Dunkirk receives its first full trailer

Christopher Nolan’s latest project and first historical film, Dunkirk, received it’s first full trailer today. The film stars Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy and depicts a crucial moment of World War II that while likely unfamiliar to most American audiences, is one that is an essential piece of the war to the United Kingdom.

The Dunkirk Evacuation, known as Operation Dynamo, is viewed by many as a turning point in the war that, should it have failed, could have driven the Allied nations into peace talks with Hitler. Following a series of military disasters in the summer of 1940, the British Expeditionary Force and the remnants of France’s military were driven by German forces into a section of northern France bordering Belgium. Encircled by German armored divisions, a defense coalesced around the port of Dunkirk with the aim to hold off the German military long enough to evacuate the British army and its allies.

Ultimately the operation was successful thanks to the bravery and tenacity of thousands of British troops in the face of overwhelming odds and the assistance of a small flotilla of civilian vessels that aided in the evacuation. By saving the bulk of their forces at Dunkirk, the British were able to continue the war without fear of invasion. The miracle of Dunkirk was such an unexpected success when all expected the BEF to be routed that it reinspired faith in the war effort after the long months of defeat preceding it.

Dunkirk comes out summer 2017.

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