Dog people vs cat people: We settle the argument once and for all

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Ah, the age old smack down: dog people vs cat people. This debate could break up families and cause war, so we are here to help you settle it peacefully (we hope). Here at Men’s Trait we have very differing opinions and things are getting heated.

The bond between a person and their pet is something special and irreplaceable. The pet a person chooses actually reflects a lot about them – their entire personality. Cat owners tend to think of themselves more independent and kind, while dog owners describe themselves as friendly. These different personalities often clash – here are two perspectives on cats vs. dogs from some of our editorial team here at MensTrait.


Owning a cat most of my life has brought me endless amounts of comfort and happiness. While I also own a dog, it is hard for me to compare the type of love I receive between the two animals. My dog does the usual dog things, greeting me at the door and sweetly checking on me throughout the day to see how things are going. I really do appreciate that, thank you Bella. But the unconditional and personal attachment I feel to my cat is something that I can’t even explain.

Crystal has been there since the beginning, and I am her person. She does her own thing a lot of the time, but I always know she is there whenever I need a cuddle buddy or some love. The sassiness and attitude that comes with owning a cat is exciting and reminds me that she is strong and doesn’t take any shit. The low maintenance required to feed her and tend to her litter box is a huge advantage, making my love for her grow more and more every day.

Whether I’m up for cuddling or not, she is always there for me. She brings me (what she thinks are) gifts, like mice and birds from the backyard. While this seems gross, it’s the thought that counts, right? Right. She may be moody and bitchy sometimes, but hey I’m moody and bitchy sometimes. We basically just coexist, as cherished companions and confidants. Crazy cat person for life. –Lauren Petermeyer


From goldfish to conures, dogs to cats, I’ve taken care of them all. But the one thing that makes my dog different from the other animals is that he takes care of me as well.

Whether I’m feeling down from a bad breakup or a particularly hard day at work, I can always count on my dog, Caesar, to help make me feel just a bit better. When I’m sad or lonely, or just want to laze around the house for a few hours and eat junk food, I’ve always got my buddy there to keep me company.

If I want to go walk around the park, Caesar’s right there. If I want to take a ride down to Sonic for a drink, roll down all the windows and blast the Beastie Boys entire catalog, Caesar’s right there. If I get up in the middle of the night and for some reason think that someone is outside the door getting ready to break in and murder me, Caesar is definitely going to be right there by my side, ready to defend our home (that is, unless the axe murderer has a can of Vienna sausages, because in that case, I’m screwed.)

Are cats cool? Sure, they’re alright. The Siamese cat that lived with me and my family throughout my childhood was a character, for sure. He’d paw at you when he wanted food or to be pet. That’s about all he did, now that I think about it. But he was low maintenance and he didn’t really bother anyone. He just did his own thing.

If that’s what you like—just a chill pet that wants to lay around and sometimes cuddle, then by all means, get a cat. But if you want a companion that will take road trips, play in the park, and help you get that cute girl (or guy) at the gym’s attention, get yourself a dog. David Stansberry

The rest is up to you

So, whats the consensus? Cats or dogs? Who knows if this argument will ever be settled, but at least now you have two accounts from a cat lover and a dog lover to help your decision along.

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