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To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter to request that I be immediately removed as a member of the Michigan Democratic Party. I have only been an official member since April of this year, but I have identified myself as a Democratic for the past 15 years, since I became old enough to vote. Every election I have voted for Democratic candidates and genuinely believed the DNC was the People’s Party. I no longer feel that way.

As recently as last year, I supported Hillary Clinton and viewed her as an honorable politician and a strong, intelligent, capable woman. I defended her when people spoke negatively about her role in Benghazi, and I was outraged that the GOP was trying to smear her for her involvement. I believed she could be a great president. However, I was never very interested in the minutia of politics and never took the time to research all of the issues that I claimed were important to me. I was a typical American voter, absorbing all of my information from main stream media and not questioning anything.

All of that changed when I first began listening to Bernie Sanders and his supporters. It was like I had been in the dark my whole life, unaware of how the world around me actually worked (or didn’t work). Suddenly there was light, and I could see for the first time how corrupt and broken our system of governance is in this country. We claim to be global leaders, examples to the rest of the world of democracy at its best. Yet our electoral process is a farce, a façade of fairness and efficiency hiding a rampant cesspool of voter suppression, media manipulation, political favoritism, and corporate meddling. There is nothing fair or efficient about it. It is appalling that we have allowed the process to become not so much an example of democracy as a cautionary tale of what can happen when greed, ambition and privilege are put ahead of the rights of the American people and best interests of this country.

I’ve been an active and passionate Bernie Sanders supporter for the past year, but as recently as March I was still open to the idea of voting for Hillary should she win the nomination. Despite all of her past scandals, her “mistakes”, her changing stances on important issues, and my own personal distrust of her, I still felt she would be a better choice for President than Donald Trump. But that changed for me when she came to Flint, Michigan before our primary and lied to the people of my state about Bernie’s vote against the auto bailout. Despite being called out on that blatant lie, her campaign continued to run radio ads maintaining that it was the truth. She lied about a period in Michigan history that forever changed our state. Many people lost their jobs when the auto industry started to collapse, including myself. Hillary came to our state and tried to blame it on Bernie. That was the moment when she officially lost my vote forever.

Since March Hillary has lost me over and over again. When she refused to release her Wall Street transcripts, when she took credit for bringing the Flint Water crisis to light but stopped mentioning it when she lost in Michigan, when she took credit for the $15 minimum wage increase in New York, when she used the Sandy Hook tragedy to smear Bernie as being soft on guns, when she continued to lie about her private email server, when she started promoting and selling her own “Woman Card”, when she looked the other way as voter fraud and suppression occurred all over the country. My list of reasons could go on forever. The bottom line is that I’m not alone. Hillary has lost the support of millions of Americans, votes she needs in order to beat Donald Trump in November. In our eyes, she is just as dangerous a candidate as he is. She is a weaker candidate against Trump, and without us she will lose. We have tried to warn you to no avail. Our votes are not for sale, she has not earned them, we do not owe them to her or anyone.

The DNC tried to use the passion and frustration of Bernie supporters as a weapon against Bernie in attempts to discredit him and blame him for Hillary’s failings as a candidate. The DNC has ignored our progressive movement and our candidate from the beginning, but now expects us all to fall in line. They have stood against us as we fought to be heard and acknowledged, but now they claim to be on our side. This movement is bigger than one man and one election. Bernie Sanders is just the spark that lit the fire. It will continue to grow and spread and it will eventually bring the change that this country needs to survive. We will keep it burning long past this election. We are awake and we will no longer settle.


Meredith B.


Editors note: This post was created by a member of the Men’s Trait online community. If you’d like to contribute something, please email us at [email protected].

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  • David Osorio

    good luck with Trump.

    • Emily Crisp Pittman

      You only have the DNC to blame and yourself if you’re supporting the weaker candidate.

      • David Osorio

        So the stronger candidate was unable to win the primary? Using outdated polls, still? I don’t get paid to try to talk sense to you delusional Bernouts. So whiny, by the way…

        • Human

          Keyword “whiny”! This is the talking point word of the week. If you call out voter fraud and suppression you are ‘whiny’. If you demand better from your government and an end to the corruption you are ‘whiny’. You will be seeing this word everywhere by the paid trolls and establishment abettors. I guess George Washington and all the Revolutionaries were just ‘whiny’ about paying taxes, and suffragettes were ‘whiny’ about not getting to vote, and black people ‘whiny’ about riding at the back of the bus and getting lynched.

          • DogeRangler

            It’s only whining because you claim that the general inadequacy of the Democratic party primaries is some sort of conspiracy to keep your guy out of office.

        • Jimmy N. Cricket

          These are not outdated, David, and they’re from Real Clear Politics, a slightly right-leaning group. They would not favor Bernie over HRC at all, but here’s this.

    • Jill Collett Buschlen

      That’s the best you’ve got? The lesser of two evils and the Trump bashing aren’t changing anyones mind. It’s a weak argument. The DNC should have listened and got behind the only candidate who can beat him. They didn’t and it’s on them when Trump becomes president.

      • David Osorio

        Best I’ve got? It’s not a debate. The reality is that Clinton is the nominee. However, you, on the other hand, feel that you know better than the millions of more people who voted for Hillary. It’s quite the elitist view, isn’t it? You blame delegates and super delegates, but those were the rules before Bernie announced his candidacy. Under any scenario, Hillary would have won the nomination. But your vote should count more, because you’ve read more online blogs. I’m guessing you are also against vaccines? You’re a stereotype. No better than the Trump hillbillies, you’re the White liberal older woman who thinks that she knows better than anyone else. Let me tell you why Bernie didn’t win– minorities didn’t vote for him. But your assessment is that your vote is worth more than that of millions of minorities? The reality is that Hillary is the nominee. If you don’t vote for her, that is your choice, but any other vote will help Trump. That’s the reality. So it’s not an argument, it’s a FACT. You act as if the Bernie movement, perpetuated by White millennials and older former hippies is representative of America, but in reality it us only representative of your Facebook friends. Why would Hillary have millions of more votes? Let me guess, it’s the media’s fault (Fox news propaganda 101)? It’s the DNC and their crooked rules (even though Bernie knew rules)? The Illuminati? Freemasons? You can allege whatever you’d like, but you’re just a sore loser.

        • craig klucas

          Troll. Are you still getting paid?

        • Jason King

          Do you enjoy “Correcting the Record?”

        • Kevin Cowan

          Your “logic” is fallacious and intellectually dishonest, at best.

          • David Osorio

            Oh so did Bernie get the nomination then? My bad…

          • rainfade

            Is it July 26 already? Calendar Math!!
            There is no nominee.
            Say hello to David Brock for us!

          • Tom Ritchford

            Nobody got the nomination yet. The convention isn’t for another month. There are still millions of votes to be counted in California. And it is certain to be a contested convention

            What is about democracy that Americans hate so very much that they are so, so quick to bypass the actual voting and just anoint someone?

          • DogeRangler

            Technically it’s not a contested convention. They will have one vote and then a nominee. Contested means they have to vote multiple times. Regardless, leaving the party because your candidate lost seems like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

          • Nunya

            Nah, to most it is wanting to vote for a person with integrity and principles; both of which she lacks.

          • Adam Ward

            You’re right. Technically speaking it’s not a contested convention. But… it WILL be an open convention. And is there really THAT much of a difference? Also, have we heard the mainstream media describe it as such even once? No, of course we haven’t. Because that’s the DNC “dirty word.” Open. It implies the disunity that the DNC is still trying to pretend doesn’t exist.

          • David Osorio

            Another white guy telling a Hispanic that he knows more? Typical of your ” revolution…” Your opinion doesn’t change the fact that Hillary is the nominee.

          • Jimmy N. Cricket

            No one can tell you’re hispanic from your photo, @David Osorio, which is neither here nor here. Don’t make something that’s not a race issue into a race issue, because all you’re doing is trivializing situations where people really are being racist.

            It’s your ethnicity/race, so do what you want (lest you call me racist), but just know you’re being counterproductive—and you’re going after other liberals. You know, the good guys…

        • Tom Ritchford

          Pretty amazing that you have not one positive thing to say about Hillary Clinton, just a bunch of hatred.

          You might be right that “not Donald Trump” is Hillary’s biggest selling point. But that’s a pretty pathetically low bar.

          • DogeRangler

            I would argue that most people who are dead set against Clinton will not hear positive arguments for her.

            She has done more for civil and women’s rights than the vast majority of people currently in the US Government, including Sanders, but Sanders supporters don’t want to hear that. I could tell you that she was one of the most lefty Senators around when she was in the Senate, but that doesn’t seem to appease anyone.

            Clinton is a pretty great woman and a great advocate for progressive values, she just has a few apparent glaring flaws that cancel that all out in most Sanders supporters’ minds. Libya and Iraq, despite having fairly overwhelming popular support and a decent amount of intelligence advocating for them, both ended terribly and apparently Sanders not voting for them == Clinton is the devil on foreign policy. Some paid speeches apparently cancel out all of her advocacy and work to reign in Wall Street too. I don’t know what could be said to the #BernieOrBust crowd that could actually convince them that she isn’t evil personified. Would a highly progressive VP pick help? I’m not even sure that would do it.

          • Nunya

            Civil rights? Please give examples. I can point to “bringing them to heel” is not fighting for civil rights. I’d also like to point out that the despicable jails-for-profit industry helps keep the poor and brown behind bars. Hillary takes money from those people, she doesn’t fight against them. Her husband, whom she brags about tirelessly, gutted the social programs which kept Americans from going hungry and kept them in their homes and helped the poorest of poor provide for their children.

            Women’s rights? How about her fight to keep the garment industry workers (mostly female) in Haiti at 37 CENTS AN HOUR instead of the68 cents an hour they wanted (might be off a few pennies on both). How about her accepting millions of dollars for her campaigns and her repugnant “Foundation” from countries like Saudi Arabia where women’s right are non-existent? How about her standing up for pro-choice? How about the $12 an hour joke that she tried to push off on everyone, except when $15 an hour was approved in NY she stood on the stage as if she helped make it happen? Did she stand up for the striking Verizon workers?

            None of HRC’s actions entitle her or your claim to be pro-civil right and pro-women’s movement. Her words may, but definitely not her actions.

            So please, share with me some examples of her outstanding contributions to the poor, needy and downtrodden in the country. Now look at all of the policies she pushed which helped her rich buddies get richer. Guess who comes out ahead??

        • Nunya

          She’s not the nominee. Delegates vote July 25th. And until then, she and the press and everyone else is just blowing smoke.

  • craig klucas

    I’m going to make the change from within the party and dump some of these people.

    • Jimmy N. Cricket

      Some of us have been doing that for decades, and we never seem to get anywhere. And today we begin to doubt Elizabeth Warren. People like us, trying to change it from the inside, will believe in Warren until the very end, but if she sells out we won’t exactly be surprised.

  • DogeRangler

    Leaving the party is the most childish response you could possibly have. Advocate and change the party from within, don’t just throw a tantrum like the rest of the #BernieOrBust crowd. Trump is threatening the basic human rights of millions of people, don’t let you problems with the Democrats push you into a selfish, self-righteous decision.

    • mb2783

      It’s not my party. We’re starting our own progressive party. DNC is a sinking ship.

      • DogeRangler

        Good luck with that. It takes decades to build up the kind of national presence the Democrats have, which is the reason most reasonable progressives end up voting for them, even if they dislike large chunks of the party.

        • mb2783

          Bernie has won nearly half of the Democrats that voted this year. Many of them are done with the DNC. Only 29% of Americans identify as Democrats. If you lose half your members, not sure you’d qualify as a major party anymore.

          • DogeRangler

            Yes, but he did it as part of the Democratic party, using their apparati and databases to help run his campaign. Had he run independent from the start, his exposure would’ve been miniscule, and he would have very likely never had any sort of revolution to command. I agree that the two party thing kind of sucks, but it is only because of the Democratic party that Sanders had any success at all.

    • FleeTheBubble

      Feel free to go play defense with your vote. Take your fear mongering somewhere else. Some people don’t prefer a banana republic.

      • DogeRangler

        Jesus, the hyperbole of that statement. We live in the system we live in and throwing your vote into the trash isn’t going to do much for you.

        • Jimmy N. Cricket

          Their vote, and they can do with it as they please.

    • Jimmy N. Cricket

      And being condescending is the most childish response to other adults. If they want to leave our party, that’s fine. They can see how it feels when their candidates lose. But, most likely, they’ll deal with the losing for a bit and then come back to us (done it once myself). If their principles are that important, if they really care about what they say they do, they’ll stick by those losing candidates because they’re honest and true people. Sometimes I wish I had done that, because I’m tired of hoping for a real liberal Democrat to step up. But I’ll stay, and others are free to come and go as they please.

      • DogeRangler

        If their principles are that important, they should back the person around who has the most chance of passing them, or at least something resembling them, into policy and law. If their principles are based solely in the idea of the candidate and not in the policy and ideas he puts forward, then I would argue they don’t deserve our respect.

    • Linda Doucett

      Trump would be cockblocked at every turn. Hillary fracking/war mongering and allegiance to the corporate elite threaten democracy. So no. Trump will pass but Bill Clinton will be in charge of the economy. Think on that.

      • DogeRangler

        You honestly believe that Trump in charge of the military, with the expanded powers that POTUS holds today, plus the power to veto, wouldn’t be worse than Clinton? Whatever you think of Clinton, you can think she ate her children and tortures babies, Trump would still be a far scarier choice.

    • Nunya

      The Democratic Party has historically been the “Party of the People” – which stood up for the average American and their family. Hillary and her neo-con cronies have proved beyond a doubt that is no longer the case. Democratic Party is now “What People? Republican LIght” and has been heading that way for years.

  • Adrian du Plessis

    In his speech last night in DC, Bernie Sanders stated “I’ll use my executive powers” to address inequities in immigration. He’s still planning to go all the way.

    There’s 2.5+ million votes in California that are still piled up and uncounted:

    “From the California Secretary of State, 2,586,331 ballots remain to be processed, consisting of 1,801,816 vote-by-mail ballots, 705,489 provisional ballots, and 79,026 “others,” which are described as ‘ballots that are damaged or ballots that could not be machine read and need to be remade, and ballots diverted by optical scanners for further review.’ Updates will be posted at

  • Adrian du Plessis

    Meet superdelegate Rajiv Fernando. Clinton corruption strikes again: “How Clinton Donor Got on Sensitive Intelligence Board” ABC News today:

    This is what Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren are endorsing.

  • OneAngryDemocrat

    Meredith you have eloquently expressed my sentiments. I left the Democratic Party after this primary season having been a loyal, vocal, and very involved Democrat for over close to 40 years. I think of all of the long discussions my now deceased Father and I would have about politics. I loved those talks. I think he would be very disappointed with the DNC and most especially with the way they have behaved this last year. And now it is time to move on and hopefully become part of the Green Party whose platform is truly more in line with my views anyway.


Getting Updated with WGN News




There are so many things that we are focused on every single day. There are moments when we do not have time anymore to focus on other things because we have to focus on ourselves and the tasks that we have to do. We only become updated with what is happening with the rest of the world through WGN News. Even if you are unable to watch television, you can check out their posts on social media sites or their website and you can already get the information that you need.

Whether you would like to learn more about sports, entertainment, or even about the weather, you will not be disappointed with what WGN News can provide. If you would check out their website, they even have a search bar wherein you can look for the different things that you have an interest in.

Why You Need to Watch The News

Always being updated with the current affairs can make a difference with your life. These are just some of the reasons why you should still make an effort to watch the news:

  1. When you keep track of everything that is happening around you, you learn that there are different things that you should focus on. You realize that there is always something good and bad in this world. This can make you a well-rounded individual.
  2. It will allow you to have topics that you can use to converse with other people. It can be hard when you are thinking about a topic that you can talk about with another person. Another person might also converse with you but you would end up not knowing what that person is talking about. It can kill the conversation right then and there.
  3. You will become more educated. No matter how beautiful a person is, it is how the person can hold intelligent conversations with other people that will make them someone that people would like to keep for good. A lot of people think that they can only become educated when they read newspapers and books but actually, you can learn more from the news.

It is more important for the people of the new generation to start watching the news seriously because this is one way by which they will learn how to cope with the recent changes that are happening in this world.

Taking A Break from the News

While watching WGN News can come with some benefits, it is important that you also take a break from it from time to time. You do not have to do it every day. You may take one day off from watching. It will make a lot of difference. These are some of the reasons why you need to take a break:

  1. You will start feeling better. You will feel sad or depressed when you are watching the news because it is rare that good news is shown to people. The news reported always has to be compelling so that people would watch. The drama may be good from time to time because it makes you feel human but there are also moments when you feel like everything that is happening is too much for you.
  2. If you do not do anything significant after watching the news, you may realize that you are not the person you thought you were. For example, you have seen a news report on eco-friendly tips that will allow you to move your items from your previous home to your new home. If you have been influenced by the news, you will take the tips to heart. If you just watched the news and did not absorb anything about what was said, that may say a lot about the type of person you are.
  3. There are instances when watching the news is hard because it involves various people talking about things that not really that important to you. There are some people who will try to create some conversations with you. Pay attention to the things that they say. Do they actually know what they are talking about?

Some people think that there are much better ways to be informed about the news. They will just read the newspaper so that they can filter the news that they like from those that is not. Some immerse themselves in the topics that they are interested in. If they know that they need to help the less fortunate, they do it. Watching WGN News can keep you informed but it is what you do with the information that counts.

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What Is The Meaning Of ‘Deadname’?




What is the meaning of ‘Deadname’? Have you ever come across the term and wondered about its meaning? Then read on because you will very shortly find out.

The English language is a fairly old language which has existed for a very long time. A Germanic language dating back well over a thousand years old, it happens to be rich in cultural heritage with a historical background that is just as wealthy. This has made the language a very interesting treasure-trove of linguistic wealth unlike any other language in history.

With the passage of time, the language has acquired an enormous collection of words in an effort to describe the world around us and everything in between. This evolution of the language has not stopped however. The language is essentially a living entity with regard to the way it behaves when one looks at the larger picture.

The language is constantly changing and evolving with every passing moment; with words being added and deleted along with changes in the grammatical patterns, language structure, and the actual speakers as well. It is therefore not surprising that one comes across new words very frequently even if they happen to be very well versed in the language.

You might have experienced this yourself at one point of time or another. There will have been those moments when you would have come across a word which you never knew existed even though you always had a feeling that you are very well versed with the language. One such new word which has made its way into the English language is ‘Deadname’.

A Growing Trend?

‘Deadname’ or ‘Dead Name’ is a term which is very common in the transgender community and has been in use for a while. It has however entered into use in mainstream society, acquiring new users to the term every now and then.

For those who are wondering about the meaning of the term, it is fairly easy and simple to understand. However, it will take some amount of understanding with regard to the trans-community or people who are transgender.

There are people who happen to be born with what is called ‘Gender Identity Disorder’, wherein they feel that they actually belong to the opposite sex but for which their biological identity or born gender doesn’t hold true. Some go for psychological therapy to take care of the situation. Others choose to undergo a process called ‘transitioning’ where they change their physical appearance to that of the opposite gender through the use of hormones, surgery, etc. For individuals who choose the latter, an important hurdle remains; which is the paperwork involved in changing one’s gender legally. Part of this process involve changing one’s legal name to something else. It is here that the term ‘deadname’ or ‘dead name’ comes into use.

The term ‘deadname’ or ‘dead name’ refers to the initial given name of someone who has changed their name. During the early part of the term’s usage, the word was used by people who had changed their gender identity for which they also had to complete the legal formality of changing their official name to that of the opposite gender. To the trans-community, it was just a way of saying that the person that they used to be earlier had ‘died’ and that they had started a new life altogether with a completely new biological form and identity.

For example, if a man were to change his name from Robert to Roberta, the name ‘Robert’ would have been her ‘deadname’.

Increasingly however, it has started to be used in mainstream society as well, particularly by people who have merely changed their name or altered it. In this case, the term ‘deadname’ merely refers to the earlier name which they were using before it was legally changed to something else. For example, if there was a person by the name of say, ‘Alice’ and she had it changed to ‘Fiora’, the name ‘Alice’ would be her ‘deadname’. In simple terms, the concept remains the same but the context has been altered and changed.

In all, the English language is very dynamic and interesting in its own way. This makes it a very dynamic and unique entity that is almost alive in its own amazing way like any other living organism.

So the next time you come across a word like ‘deadname’ or something similar, don’t be surprised about it. It is just the way that this fantastic language works. It is the way that this language has worked for a very long time and will very likely continue to do so well into the distant and near future.

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Life Mottos You Should Live By



life mottos

There are moments in your life when you would feel like you do not know what to do with your life anymore. You know that there are different things that you want to achieve but you do not know how to get those things. You can also expect that while you are trying your best to be good, there are some people who will try to put you down by demotivating you. It is up to you to choose the right life mottos so that you can prompt yourself to do more even if no one believes in you.

Motivation should always start from within and this will be complicated if you do not have any life mottos to live by.

Mottos About Life

These are some of the mottos that will help you remember that the only person who can control your life is you.

  1. “No one can change your life but you.”
  2. “Life can be affected not only by the situations that you encounter but also through your reactions to the situations that you are in.”
  3. “You should never settle for good. Settle for the very best because this is what you can do.”
  4. “Life will always surprise you and sometimes you are unprepared but the faster your reaction is, the better you would be able to recover.”
  5. “Allow your life to be filled with passion and action. This is always better than living a boring life with no direction.”
  6. “You can no longer change the past but you can always take control of the future.”
  7. “There is no chance of winning if you do not make an effort to begin your race.”
  8. “What you do will become apparent in the fruits that you will sow.”
  9. “Everything seems impossible unless you take the first step.”
  10. “Quitting is your greatest weakness. You will never achieve things in life if you are a quitter.”

Mottos About Setting Goals

Who says that life mottos have to be limited to the thing that you dream of doing? You can also get mottos that will motivate you to set some goals in life. The more goals you set, the better.

  1. “Setting goals do not have to be done in a fast manner. Even if you go slow, you can still reach it.”
  2. “If your determination to succeed is strong, then you can reach your goals even if you did not think it would be possible.”
  3. “What you plan to do will always make a difference not only with your life but with the life of other people.”
  4. “The quality of your goals should be the same quality of the items that you want to have.”
  5. “No matter what you reach, you should allow your feet to stay on the ground.”
  6. “Conquering your dreams is not possible without life goals.”
  7. “Not reaching the goals the first time should motivate you to try out for the second time. If you still fail, just try. The time will come when you have learned so much that the road to your goal will be paved for you.”
  8. “If you want to reach your goals, staying at home and doing nothing will not give you anything worthwhile.”
  9. “Accept the challenges that come with reaching your main goal, the feeling that you will get after will be truly fulfilling.”
  10. “You will only be defeated in reaching your main goal if you give up.”

Are you getting inspired by the quotes that are mentioned so far? There are still more that can be shared.

  1. “One of the many reasons why people cannot live their dreams is because they let their fears take over.”
    “You cannot change the direction of the wind but you can always change the life you are going to live.”
  2. “You will think more about the things that you did not do rather than the mistakes you have made.”
  3. “You do not only have to strive for success. You have to strive in order to become a good value to society, someone who can truly help.”
  4. “Your choices should not be dictated by the circumstances you are born in but the choices that you make.”

It is evident that there are different life mottos that are meant to motivate you. Why should you stop yourself from living the life that you have always wanted? It is always possible as long as you believe.

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