Do You Want to Take a Ride with Jessica Barton Nude?

If you do not know swimsuit model, Jessica Barton then you may not have checked out various models for a long time. She is known to be one of the hottest swimsuit models in Florida. A lot of men have always wished to see Jessica Barton nude but it seems that men may see more of her swimsuit pictures than her nude pictures. If you do more research, you will see that she has some pictures that are worth saving. Her swimsuit pictures are nice to look at too! It will be nice to do some imagining from time to time, right?

There are different things that Jessica Barton is known to be interested in. This busty blonde loves cars and it will always be nice when cars and women are together, right? These are the two things that men love a lot. Aside from cars, she is also into video games and tattoos. If you would love to be with a girl who can play video games with you all day, then that would be her. It helps that she is highly attractive too.

If this is the first time that you have heard of her name, you may be more familiar with her when you see her face. She has worked with Playboy and FHM. If you want to see Jessica Barton nude or semi-nude pictures, these are the magazines that you should buy now. There are other magazines wherein she was the cover. Check out these magazines:

  • Axis
  • Makes and Models
  • Superstreet
  • Supreme

She has also appeared in some videos. So make sure that you check out some of the films where she has made some appearances. She was a roller-skater girl in the movie, The Fiesta Grand and she also appeared as Dakota in Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! This movie was released in 2008. Those movies may be old but will still be worth your while. She has also appeared in Playboy Video Centerfold and this may be your best bet to see Jessica Barton nude or semi-nude.

Other Details about Jessica

It was mentioned earlier that Jessica Barton is passionate about cars so it came as a surprise when her Toyota Supra was stolen. The thieves stripped the car because they figured that it will be easier to sell the parts. Aside from the car, there was also a full motorcycle that was stripped and sold. Police were able to discover the house where some of the missing parts were located.

There are some people who may look at Jessica Barton and assume that she is just one of those girls blessed with a pretty face and a rocking body.  Her passion for cars should not be underestimated. In fact, she has spent 8 years to make her Supra her dream car. But after 8 long years of effort, the car was stolen. It’s as if the thieves did not care about the work and her efforts into making the car the way that it looked before it was taken.

When she realized that her car was gone, she first offered a reward of $6,000 and it was picked up by a lot of newspapers. People started to learn more about it. When the police got a tip about it, they said that the sign is the hood of the Supra in the backyard of one house.

When Jessica found out about it, she was happy that she was able to locate the parts of her car. She says that the parts are important and they can be placed back again. This was back in 2013 and her passion for car racing and cars, in general, has not weaned.

Social Media Accounts

If you would like to get to know more about Jessica, you can check out her social media accounts wherein she has thousands of followers. Whether you love checking out your Facebook account, your Instagram, or even Snapchat, you will surely find her account there. Do not forget to check out her pictures so you can get to know more about her latest work – and of course to see Jessica Barton nude or almost nude pictures. (That would be a bonus!)

Just in case you do not know, Jessica has a twin sister named Jennifer Barton. She is as hot as her sister. Twins are nice to look at – especially since they are both gorgeous and sexy.

Last modified: August 5, 2017