce you’ve never laid eyes on, much less judged through the knocking/squeezing/smelling process.

Fear not. This incomplete and arbitrary guide based on random anecdotes is here to help.

Lettuce vs. Cabbage

When I was a kid my father had to feed us when my mother was visiting family. One day we ended up having a raw cabbage salad. I don’t recommend it.

This is a cabbage. It has very tight, somewhat waxy, light green, leaves. Cabbages are dense and feel somewhat heavy for their size.

Image: Wikimedia

Iceberg lettuce looks similar to cabbage except it should not feel waxy and the leaves are more delicate and thin without pronounced veins. It is much less dense and feels light for it’s size.

Image: Wikimedia

When in doubt, just buy romaine lettuce. It has more vitamins than iceberg lettuce anyway. This is what romaine lettuce looks like.

Image: Wikimedia

All fresh leafy greens can be found in the produce section, normally refrigerated and occasionally spritzed.

Cucumber vs. Zucchini

If you’re not in the U.S., zucchini is also called a courgette because why not make things more difficult?

(Pedantic aside: Actually, zucchini’s etymological base is from Italian and courgette’s is from French.)

Zucchini is delicious grilled, fried, or sautéed in ribbons. Cucumber is usually eaten fresh or pickled. Both can be found in the produce section, and both make you feel vaguely uncomfortable at checkout if you also need to buy hand lotion.

Zucchini is somewhat angular and has a woody stem on one end.

This is a zucchini.

Image: Wikimedia

Cucumber is rounder with small bumps and is generally stemless in the store.

This is a cucumber.



They’re like onions but much smaller, ovoid, and with a brownish red papery skin. You normally can find them in the produce section in the bins by potatoes and onions.

These are shallots.

Image: Wikimedia

These are pearl onions, which are bright white and have a stronger flavor than shallots. They are not interchangeable.

Image: Wikimedia



I don’t know why a stranger asked me about scallions instead of a store employee, but I saw desperation in his eyes. Dude just wanted whatever the hell scallions were so he could leave.

While scallion refers to a family of onions, it’s generally fine to consider scallions and green onions synonymous. They’re a little thicker than a pencil and have a white base and green stalks.

These are scallions.

Image: Wikimedia

They are usually in the produce section near leafy greens.



Parsnips look like big carrots that are so terrified the color drained from them. They’re probably next to the whole carrots sold in your grocery store. Since parsnips are more of a niche item sometimes they’re displayed by the fancy organic produce.

These are parsnips, or as one man called them after an exhaustive search, “motherfuckers.”


Cream of Tartar

Moving out of the produce section, cream of tartar is not a cream, not related to tartar sauce, and does not derive from the tribal Tartars. It is a byproduct of wine making that is purified and used to stabilize egg whites for things like meringue.

A friend of mine went through the whole soup aisle several times looking for cream of tartar. This is the wrong place to look.

You’ll usually find cream of tartar in the spice section of the baking aisle.

This is cream of tartar.

Image: Amazon


Tahini Sauce

If you’re learning to cook non-Western food, you’re going to be exposed to new condiments like tahini sauce, fish sauce, black bean paste, and more. Frankly, your best bet is to go to a local ethnic grocery store that matches what you’re setting out to make. (Tahini sauce is Middle Eastern for the record.)

However, more grocery stores are starting to have a catch-all not-American aisle that is called “International,” “Asian/Mexican/British,” “World Foods,” etc.

Start in this aisle for those condiments, and if you can’t find them there, try the official condiment aisle. If neither aisle has tahini sauce, you probably need to search a different store.

This is tahini sauce.

Image: Amazon

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