Scarface the dog bites d-bag owner for making him wear lame sweater

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Dog Meme


Dogs are funny when they do people things, like driving a car or pondering the deep existential questions.

But they are still animals. And like most animals, they don’t like being forced into clothes.

That’s why, in a move that all kids fantasize about trying during the holidays, a dog in Florida attacked his owner after she tried to dress him into an uncomfortable sweater.

The dog, ironically named “Scarface,” bit Brenda Guerrero, his owner on the arm as well as her husband and another man who thought the best way to intervene was by stabbing the dog in its neck. The three got away from the dog and called authorities who arrived and tried to tase him, but Scarface was apparently pretty hardcore since not even a stabbing, tasing, and shot from a beanbag gun was enough to subdue the inextinguishable rage that comes from being forced into an uncomfortable sweater.

The police finally took the dog down with a standard animal control pole. The people who were attacked got surgery and Scarface was taken by animal control and most likely put down, though the animal control people didn’t specify what exactly happened to him.

So remember guys, don’t push your style on your dogs. Let your dogs wear whatever they want.

Also this makes Brenda Guerrero the first D-Bag of the Week nominee of 2017

Last modified: January 3, 2017