ICYMI: Rio Olympics 2016 day twelve round-up

U.S. medals in the sand and makes history on the track

Team USA swept the podium in the women’s 100m hurdles, and the women’s beach volleyball duo won bronze. Bowie also won bronze in her first Olympics ever in the 200m. This is Bowie’s second medal after winning the silver in the 100m on Saturday. See the updated medal count below:

  1. United States: 93 (30 Gold, 32 Silver, 31 Bronze)
  2. China: 54 (19 Gold, 15 Silver, 20 Bronze)
  3. Great Britain: 51 (19 Gold, 20 Silver, 12 Bronze)
  4. Russia: 41 (12 Gold, 14 Silver, 15 Bronze)
  5. Japan: 33 (10 Gold, 5 Silver, 18 Bronze)
  6. France: 31 (8 Gold, 11 Silver, 12 Bronze)

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