Men’s Trait’s Raddest Thing of the Week: Glitter poop

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It’s that time again, for our weekly Menstration, our highly subjective weekly roundup of the BAD and RAD from this week…It’s the Men’s Trait’s Raddest Thing of the Week award.

Before I get into the nominees, how about a breakdown of our process? I typically get three or four nominees a week from readers. If you want to nominate someone, there are about 3 ways to reach us:

  1. You can submit nominees to our Facebook page.
  2. You can tweet us your nonimations at @MensTraitOnline or  @johnpsousa using the hashtag #MTRaddestPersonOftheWeek or #MTDBagOfTheWeek.
  3. You can email us at “editorial at 301digitalmedia dot com” with “MT D-Bag Of The Week Nominee” or “MT Raddest Thing of the Week” in the subject line.

Depending on the nominee, we’ll publish a post, and then we’ll keep track of them all week. Our staff then votes (sometimes after a vigorous Slack debate). So, you can submit items on people/things that were RAD or people/things that are BAD and we will break them down.

Okay, look. You got me. There was not a lot of radness this week. This week was a shit sandwich served with a side of fuck you juice and a cyanide sundae for dessert. It was just awful, but we’re gonna do our best find what we can and bring it to you. In the meantime, let’s go ahead and get the D-bag of the Week out of the way.

Men’s Trait’s D-bag of the Week: America

Congratulations, America, we did it. Thanks to the eccentricities of our electoral system, namely the Electoral College, slightly more people voted for Hillary Clinton – by a number that continues to grow – who lost to now President-elect Donald J. Trump.

Turnout was low, proving that all of those people really did buy the idea that these were the two worst candidates ever, and so they stayed home. It also proves that the voter suppression tactics put into place since 2012 in places like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina worked. It turns out that if you make it harder to vote, less people will vote.

And so now, people who didn’t want Donald Trump to win have turned into a circular firing squad, with Hillary supporters screaming histrionically at Bernie-or-busters for taking their ball and going home or voting for Gary Johnson (apparently not very many people voted for Jill Stein), and Bernie-or-busters blaming the Democrats for not picking their guy, and saying in the most condescending pedantic voices possible, “Told you.”

I’m extremely uninterested in this business.

The fact is that a combination of America being both sick of “establishment” politics and being racist AF won the day. And also a combination of people who really should have known better didn’t vote for Hillary because she “wasn’t progressive enough” or whatever the phrasing is, who gave into the Snarxist temptation, and now they can say, with their clear consciences, “we told you this would happen,” while evading any responsibility for what will happen over the next four years; and also the Hillary supporters who flat out just didn’t do their job getting enough of their friends and neighbors to the polls. We’re all in this together now.

Anyway, completely predictable outbursts of violence and hate crimes in the name of TRUMP have already begun.

So those of us who oppose Trump need to put all of the blame and recriminations aside and work together to makes sure our friends and neighbors know they’re safe. Let’s do this safety pin thing.

Men’s Trait’s Raddest Thing of the Week: Glitter Poop

glitter pills

Image: Etsy

Who doesn’t love glitter? My daughters love glitter. I love glitter. Glitter is fun and glamorous and messy. And now it’s in a pill form, so you can swallow it and make your dookie shine. Think about it.

Glitter Shits.

Twinkle turds.

Sparkly fudge.

Dazzling deuces.

Okay man, whatever. This week has reduced me to making terrible jokes about glitter poop. Here’s Jeff Buckley singing Leonard Cohen’s (RIP) “Hallelujah.”

Have a good weekend.

Last modified: November 11, 2016