NASA needs your help with astronaut poop

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NASA Starts Space Poop Challenge to Update Astronaut DiapersNASA is crowd-sourcing a project to design a method of storing astronaut poop on spacewalks. It’s called the Space Poop Challenge, and you can enter it right now. Currently, astronaut poop is stored in diapers, which is gross, and I don’t know why I didn’t occur to me before now that astronaut poop is even a thing, much less a thing that needs to be dealt with while floating around in space. Also, that story about the astronaut diaper lady, Captain Lisa Nowak, who wore a diaper as she drove across the country to murder her rival in an astronaut love triangle makes a lot more sense now. She probably wore a diaper in space and so while sure, you add gravity to astronaut poop it’s gonna be different but not that different, I mean it’s still astronaut poop whether or not the astronaut is actually in space at the time, because once an astronaut, always an astronaut, right? So if you’re an engineer or an inventor or whatever, you could earn $30,000 for designing a method for removing and dealing with astronaut poop. And astronaut pee, it will obviously have to deal with astronaut pee as well as astronaut poop.

Last modified: December 1, 2016