Men’s Trait’s Raddest Thing of the Week: A Tribe Called Quest


It’s that time again, for our weekly Menstration, our highly subjective weekly roundup of the BAD and RAD from this week…It’s the Men’s Trait’s Raddest Person of the Week award.

We’re sticking with Raddest person/thing of the week. There’s so much negativity in the world that, while it’s fun to hate on things, we wanted to highlight things that were awesome instead of putting the focus on things that are utterly depressing.

Before I get into the nominees, how about a breakdown of our process? I typically get three or four nominees a week from readers. If you want to nominate someone, there are about 3 ways to reach us:

  1. You can submit nominees to our Facebook page.
  2. You can tweet us your nonimations at @MensTraitOnline or  @johnpsousa using the hashtag #MTRaddestPersonOftheWeek or #MTDBagOfTheWeek.
  3. You can email us at “editorial at 301digitalmedia dot com” with “MT D-Bag Of The Week Nominee” or “MT Raddest Thing of the Week” in the subject line.

Depending on the nominee, we’ll publish a post, and then we’ll keep track of them all week. Our staff then votes (sometimes after a vigorous Slack debate). So, you can submit items on people/things that were RAD or people/things that are BAD and we will break them down.

Also, before I get started, I’d like to thank Ellen Williams for taking care of business last Friday while I was away. I speak for all of us when I say she did a great job. She hasn’t been here very long, but she’s a quick study, and it’s nice to know that if something happened to me that we will always have a BAD vs RAD wrap-up.

Anyway, let’s get to it.

Raddest Person of the Week Nominee #1 : Gerald Daugherty

Super Reader Nancy P. recommended this dude via our Facebook page. Gerald Daugherty is running for reelection to the Travis County (TX) Commissioners Court, and this is his Facebook ad:

It shows Gerald talking nonstop about ways to fix his community, while his wife deadpans that he needs to, basically, GTFO the house, so please reelect him or he’ll spend all of his time droning on about tax rates and light rail trains. Nice work, Gerald.

D-Bag Nominee of the Week #1: Daniel Radosh

This nominee comes from Eric N. (who has a rad podcast about horror movies) who actually thought this was RAD, but I’m about to explain why it’s BAD. So this dude, Daniel Radosh, who is the head writer of The Daily Show, was asked to sign a permission slip his son brought home. His son is in a book club and they are reading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, and the teacher in charge had the kids write a note asking for permission to read the book. Fahrenheit 451 is frequently challenged by dipshit parents who object to the words “hell” and “damn” and the burnings of bibles and this is an extracurricular activity for which the teacher is Covering Her Ass. NBD, right?


Daniel Radosh had to go all Intro to Lit in his signing statement:

I love this letter! What a wonderful way to introduce students to the theme of Fahrenheit 451 that books are so dangerous that the institutions of society — schools and parents — might be willing to team up against children to prevent them from reading one. It’s easy enough to read the book and say, ‘This is crazy. It could never really happen,’ but pretending to present students at the start with what seems like a totally reasonable ‘first step’ is a really immersive way to teach them how insidious censorship can be I’m sure that when the book club is over and the students realize the true intent of this letter they’ll be shocked at how many of them accepted it as an actual permission slip. In addition, Milo’s concern that allowing me to add this note will make him stand out as a troublemaker really brings home why most of the characters find it easier to accept the world they live in rather than challenge it. I assured him that his teacher would have his back.

Look, I get it. I have kids and occasionally their teachers send home something and I want to snark the fuck out of it, too. But luckily for me, I have a wife who is also a teacher and who has to deal with students (she teaches at a college, so it’s not usually parents) questioning her pedagogical methods all the time. Teachers are highly qualified professionals and they don’t need dipshits sending them smarmy letters pointing out the irony of people wanting to censor a book about fucking book censorship. They are literally teaching the goddam class.

Raddest Thing of the Week Nominee #2: Christmas Butt Plug

A number of readers recommended this item (I love our audience, btw, they get me), from Paris, France, where an inflatable Christmas tree is being protested by anti-gay activist because it looks like a giant butt plug.

I don’t even care that this article is two years old. My friends smoke lots of pot and it causes them to overlook things like dates, and anyway it was trending because it’s that time of year. Thanks to them, I will never forget.

Anyway, I’m with this the guy interviewed toward the end, who pointed out that it’s a little early in the season for Christmas decorations: “Frankly it’s more appropriate to have a giant buttplug in the middle of Paris than to have a Christmas tree up in October.”

D-bag of the Week Nominee #2: The Illusion of Control

Thanks to reader Ginger Jesus who took a break from SoulCycle to send me this piece from the Jezebel“Control Is an Illusion, Nothing You Do Matters.” As he wrote in the comment on my wall, “WE. ARE. ALL. GONNA. F#%&ING. DIE.” And it’s true, we are, but as the Times article discussed seems to imply, does it matter?  As long we think we’re in control, we won’t be stressed out. Maybe Elon Musk is right and we really are living in a simulation.

Men’s Trait’s Raddest Thing of the Week: A Tribe Called Quest

Reader Brendan M. of Santa Monica brought this to my attention just last night, and honestly this brightened what had been up to that point a pretty shitty week. That’s how rad this is.

Q-Tip posted a handwritten note to his Facebook page announcing a new A Tribe Called Quest Album recorded last fall after their appearance on The Tonight ShowAddressed “To all the good people world wide,” well, read it:

When Phife died in March, it obviously seemed like A Tribe Called Quest was done. I mean, they’d been broken up for a long time and Michael Rapaport’s Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest pretty much made clear that there wasn’t a lot left for them to do (and hinted at just how precarious Phife’s health was). But now we know they started recording last fall, and while Phife died before it was finished, there was still enough to see it through. It comes out November 11, and I know I’ll be checking it out.

In the meantime, let’s enter the weekend with the most best and most famous “YO!” ever recorded:

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