Donald Trump is a Socratic Method guy

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When I hear “Socratic Method,” I definitely think of president-elect Donald Trump. After all when asked who his foreign policy adviser was he cited his “good brain.” So when Reince Priebus was asked to describe Trump’s decision-making process as he interviews potential secretaries of state, Priebus called Trump a “Socratic Method guy.” Honestly I was just looking for content about the iPhone 8 and “Preibus calls Trump a Socratic Method guy” literally made me laugh out loud. Maybe I was having flashbacks to the freshman core course at Stevenson College which met in the dorm lounges and we were all hung over or freshly waked-and-baked and we’d discuss Plato so I’m just imagining Trump in a toga as Priebus says, “Dust. Wind.” And then Romney points at Trump and says, “DUDE.” Socrates/Trump has an epiphany and we’re all saved now (seriously if that was how philosophy classes were at Trump University he shouldn’t have had to pay a goddam cent in that settlement). Or maybe they’re we just discussing the finer points of Greek Pederasty. Anyway now that I know Trump is a Socratic Method Guy I feel a lot better about things.

Last modified: December 5, 2016