D-BOL Side Effects

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Following in the dreams of bodybuilders and athletes, in order to get a stiff and muscular body, the market has introduced many supplements and anabolic steroids such as d-bol (Dianabol) which work to eventually increase muscle mass to a great extent and boost up the body’s metabolic rate. The result looks amazing, right? Getting a big athletic body in no time! However, d-bol side effects does happen with long-term misuse and improper dosage. We will look into this in detail.

There are two major methods of building a bulk of muscles and a perfect body that are mostly followed by bodybuilders and athletes at gyms and athletic societies. The competition is tough and time is short, so they follow these methods according to their time span:

1. Stick to a strict diet, and tough training.

2. Take supplements and steroids.

The first one is definitely hard to follow and requires a lot of time. But the latter one is a shortcut method of gaining muscularity. Most of the bodybuilders start taking these supplements at the very start of training, while others at the end. They do achieve their goals of defined muscles and a perfect shape and made a huge name in their respective professions.

Notwithstanding, they need to be really careful about d-bol side effects.  The way these steroids act can have a huge impact on the body; either healthy or unhealthy.

“Health is like MONEY, we never have a true idea of its value until we LOSE IT.” (Josh Billings)

How does D-Bols Work?

There are some healthy supplements too in the market that fulfill the requirement of vitamins and proteins in the body. While training, the body uses all of its energy components so these supplements give you an extra booster of energy. Similarly, d-bols help with the retention of nitrogen, the building block of proteins. In this way, they increase the muscle mass by not allowing the body to run short of essential minerals and vitamins.

Dianabol pills are one of the most potent anabolic steroids that boost muscle production and reduce fat production in the body. The significant results can be seen in weeks.

The active ingredient of this product, methandrostenolone, delivers the proper substance to the body that aids in gaining muscle mass and  strength. It does so by providing the body extra protein and converting it into muscles. And when used in conjunction with other supplements, it will give you killing results in only 12 weeks – not bad.

We have already discussed the benefits of dianabol and the way it acts on the body. But the thing here that is alarming are d-bol side effects.

Our body is a perfect example of balance. Whenever you try to give it an extra dosage of any drug, it definitely will disturb the normal balance. The same goes for taking d-bol pills. You can suffer very serious consequences which are as follows:

1) D-bol side effects on the Liver

The liver is a major regulatory organ that helps to retain metabolism of the body. The overuse of Dianabol requires a lot of work from the liver because this drug contain complex ingredients for the body to break down, thus can lead to liver damage or liver cancer.

2) D-bol side effects on the Heart

Dianabol pills are reported to increase the blood flow and heart rate which exerts extra pressure on the heart to pump blood. The extra drainage of blood can make the heart malfunction over time. This can lead to a heart attack if overdoses are taken in a day. The long-term use may end up increasing cholesterol levels, heart problems, and high blood pressure, etc.

3) Organ Dysfunction

There are some side effects that can directly cause organ dysfunction,  meaning that any body organs can fail to perform. It can cause gynecomastia (enlargement of man’s breast), acne, liver enlargement, hair loss, etc.

4) D-bol side effects on the Reproductive System

D-bol mimics the role of estrogen, which is an antagonist of testosterone. Its increased level in the body can cause muscle loss, fatigue, loss of libido, and prostate enlargement as well.

5) Aggression

Misuse of d-bol can lead to severe mood swings reflected more towards anger, rage, and anxiety. That’s the reason bodybuilders are seen more to be involved in fights. Though it provides extra energy to the body during  training and performance; you will face such mood swings outside the gym. This definitely do not have a healthy impact on you.

Moreover, it can also lead to lump formation and excess water retention. But again, do remember that these effects come up with excessive use or misuse of pills. Try to follow the prescription strictly as prescribed.

Last modified: August 2, 2017