Negan centered TWD episode is an absolute face-melter

The highlight of Carl’s tour of the Sanctuary on last night’s The Walking Dead was clearly when Carl’s tour guide, the ever-charismatic-but-still-quite-tedious Negan put a red hot iron to a dude’s face. Rules are the rules, man, and they’re important. As Seth wrote in his recap of The Walking Dead episode, “Sing me a Song,” we’re starting to get hints that all is not well within the Saviors, that some of the tediousness is rubbing the masses the wrong way, and that eventually rebellion takes hold and maybe they’ll rise up and kill Negan and then they’ll control their own means of production, etc. But in the meantime, they’re all still bowing and listening to Negan’s Dr. Evil monologs, and watching him literally melt faces. Good times.

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John P Sousa

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