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Most Interesting Kickstarter Campaigns - Lift, the anti-gravity smartwatch charger.

Most Interesting Kickstarter Campaigns – Lift, the anti-gravity smartwatch charger.

It seems as if recently every time you log into Facebook, there’s someone else asking you to “support their dream of ice dancing for polar bears” or “endorse Poop the board game.” Once an innovative tool for visionaries and inventors to gain support for their businesses, Kickstarter has now become the Jar Jar Binks of social media.  All of those great and interesting Kickstarter campaigns we have come to know and love, such as Pebble Time and Exploding Kittens, have been lost in a sea of bizarre inventions, weird ideas, and whiny indie musicians complaining about how you haven’t bought their EP yet. It’s gotten to a point now where many of us don’t even bother to watch the video, much less reach for our wallets.

Fear not, here is a list 5 of the most creative, unusual and interesting Kickstarter campaigns out right now that may or may not begin to restore your faith.

1. FaceCradle Travel Pillow

Sick and tired of never being able to sleep on the plane because you got stuck next to some fatty with BO? Then do I have the product for you. FaceCradle Travel Pillow is a multi-purpose, portable headrest that gives you the comfort you need while also making you seem so bat-shit crazy that no one will want to sit next to you! With over 20 days to go, FaceCradle has raised close to a million dollars and gained 16 thousand supporters, not bad for half a massage table and a couple straps.

2. Lift

So this thing charges Smartwatches, iPhones and doubles as a lamp, all while LEVITATING? Yeah you can just go ahead and sign me up for one of those bad boys. We’ll see who the coolest is when all your friends’ watches are all tethered to wall chord at the same time yours is defying gravity. With 14 days to go and a quarter-million in raised funds, this things about to hit the market and blow minds. David Blaine who, am I right?

3. Shots for Harambe

Take a shot for Harambe, because he took one for you… woah, deep. Nothing hypes you up more for a night out at the bars more than tequila shots, a controversial death, and guilt because you already forgot. The goal of this very original campaign is to fight animal injustice and commemorate the memory of Harambe… with alcohol and party-favors. They’ve received $51,000 in support and have over a week to go. Who knows, maybe after that they’ll release a beer-bong for Free Willy.

4.Adv3nture Hoodie

The love-child of trench coats and cargo shorts, the Adv3ture Hoodie has something for everyone. Remember the Drinking Jacket from the 2014 Kickstarter? The Adv3nture Hoodie took and evolved that idea… by adding a couple pockets. A great mix of comfort and looking like you’re active, the company has raised a hundred-thousand dollars in support of the stylish mountain man outerwear and have over a month left on their Kickstarter Campaign.

5. Walter Potter’s Kitten Wedding

Because possessed dolls that follow you with their eyes aren’t enough right? This is by far the most interesting Kickstarter campaign I have ever seen. This museum is attempting to raise enough funds to get the “eccentric taxidermists'” most famous collection to New York City. It’s dead cats, stuffed and dressed up for a wedding. That dude’s been looking at eccentric in the rear-view for a long time. Somehow they’ve gotten six-thousand dollars from like-minded “enthusiasts” (people that weren’t hugged as children) to pay for the cost of moving the exhibit and if you make a donation to the campaign, you get to attend the feline matrimony. Totally cool, wasn’t planning on sleeping tonight anyway.




Donald Trump as Seen by Google’s Deep Dream




Last Summer, Google unleashed Deep Dream, their neural network that takes pictures and tries to identify patterns and overwrite them, on an unsuspecting public. When you put an image into Deep Dream, what you get when it “wakes up” is often nightmarish. Dogs, birds, insects, pagodas are inserted at random places in the image, giving it a surreal and sometimes beautiful–if terrifying–aspect.

So, since this election season is already off-the-charts surreal, I thought to myself, “What would it look like if we ran some candidates through Deep Dream?” Well, now I know.  I started with Donald Trump, who is already deeply weird and unsettling. The results are spectacular.

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From the MRA Evidence Archives: The Journal of a Normal, Average Feminist

Awoke and whispered to my boobs, Bea Arthur and Jackie O, “It’s Tuesday. You know what that means, ladies? Time to oppress some dudes.”



barbie doll head being gripped by dirty hands

 Tuesday July 5, 2016

Awoke and whispered to my boobs, Bea Arthur and Jackie O, “It’s Tuesday. You know what that means, ladies? Time to oppress some dudes.”

Walked to work wearing my plunging crop top that says, “This is what a feminist looks like,” hot pants, and six-inch heels. Tossed my hair a lot and sexily chewed my lower lip. Dropped change so I could slowly bend over and pick it up. It took me about an hour to walk five blocks, which is standard.

Exceeded my catcall goal by seven, a personal best. Super flattering, of course, but will pretend to be terrified and make men feel bad about it with a bunch of tweets. That’ll show them.

Some dowdy librarian tried to help me with the change I kept dropping, and she got catcalled too! No one invades my catcalling turf. Slapped the books right out of her hands. Mostly by Hemingway, whom I both hate and would totally do if he were alive.

Arrived late per usual, but the boss didn’t say anything, just stared at my tits and gave me a pass. I had buttressed Bea Arthur and Jackie O in a push-up bra stuffed with the hard-earned cash of some beta male I cheated on. Good thinking.

By Friday I hope to a) screw my way to executive assistant, b) replace some poor slob who works really hard, or c) file a sexual harassment lawsuit. We’ll just see what the week brings, like whether or not the boss is a lesbian. Fingers crossed!

Spent the rest of the workday playing Candy Crush and convincing Dale from accounting to do everything for me. Stringing Dale along is why I keep coming in. It makes all the pretending to work worth it. I might boink him someday, but I want to see how low he’ll stoop for a bit of action.

I don’t get off on it per se, in so much that I don’t get off. Ever. At all. But I pretend that I could, just to make all the guys I’ve ever been with feel like losers. Watching them fumble and feel emasculated without pants is like Christmas – if I were to sleep with Santa and watch him fumble and feel emasculated without pants.


Went to happy hour after work and didn’t pay a dime. Cosmos just appeared in front of me. Dumb guys just handed me cash for being hot, and I filled my bra until Bea Arthur and Jackie O ballooned up like the boobs of evil women on TV. My role models, natch.

Some dude wearing a huge, purple hat came up to me and said I looked like an uglier Angelina Jolie. He lifted his shirt to show that his torso was hard, rippling, and embroidered with diamonds so he had every right to tell me that. I hooked up with him in the men’s room. That’ll show him.

Went home and let loose a series of drunken, liar tweets about how hard my life is and how I want equality. Even inebriated, it’s important to keep my stilettoed foot on the neck of men everywhere. Those tweets and opinion pieces just skewer them. More powerful than the laws of God or man are the messages I hastily type with my thumbs.

A good Tuesday over all, but did not receive free coffee by sexily slow jamming my order. The barista must’ve taken the red pill.

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Woman begs city council to bring back McRib

The McRib Shortage of ’15. It was the single greatest tragedy this country has ever endured. But one woman, one brave voice, said, “No. This will not do.” #mcrib #sheslovinit




Well over a year ago a tragic event occurred: In the fall of 2015, the executives of McDonald’s made a grave decision, the consequences of which are still felt to this day. They decided that when the McRib was released that year it would… it would allow the regional managers to decide whether or not they would offer the McRib. As a result, a staggering 45 percent of McDonald’s locations elected not to offer the McRib. It was the single greatest tragedy this country has ever endured. But one woman, one brave voice, said, “No. This will not do.”

First off, shout out to Reader James from Lake Elsinore, CA for alerting us to the tale of hardship and heroism. You see, when Xanthe Pajarillo, a “McRib activist,” realized that none of the ten McDonald’s locations in her hometown of Santa Clarita would be offering the McRib, she did what any reasonable red-blooded American citizen would do. She brought the issue before the city council.

Now it is no secret that the McRib Shortage of ’15 nearly brought the nation to a standstill. In fact, if it weren’t for the release of a special McRib locator app, experts speculate that America would have ceased to exist as it does today. But amidst all of the rolling blackouts, the deaths, and the riots, we overlooked all of the smaller, personal tragedies that took place because of the cruel decision made by nearly half of McDonald’s regional managers.

In her impassioned plea to the Santa Clarita city council, Pajarillo explained just why the McRib meant so much to her and her family, and why the city council had to act in order to bring it back.

“The removal of the McRib from the menu has affected my family, because every Thanksgiving, my family would, like, order a 50-piece chicken McNugget and like, 10 McRibs. It was like, a tradition in our family, and now it’s like—well, like my family’s holiday spirit is kind of messed up and broken.”

Recently Pajarillo heroic speech before the city council has gone viral, gaining attention at the national stage across social media. Since that dramatic event, Pajarillo has continued to fight for the return of the McRib, even going so far as to release a song dubbed “The McRib Blues.” In it, she lays bare her soul and the souls of those like her to whom the McRib is more than just a barbecue pork sandwich, but is instead, a way of life.

There are those out there, deplorables who hardly deserve mention, that call her bravery nothing more than a stunt. Performance art holding up a mirror to America’s consumerism and obsession. However, others stand by the truth. Pajarillo is a hero, fighting for both a sandwich, but also for something more. Something ephemeral. That little piece of Americana that brings us all together. The McRib.

Fight on, brave warrior, fight on.

♪ Cause we have right to eat what we like, McRib is worth the fight ♪

Still can’t get enough of the McRib? Learn how a McRib is made, courtesy of BuzzFeed.

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