Janelle Ginestra as a Pro Choreographer

You can mention the name Janelle Ginestra and people would immediately think of dance. Janelle is one of the ladies that you would like to see dancing. She is obviously well-skilled and she has made dancing not only look fun but glamorous as well. If there is one thing that people should remember it is this: dancing is not as easy as it usually seems to be. It can be like being an actress or a singer. You have to be extremely good or have the best charisma in order to get noticed.

Janelle Ginestra actually started out as a backup dancer like most of the dancers that are seen on television. She has made it a point to become noticeable not only through her attractive appearance, but also through her YouTube videos. She and her boyfriend, Willdabeast Adams, created the ImmaBeast Dance Company. Even if you do not actively search for dance videos, you may have seen her dance videos on some social media accounts and you cannot help but marvel at how great she dances.

Her Passion for Dancing

She discovered that she wanted to dance when she was 1 and a half years old. Some people may argue that people will not be able to remember memories when they were younger but according to Janelle, she watched a dance recital when she was 1 ½. By the time that she was 2, she told her family members that she needed to go to a dance school. She was not allowed to dance in the beginning but because she insisted that she can do a particular stunt – the cartwheel, she was allowed to go. From then on she danced on and off.

She Workout

It is already expected that dancers are supposed to take good care of their bodies. Dancing is already considered by a lot of people as a type of cardio workout. Since she knows this, she also focuses on strength training because who says that you cannot build up your strength when you are a dancer? She likes being aggressive about her workouts and it is evident through her fit and hard body.

The Benefits of Being a Professional Choreographer and Dancer

It is evident that Janella Ginestra loves what she does and it is safe to attribute her passion for her work because of the following benefits:

  • This is something that she loves doing; so every time she choreographs dance routines or even when she dances, she does not feel like she is working.
  • She also loves the fact that dances are always changing. Something that is considered normal now will be different tomorrow. There are always new dance moves to be learned and to be enjoyed.
  • She sometimes gets to work with awesome people that she can form bonds with.

A lot of dance choreographers and professional dancers may feel this way too. Of course, if there are benefits, there are also some disadvantages such as the following:

  • The work is inconsistent. There are times when there is no work.
  • There is also the possibility that another choreographer or dancer will be noticed more, which again means that there is no work.

Her Work with Celebrities

Probably one of the reasons why she is so well-known is because she has worked with a lot of celebrities in the past. She has worked with The Real Housewives and she has also worked with Beyonce. She does say that Beyonce is one of those artists that she respects a lot but there are other famous celebrities that she has worked with that she just sees as normal clients.

The Popularity of Videos through the Internet

One thing that Janelle Ginestra raves about is how the world of the internet has changed video sharing forever. There are a lot of people now who become famous online first before being offered modeling gigs and other types of work. There are some Instagram-famous celebrities that may look the same or different in real life. There are also a lot of dancers who have gained recognition because finally, they have a channel wherein they can showcase their dance moves. They can have space wherein they can be the stars and this space is easily accessible by people.

Even though she may be living the type of dream that other aspiring dancers and choreographers would only like to get, she always says that dreams are there for a reason. They should be reached with passion and determination. There are so many talented people in the world but only a few manage to stand out.

Last modified: August 4, 2017