Cool Stuff for Guys Who are Tech-Savvy

Are you going to shop for a guy who is obsessed with all of the technological gadgets that are available right now? You do not have to purchase the most expensive type available. You can simply take a look at cool stuff for guys who love everything high tech. It is not too surprising that the list of gadgets has increased steadily over the years.
There are a lot of affordable gadgets that will still impress the guy that you are going to give the gift to. They are normally unique and will be hard to find so make sure that you know where to shop for cool stuff for guys that can be enjoyed and appreciated.

  1. Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

Even though checking e-mails can be done through smartphones or tablets, the lack of  a  keyboard can still make sending lengthy e-mails a hard task to do. Any guy can have a choice to tap on the touchscreen keyboard or get this foldable keyboard. Most guys would pick the latter choice. This keyboard is compatible with different iOS, Android, and Windows gadgets. There are no wires involved too so this can be folded and brought everywhere.

  1. Quad Lock Bike Mount

This may be the perfect gift for the tech-savvy guy who is also into doing serious biking. This will allow the smartphone to be placed on the bike so that the guy can check out new routes that have never been explored before. Smartphones can also be downloaded with fitness tracking applications that can surely be used when the smartphone is mounted on the bike.

  1. Bluetooth Tracking Tag

This is one great item that can be given to the guy who forgets where he has placed the different items that he has. This comes in a wooden design which makes it very attractive. This can be attached to any item that may get lost all the time. Attach this to the remote control, your keys, or any other item that the person may normally look for.

  1. Amazon Echo Dot

This is the perfect gadget for people to have when they want to make their home smarter than usual. The Amazon Echo Dot can be connected to various gadgets around the house. Expect that this can also be used to play songs and to control your lights and your sprinklers. For those who normally find it hard to wake up in the morning, the Echo Dot can also be used as an alarm. This can do so many things.

  1. Misfit Ray

The price of this gadget may be a bit steeper than the others that are on this list but this is one gadget that can do a lot of things. It may look like a normal bracelet but it can do so much more than being eye candy. This can help any person track down his steps, the calories that he has burned and even the distance that he was able to do for a day. This comes with non-charging batteries but it can last for up to 6 months. Expect that this will be used even while swimming because the water does not disrupt its capabilities.

  1. Texting Glove

There is always that one person who cannot live a day without texting or sending a text reply through chat. This is ideal for the winter season when the hands should be protected from the cold. Texting can be harder because of the thick and wide mittens or gloves that people have to wear. These gloves have fingertips that will make sending messages easier to accomplish.

  1. Canon Selphy CP910 Photo Printer

The digital age has made it possible to take so many photos unlike before when photos should be limited because they are going to be placed through films. Since there are so many photos, it will be particularly hard if people does not have duplicate copies of the pictures available. This printer will print out pictures without borders in less than a minute. The pics does not smudge – so this will definitely be a nice printer to have.

  1. Satechi LightMate Emergency LED Flashlight

It might seem like a typical, normal flashlight, but it is actually a smart flashlight. It comes with a LED flashlight that is very practical and safe to use. It comes with different strobes too so you will not have any issues with choosing the right mode to use. This is waterproof so you can use this when you go cave exploring or even when you wade through the waters in the evening.

There are so many cool stuff for guys that will be appreciated by men who love gadgets. We forgot to mention that the good thing about the gadgets mentioned above is that they can be used by women too!

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Valerie Stitt