Game2: Siberia, the murder and rape reality show

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I honestly can’t even with this. In what can only be interpreted as more evidence that Russia is indeed the ascendant power, we gate Game2: Siberiaa literal Hunger Games where 60 people are set loose in Siberia to compete for $1.6 million and where, according to the rules, murder and rape are possibilities, along with drinking and smoking and fighting. Honestly, what could go wrong? And by putting rape and murder on the board so early in promotional material (while saying that you would be arrested, probably) won’t viewers be kind of disappointed if there isn’t either of these things? Game2: Siberia goes where even the fictional Hunger Games didn’t by including rape in the possibilities for game play. Apparently 60 people have already signed up. They’ll receive training from Russian Special Forces before being sent out to die, so maybe that will help.

Last modified: December 21, 2016