New Coach Seats On Boeing 737 Patterned After Office Chairs

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Flying is one of those things that lots of people who fly like to complain about: you’re jammed into a plane with a bunch of miserable people and hurled into the sky, cramped and grumpy. And there always seems to be that one person on the plane who complains about everything. “Can somebody please shut that baby up?” “Can you please turn that air jet the other way, it’s making my elbow cold.”

Now that I think about it, complaining about flying is probably the original and most common form of #humblebrag. Yes, flying sucks, but if you’re in an airplane, even on an economy carrier, at least one or more of the following is true:

  • You can afford to pay for an airplane ticket
  • If it’s a work trip, you have a job (and therefore probably aren’t even paying to fly)
  • If you’re going on vacation, you are flying to that vacation
  • You have access to drugs (this is for people who complain about the benzodiazepines they have to take in order to fly.

What I’m getting at is flying is kind of cool, when you think about, because even if the process is stressful, it’s still a privilege to fly. And they serve drinks and snacks.

Yeah flying in economy sucks, especially if, like me, you are Big & Tall. And while the new slimline seats by LIFT by Encore may not specifically give people like me more room, they may improve economy air travel, adding some comfort and space.

Boeing just placed a huge order for their Boeing 737, and it should make flying a little less cumbersome. The seats were designed to mimic office chairs–the nice office chairs that don’t put your butt to sleep–so if you are traveling for business presumably it will be just like sitting in an open-floor office space, only with a lot more people smashed in next to you. They bum tested (that’s my new favorite expression) the seats for maximum comfort, and they put the power outlet above the seatback tray table, so you don’t have to bend over to plug in your laptop or tablet. They got design help from London-based furniture designers Pearson Lloyd to make the seats as slim and comfortable as possible, and it was designed specifically for the Boeing 737’s narrow body.

Last modified: April 13, 2016