Hot Self Shots – Becoming The Magnet that Women Like

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If you have always considered yourself being just an average looking guy and feel that you just cannot attract women like you imagined? Does it feel like regardless of what, it seems as though you cannot undoubtedly get any woman to take notice or even like you? You see, it’s not about what you look like but rather it’s more about your outlook when it comes to attracting women. Most men out there don’t seem to comprehend this idea. Because of such, they never get to win over a woman’s attention. Read on to find out how you can become a hot self shots guy that will reel women in.

Which side of your face do you look best from? Look at your face in the mirror. Take some selfies from each side and you may see that you prefer one side over the other. Angle your body. Turn your “best” side towards the camera, angle the shoulders (the shoulders should not be the base of triangle with the camera lense).

Keeping up eye contact with the camera is one method for being a tease and it’s one of the most magnetizing key focuses for a great hot selfie shot. There something hot and charging about the eyes that once you get used to looking into a camera, you’ll begin pulling them in with only one look. It resembles having super powers – so learn the other non-verbal communication – the eyes.

Never square off with the camera unless you are specifically going for a thug-life posture and that is the focus you are portraying to your audience (for example: you are doing a picture shoot for an album or movie about a hardened criminal, gang banger, or a military pose). There may be a select number of women out there that find this attractive. For them it symbolizes masculinity. Otherwise, please be friendly – because believe it or not, that is masculine too! Enjoy the moment and keep in mind – be a tease!

Women love a smile! Practice this and not with just the eyes. A real smile includes using a variety of facial muscles including the eyes. Picture the image of a grandfather watching his grandchildren playing. Now imagine him with a warm smile. Now imitate this. Hot self shots are more notable when a smile is sincere and warm. Use your eyes to communicate this along with actually smiling. This is an attention magnet. Do not go through the motion because most women will pick up on this. A true smile using the eyes is unphotogenic and soulless.

What is your trigger? Have a mental trigger for taking your hot self shots. Think of all the attention you are going to draw versus being shell-shocked when its time to take a picture. Be confident. One approach to get noticed is to act natural. Be sure about your identity. It might sound hard at first. However, with practice, you will eventually build up the confidence. So don’t be stuck in a box. Be up for anything and get courageous – you’ll be an alpha male in the blink of an eye – and will begin attracting the attention you desire. Lean to get comfortable around the camera so you can have the kind of mental trigger where you can drop right into camera mode when it’s picture time. Put your best side forward with a relaxed pose and a warm, sincere smile!

Lean into the camera. This may seem counter intuitive but we will tell you why. Most men either lean back from the camera or stand straight like in a military pose. The straight pose makes you look forced and a bit rigid. Leaning back, however, is even worse. Your chin and neck are compressed which makes your head stand out like a sore thumb. Slightly lean in (as though you are conversing with a woman) as this is what you want to portray in your shot. Reach towards the camera with your face so that both the neck and the chin is slightly forward. This is so that the face looks accentuated instead of compressed.

Maintain a blend of mystery in your hot self shots. Never at any point look desperate or frantic for attention in front of the camera. This look is a definite turn-off with the ladies. Try to appear unassuming and you’ll in a split second turn out to be all the more appealing to the women out there – and will begin to end up noticeably a lady’s man in the blink of an eye!


Last modified: August 2, 2017