Elliot Hulse – Some Facts and Information

There are a lot of people who are familiar with who Elliot Hulse is. If in case this is the first time you have heard of his name, he is a social media celebrity who is well known for creating YouTube videos that are meant to inspire people to reach their fitness goals. He is known to be the inspiration of many for all of his strength training workouts. His accomplishments do not stop at that however; he also provides spiritual advice to people who normally lack motivation in life.

His Interest in Physical Exercise

A lot of people may assume that he has always been a powerlifter because of his strong physique but it was only when he finished college that he started powerlifting. He was introduced to martial arts and exercising by his Uncle Roy when he and his brother were still young. But his interest stayed at that and gymnastics before college.

He was playing high-level football when he graduated from college. Probably because he wants to become stronger and would like to encourage people to become strong as well, he decided to build a gym. The time that he built the gym probably was not the best. There were problems with the economy at that time. The gym, as well as other businesses, suffered but Elliot Hulse decided to push through with it.

He decided that in order to reach more people, he is going to create his very own YouTube channel and it has worked. He has over 2.5 million subscribers at the present time. What makes him extremely popular is because of his “Strength Camp.” People have learned a lot about how to do proper strength training. Also his spiritual advice may have helped a lot of people too.


He did not start out to be very spiritual. Like a lot of bodybuilders, what he was focused on was his strength. He decided to enter Strongman because he wanted to challenge himself. He figured that by doing this, he can become a professional after some time. He was training hard for it and finally, the gym he has opened started to get some customers. It felt like everything was going well until he had a torn bicep. This injury halted his training.

While a lot of bodybuilders would probably become depressed about getting injured especially when things are supposedly going so well, he decided to take the time to contemplate and think about how he would like to follow through on his career. He started watching a lot of videos of people who inspired him. He also became open to reading Eastern philosophical literature.

Based on the things that he learned during the time of his recuperation, he decided that he will still continue to inspire and teach people how they can achieve the type of bodies that they want. The difference is that this time, he will also help them focus on their emotions and their spiritual well-being. It is his belief that it depends on people’s spirituality and emotions on how much the physical body would be able to take.

Strength Camp

The accomplishments of Strength Camp should not go by unnoticed. It may have started in a warehouse gym but it became so big that it transferred to a bigger location in the year 2015. It is now connected to two sister companies: Strength Camp International and Strength Camp Media.

Strength Camp became popular because of YouTube. People who have never been passionate about anything before realized that they can find their passion. Some even say that they have managed to use their passion and their interest to help them earn money. It was in the year 2015 when Elliot Hulse was awarded “You Tube’s Fan Favorite” award. He is truly grateful for the belief and the trust that people have given him.

There are some people who think that he is the best out there but there are also some who refrain from getting his spiritual advice. This is expected because no matter where people are, one person is not expected to please everybody. He gains fans and he loses fans but it cannot be denied that he has more than 300 million views on YouTube for his videos and these views are expected to grow in the future.

Do you think that Elliot Hulse is someone who can truly inspire you to get the body that you have always wanted? Get to know more about him and you may gain the inspiration that you are looking for.

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