What Is Palumboism? Should You Be Worried?

Beware bodybuilders! It takes only a few years to go from normal to palumbo, and once you do, there aren’t any sure ways to get you back. Palumboism may as well be the biggest nightmare for bodybuilders, especially HGH users.

Now, the purpose of this article is not to worry you, it is to make you aware of palumboism and why it is potentially one of the most sickening problems that strikes bodybuilders. It is basically the asymmetric or disproportionate growth of your lower torso, pelvic, and thigh area. Not only is it one of the most aesthetically displeasing things ever, such a trend of growth can change the orientation of the insides of your body and culminate into numerous problems that can make you regret bodybuilding forever. Now the disease is rare, but the following are some symptoms to determine whether you are threatened by it or not.

Premature Aging

If your skin is thinning (atrophy) and you are showing signs of aging at an early stage in your life, this can a sign that palumboism is becoming more evident. There is likely a chance that this is one of the early symptoms of palumboism and you should react by going to your doctor and figuring out what is wrong.

If the doctor points out to your supplement as the main problem, then changing it might get you back on a normal track. Usually it is not that easy, so do not ignore signs of premature aging that hold the capacity to worry you now and in the future.

Smaller Limbs

For people who are keen on making sure that their upper body consists of purely ripped beefcakes, a much smaller size of their arms relative to their upper body could be a strong signal that they might be heading towards a palumbo body! The muscles of the leg also start shrinking later on in the game. If you notice that the growth is noticeably disproportionate, we strongly advise that you do not ignore it.

Research So Far…

So far, medical research has been unable to answer why exactly do bodybuilders go through this dilemma and why do only some of them suffer? Research may be continuing, but one trend that has been identified in patients is the abuse and overdose of drugs. When a bodybuilder start taking supplements and feeling its effects, the addiction to working out more and heavily each day results in him wanting that drug more and more, and that is when the situation gets out of hand.

What to Do Now?

Before being worried about palumboism having struck you, there are a few considerations to make. There is a chance that the entire case is a myth and that Dave Palumbo, the father of this “so called” disease, was just another person who was addicted too much to his steroids and his hormones reacted by making his perfect body an asymmetric one with a bulging belly. The reason we say that this can be a myth is simply because there is not enough research as of yet to claim the condition of the body to be ‘palumboic’ (because too many new words have already been invented).

Regardless, here are the measures we recommend that you take if you see any of the aforementioned problems being faced by your body.

  1. Discontinuity of The Drug

Whatever supplement that you are taking for whatever reason and however light everyone claims it to be, stop it! Feeling good does not take precedence over being alive and healthy, and you cannot determine how your body reacts to something until you start seeing which is more: the positive or the negative effect.

Anabolic drugs can make your body reliant on them, which can make your own indigenous system not respond without the drug. As far as this issue has been researched, it has been claimed that the effects are irreversible, so do not ignore it and discontinue your drug.

  1. Give It a Break

There is also a chance that this has happened because your body building routine gives more preference to one kind of workout than the other, and your body does not react well to that. Give yourself a break, consult your doctor, and do not indulge in heavy weightlifting for the upcoming week or two. Even if you lose muscle mass somehow, the way your organs grow unnaturally can virtually be impossible to reverse, and the thought is scary enough for anyone to remain cautious!

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Valerie Stitt