How Can You Spot a Natural Bodybuilder?

A natural bodybuilder is the exact opposite of a steroid user, because there is no point in his bodybuilding career where he starts looking like an extraterrestrial species. This guide will help you identify a natural bodybuilder around you just by looking at him, and it is more impressive because they have not compromised their health at all for a better looking body.

The following are the ways to identify a natural bodybuilder.

  1. Less Weight

A natural bodybuilder will probably weight more than an average person, but will weigh less than those who use strong supplements to enhance their performance. This is because the massive muscles that are built by steroid-users add significantly to the weight of the builder. When a natural bodybuilder is wearing a top, he will look like someone with a decent physique and not have a very bulky vibe around him.

  1. Flat Muscles

Most natural bodybuilders who diet have flatter muscles and their shoulders are not as massive as steroid users. This is caused by the water loss that happens in the body when a person diets, and is quite visible because supplements are able to cover up for the loss of nourishment that your body experiences. It is possible that even natural bodybuilders have massive shoulders, but the case is rarer compared to most steroid users.

  1. Body Cuts

Losing fat mass and gaining muscle mass is the way to go about your working in the gym, and that results in your body having cuts depending on how much muscle mass replaced the fat. This is a good way to identify who is a natural bodybuilder because they do not usually gain as much muscle mass, which is why the cuts on their bodies are not as deep.

Having said that, it is cool to have deep cuts as a bodybuilder and with a proper workout and diet plan it is certainly achievable with a gym routine, not influenced by any sorts of supplements as well.

  1. Plastic

We often view pictures of famous bod builders who seem to look oiled and shiny all the time, which sometimes makes them look like a specie that is separate from us average humans. This unnatural look may be appealing for some, but it is certainly not as appealing as a bodybuilder who was able to replace his body fat with the same amount of muscle mass and never looked like a figure that was edited on a computer. This is, however, only valid when a steroid user is well into his gym routine and has enhanced his figure a lot.

  1. Signs of Aging

Signs of aging may include receding hairlines, more facial lines and an older look because of the side effects of the externally injected substances into the body in steroid users, which is not the case in natural bodybuilders. As they build their muscles naturally, they are not prone to the side effects of steroids -thus making them more attractive and age more slowly than others. This is not to say that steroid users do not have appealing faces, it is more of a general observation because of obvious reasons.

  1. Symmetry

A very common thing that we note in bodybuilders around us is the asymmetric growth pattern in their body; they have a thin back, shoulders broad enough to support a bungalow, tiny lower legs, hard and bricked thighs and a face that looks externally attached.

This is because if you are not a natural bodybuilder, the supplements you use to amplify yourself are sometimes designed to favor some parts of your body more than the others. There is a strong chance that even natural bodybuilders might experience this asymmetry as a result of how much time they spend working out in the gym. But without supplements, bodies evenly spread out and make you look as fit as ever.


The one thing that needs to be understood about all of these methods is that they cannot be used to identify what kind of a bodybuilder a person is early on in his venture. However, that is to be expected because we are using our eyes for making a strong deduction. It is also to be noted that everything said in this article about supplement users does, by no means, aim to belittle their efforts in the gym or stop them from using their performance enhancers. It all comes down to understanding what is best for you.

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Valerie Stitt