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In this article we will review Furious 7 online. In our review, putting the stunning tricks aside, James Wan (Insidious 2, The Conjuring) had most likely confronted two major difficulties when making this film. To begin with, creating a film that praises mad and foolish driving while additionally being delicate to the way that one of the leads (in a tragic discrepancy) got killed in a tragic sports car crash was a heart-stopper to audiences. Also, making a consistent film given the way that Paul Walker – a name synonymous with this arrangement – is no more. In both cases, he hits the sweet spot.


Gifted for his aggressiveness, Furious 7 online director, James Wan, assumes control over the F and F establishment and conveys a unique freshness to it in the seventh series. The activity scenes have more humor and vitality added to it, and there were more centerpieces than any time in recent memory. Also, the characters were less about exemplifying machismo and were more about “family” engagement. This component is likely because of Walker’s less than ideal passing; his nearness in spirit to the film loans the motion picture a surreal tone. The added attraction to the film was when Walker’s siblings were enlisted to help complete the on-screen character’s uncompleted scenes.)

It’s likewise the longest motion picture up to this point, with a running time of 137 minutes. Could the audience endure another two hours? We reckon not.

What is the Story?

Fast and Furious 7 online, Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) visits his sibling, Owen – the crushed villain from Fast and Furious 6 – in the doctor’s facility, vowing revenge against the valiant group of primary characters. Shaw is seeking vengeance with regards to executing one colleague. The rest – Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel), Brian (Paul Walker), Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), Roman (Tyrese Gibson), and Tej (Chris “Ludacris” Bridges) – rally together, while Hobbes (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) lies in the healing center with two broken appendages. In the interim, a strange mystery agent (Kurt Russell) offers the group help in getting Shaw, yet just on the off chance that they’ll protect a kidnapped programmer, Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel). On top of everything else, this puts yet another terrible person (Djimon Hounsou) on their trail.

The Verdict:

In our Fast and Furious 7 online movie review, it is an adrenaline surge of a motion picture. Brimming with activity and energy, yet to some degree, ailing inside and out, it’s a motion picture that is unquestionably engaging. Because of a ton of awful dialect and some sexual typification of ladies, we would not prescribe this film for younger children.

Brutality: 3/5 (Loads of clenched hand battles. Next to no blood is seen yet the criminals appreciate harming individuals.)

Passionate Distress: 3/5 (The film closes with a touching tribute to Paul Walker, including brief clasps of him in the past ‘Fast and Furious’ motion pictures. One noteworthy character seems, by all accounts, to be dead toward the finish of the film and then one pushes away somebody who is attempting to spare them with CPR, supports their head and endeavors to wake them by talking and helping them to remember their past together.)

Fear Factor: 2/5 (Deckard Shaw is an extremely forceful and savage adversary. However, he doesn’t do anything that is over-the-top barbarous so it ought not be excessively startling for children.)

Sexual Content: 3/5 (One character is being ridiculed and there is a reference to a young lady he headed off to college with nicknamed ‘No-Knees Denise’. Somebody depicts an exceptionally costly and snappy auto and another character tongue in cheek says that he is “excited” by it.)

Poor Language: 4/5 (From mellow to direct insulting and rude, which is difficult to avoid.)

Dialogues: 0/5

Different notes: Deals with subjects of cooperation, family, fellowships, not underestimating a decent life, love, exact retribution, and doing what’s vital for the general population you think about.

Movie Details:

Theatrical release date: April 3, 2015

Director: James Wan

DVD/Streaming release date: September 15, 2015

Cast: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, Dwayne Johnson, Tyrese Gibson, Jordana Brewster, Ludacris

Genre: Action/Adventure

Studio: Universal Pictures

Duration: 137 minutes

MPAA rating: PG-13

Topics: Trucks and cars

MPAA clarification: Drawn out frantic successions of brutality, activity and disorder, suggestive material and brief solid language.


Furious 7 online has a compassionate point. The touching tribute to Walker puts the whole arrangement into viewpoint and will make many hearts mournful. The film’s imperfections all of a sudden vanish when you understand that if there is another film in this arrangement, it just wouldn’t be the same. RIP Paul.


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How to get the ball rolling on eating healthier

You may want to start eating healthier, but getting the ball rolling can be an uphill endeavor.



Make a List

Make a list

congerdesign / Pixabay

When you get hungry, the last thing you feel like doing is running down a mental list of available healthy foods to eat. That’s why you probably end up grabbing whatever is closest to you and chowing down, vowing to start eating healthy tomorrow.

Instead, sit down and make a list of foods that you determine to be healthiest for you and your goals. Don’t just write a shopping list. Make a list of actual meals that you can prepare and eat. Include what day you’re going to have them, and what time. The more prepared you are when hunger strikes, the more likely you will be to have something ready without having to think too hard about it.

Buy a Cookbook



RitaE / Pixabay

Flipping through a cookbook with enticing photographs of healthy food will get you inspired to start eating healthy. Buy a cookbook or two that has nothing but healthy food recipes. Make sure it has a photo for every recipe, so you can visualize yourself dining on the healthy options. Put bookmarks on pages that really make you want to get up and start cooking. These are the dishes that will offer you the best motivation to start your new healthy eating plan. Alternatively, you can create your own cookbook by searching around the internet for healthy recipes and saving them to your phone or computer.

Buy Some New Clothes

Clothing store

Pexels / Pixabay

Wearing the same clothes every day when you already feel unattractive can keep you in a negative rut that’s hard to get out of. Put on your favorite pair of jeans, jacket, whatever, and go shopping for some new clothes. Buy a few that fit you now, and something special that you can work toward fitting into after you’ve achieved your weight goal. The change will help you to see yourself as someone new and fresh who is capable of switching eating habits for the better.

Stop Looking in the Mirror

Girl looking in mirror

StockSnap / Pixabay

If your appearance really gets you down, stop obsessing over your flaws in the mirror. Seriously, you don’t need a visual examination over every wrinkle or bulge. Just stop looking in the mirror, get dressed, and be on your merry way. Wait at least a month before you give yourself a once over again. This time, you’ll be pleasantly surprised, instead of walking away thinking how bad you look.

Buy a Cool Scale

Smart scale with tape measure

mojzagrebinfo / Pixabay

If you’re trying to lose weight (or even gain weight), having a cool scale will make the process easier to measure progress. Get yourself a digital scale that measures ounces as well as pounds. They even have scales that speak your weight, if that’s what you need to keep motivated to eat healthier. Just don’t weigh yourself every day, because daily fluctuations in weight are normal, and have little to do with your eating habits. If you gain a couple ounces after eating healthy all day, you could lose motivation to continue to eat healthy. Every three days or so is sufficient to track your progress and measure your results.

Choose Restaurants With Healthy Food

Healthy food on restaurant table

StockSnap / Pixabay

If cooking isn’t your thing, choose some local restaurants that serve healthy foods with wholesome ingredients. Keep a list of these restaurants at hand so that when you come home late from work and don’t feel like cooking, you’ll have a backup plan that doesn’t involve Domino’s Pizza.

Invest in Partitioned Storage Containers

Plastic food storage container

MMT / Pixabay

If you’re short on time like most of us, you need some quick options for meals every now and then. Invest in some portioned storage containers so you can make your own version of TV dinners. Instead of pudding and mashed potatoes, fill them with things like brown rice, steamed broccoli, and turkey breast. Prepare them ahead of time and stack in your refrigerator or freezer. Just pop one in the microwave when all you can think about is flopping on the couch in front of the television.

The key to getting the ball rolling to start eating healthier is to be prepared. When you stock up on the tools that will help you reach your goals, get ready for instances when there’s no time to cook, and be kind to yourself by not obsessing over your image, you stand a pretty good chance of improving your eating habits for good.


WATCH: Tips for Getting Your Significant-Other to Eat Healthier

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Marijuana. Infused. Beer.

It was only a matter of time before weed found its way into America’s favorite drink. Enter: marijuana-infused beer.



These days, you can find marijuana infused in everything from alcohol to BBQ sauce to bath bombs to candy bars. So, it was only a matter of time before weed found its way into America’s favorite drink: beer. Enter: marijuana-infused beer.

From Business Insider, a report that Lagunitas Brewing Company has released an IPA infused with marijuana. It’s called Supercritical, and it’s available for a limited release in California. In case you don’t know, Lagunitas Brewing Company is based in California and was purchased by Heineken in early 2017.

Sadly, though, it won’t get you high — the beer contains no THC.

For inside scoop, watch the full video. Then let us know in the comments what you think about marijuana-infused beer.

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Sweden’s Move To A 6 Hour Workday Should Make You Very Angry



Sunset in Stockholm, Sweden

What would you do with 6 extra hours of free time every week? That’s the question every full-time worker in Sweden is going to have to answer. After years of individual companies making the switch, the entire country is about to embark on an ambitious plan to maintain productivity while also eliminating 17% of the current workweek. Yes, the entire country.

Not only have Swedish workers just been given 312 hours of their lives back each year, but they have effectively been given a rather nice raise as well. In 2014, the average Swede took home about of €30,612 (the equivalent of $34,285) each year, or €2551 ($2857)  a month, which is about €589 ($660) a week. If we break that down over a 36 hour work week (less than the 47 hours the average American works full-time ), that equals €16.35 an hour. With the switch from a 36 hour workweek to a 30 hour workweek, the average take-home hourly wage just jumped to €19.63/hour, or a 20% increase.*

That would make me pretty happy, and I hope our CEO reads this and feels compelled to give all of us at Men’s Trait a 20% raise. We’re not holding our breath, however. Wages in the U.S. have been slightly better than stagnant for decades, and now we have to sit back and watch as an entire nation was just collectively given a raise that we could only dream of in the States.

In the United States, the average earner made $45,230 before taxes in 2014. More than the average Swede, right? Not necessarily. You might have noticed that the amount people in Sweden take home, on average, was €30,612 ($34,285), not what they earned. That’s the net, after tax amount. In the U.S., depending on a worker’s tax bracket, that amount would be at best $33,923, excluding any deductions and credits on their taxes. Depending on the exchange rate at any given moment, people in Sweden might take home more money than Americans. Or Americans might take home more. It’s very, very close.

But each country is different, and the cost of living in Sweden is higher than in the United States. Or, rather no, it isn’t. When we look at just after tax income, not accounting for fixed expenses, the average Swede has more buying power than the average American. Rent and utilities are significantly cheaper for people living in Sweden, making it slightly more affordable than the U.S. overall. Removing just utilities from the equation gives the advantage to Americans for having more buying power. Luxury activities, like eating at restaurants or going to the movies, are more expensive in Sweden than they are in the United States; that’s one financial advantage we have. But Swedes don’t do those things on the same scale that Americans do, so the premium prices affect them less than they would someone living in the States.

Okay, so I’ve rambled for over 500 words about how the Swedes just made a change to how much people work, and then delved into a bevy of numbers comparing the incomes and buying power of Americans and Swedes, only to come to the conclusion that there really isn’t that much difference between the two countries. Both are wealthy countries, with each celebrating a 7.2 OECD Better Life Index score that measures the quality of life for people around the globe, well above the average score of 6.0. So what’s the point?

Just remember, you could be living the American dream in Sweden, only by working at least 312 fewer hours each year. Oh, and the Swedes are guaranteed 25 paid vacation days and 16 paid holidays yearly, plus some paid maternity (56 weeks, or 13 months) and paternity leave (34 weeks), neither of which are guaranteed in the United States.** Now, with this new 6 hour workday, your typical Swedish worker will work 458 fewer hours every year than the average American (this even includes part-time workers)—that’s 19 full days.

Yes, you should be angry. People in Sweden are living the American dream better than we are.

Preston Hemmerich is the Content Manager for 301 Digital Media, overseeing,, and more. He enjoys covering food, politics, travel and writing sad attempts at humor.

*This figure does not account for hourly employees, only salaried employees. Some businesses have applied a wage increase to hourly employees to make up for lost hours, but that is not a country wide practice. In reality, this de facto raise disproportionately benefits higher income individuals working salaried jobs.
**Collectively, citizens of the U.S. get nowhere near 41 paid days off a year that Swedish citizens do.

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