Why Legal Steroids Should not be Illegal?

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Long gone are the days when baseball clubs first banned legal steroids and other performance enhancing medications from all professional games. Since then, many players have faced match bans and other penalties. But more than 2 decades after the ban on legal steroids, it seems that the anti-doping rules were a bit too harsh and out of date.

With many countries legalizing recreational drugs, the question has come up in the minds of many athletes and bodybuilders, “Should steroids and performance enhancing agents be legal?”

The reason why performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) were outlawed was that they gave users additional advantage and an extra edge in any competitive sport. The majority of international organizations has thus banned the usage of such PEDs and suspended those who are found to use them. But unlike the war on drugs, tightening the rules and anti-doping measures has failed. In recent years, athletes have discovered new ways to increase their performance; some of which are completely new and not yet illegal.

One recent example of such case would be Lance Armstrong, who managed to hide his PED usage for 7 consecutive tournaments. When found guilty, he was stripped off of all his titles. When you take into account that other cyclists might have also used those PEDs but were never caught, one may consider this an unfair verdict. Many anti-PED advocates state that anti-doping measures are in place so that every player gets a plain level field. But with so many athletes doping, the real question arises, “Is every player getting the level plain field to compete on?”  No.

One such way to ensure that every player gets the
same playing field is to make various steroids and PEDs legal. This will ensure that every athlete can use performance-enhancing drugs under supervision and get the same advantage as their other opponents.

Using legal steroids will reveal the true strength of the human body and make sports much more interesting to watch. Imagine a person running double the speed as Usain Bolt. This is not even an overstretch. However, with steroids, this is indeed possible!

Also, legalizing steroids is also extremely lucrative for businesses as more and more new records will be set and broken. Games will become more and more interesting – earning both businesses and athletes a ton of extra money.

On the other hand, legalizing steroids and other PEDs will make it easier for authorities and anti-doping agencies as they can better divert their resources in supervising the use of PEDs. As with recreational drugs, PEDS will be much safer if regulated instead of outlawing them.

Granted that overdose of steroids or any other PEDs poses threat to athlete’s health and life, but these athletes are already at an extremely high risk of accidents and other sports related injuries. And once steroids have been legalized, guidelines can be set to prevent overdose and steroid-related health risks. And players who are at risk can easily seek medical help and better improve their conditions. In addition, most of the over-the-counter PEDs available in the market today pose no risk and are side-effect free for athletes without pre-existing health conditions.
And finally, contrary to popular belief, taking these performance enhancing drugs doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work hard on the field or doesn’t guarantee you overnight miracle results. You still have to work as hard as you did before – even after taking PEDs. Just simply taking higher doses doesn’t do anything to you or your performance. PEDs are not magic drugs that make you win in every competition; it just gives your body that extra edge and stamina to work even harder. Without proper dedication, hard work, and skills, PEDs are worthless.

Athletes should also have the freedom to do whatever they want with their bodies, whether it is taking legal steroids to enhance their performance or not. And besides, after the ban on steroids, the market is flooded with all new kinds of prohormones and other chemical substances that in itself are not steroids but precursors of steroids. That just means after they enter the body, they convert to steroids and other hormones – and to a surprise, they are still legal to take.

Regardless of the rules, athletes are going to take steroids and other illegal substances. So why not make them legal? What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe that steroids should be legal? Why?  Do let us know in the comments section down below.

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Last modified: August 2, 2017