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When Lucy Pinder joined the celebrity Big Brother in UK during 2009, a lot of men immediately loved her looks. This brunette is truly a stunner! Even before joining Big Brother, she was already discovered in the year 2003 while she was sunbathing on the beach. After some time, magazines wanted to feature her and she graced the cover of Loaded and Nuts. Of course, Lucy Pinder nude is not the theme of the shoot but it was enough to show a lot of men that she is truly one attractive woman.

The main reason why Lucy Pinder has become popular immediately is not only because of her voluptuous body but also because of her well-developed breasts. Even though she has always been portrayed as steamy and sexy in various men magazines, Lucy Pinder nude has not appeared in print just yet. Ever since she started modeling in 2003, she has drawn a lot of men to her.

Aside from being a model, Lucy Pinder is also an actor. She has appearances in some movies and she also appeared in some television shows which include Celebrity Big Brother which made her even more popular. It was in the year 2007 when she became the most downloaded woman on the internet because finally, Lucy Pinder nude was finally shown on print.

Some Details About Lucy Pinder

Here are just a few facts that you should know about this sexy and voluptuous woman:

  1. Lucy Pinder was born on December 20, 1983. She had no idea that she was going to be discovered someday but when the opportunity reached her when she was 17 years old, she took advantage of it. She was given a professional contract by the time she turned 18.
  2. If there is one model that she has always been partnered with, it is Michelle Marsh. There was even a rumor that they were more than friends probably because Michelle is a self-proclaimed bisexual.
  3. She has always said that if there is one thing that she dreams about, it is to hold a monkey. She may have fulfilled this dream right now.
  4. A lot of people are not aware that she has graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Philosophy. This goes to show that she has a lot more to offer than her sexy and attractive body; but it is always normal that people will notice her looks first before anything else.
  5. Lucy Pinder also started a humanitarian foundation. The name of the foundation is “Busty Brains.” This probably refers to her large-sized breasts that are actually 32GGs. She is also very active in a lot of other charities.
  6. Kick for Life appointed her as an ambassador before. She accepted the duty because she wanted to make a difference with the situation that a lot of third world countries are currently experiencing. There are still a lot of people from various third world countries that are suffering from poverty and lack of comfortable living conditions.
  7. For fans of the Lucy Pinder nude photos again, do you know that she appeared in a 2014 calendar topless? Even if it was published years before, finding it now can still be worthwhile for you.
  8. She was the first celebrity who was voted out of the Celebrity Big Brother but people still continued to like her.
  9. She is a big fan of football. This is always a plus for men who also love the sport. They know that they can talk to her about the game and not feel awkward about it because she can answer with the same enthusiasm that men are showing. Her favorite team is the Southhampton FC.
  10. Lucy Pinder has a chronic fear of clowns. You do not want to scare her by exposing her to a clown because her fear of clowns is serious. She is unable to do her tasks because of her fear.

There are a lot of men who would probably slobber and totally stutter in her presence but she likes to show people that she is just like a normal girl. The only difference is that she has a big future ahead of her.

Lucy Pinder has always said that the one thing she hated the most about the profession that she has is that she has to deal with a lot of fake people. There are people in the industry who are only there for the fame and not to entertain or to help those who are in need. It was hard for her but she made sure to stay true to herself.


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