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In my world, what is good for my neighbour is good for me, and in the course of my day job my neighbours are vegetarian and vegan food bloggers, a group of people who have a passion for the earth and the food they get from it. It’s like a magical online community where people understand that their place on this planet is tied directly to what they eat. These are the type of people I like.

And it’s true; I love the work these people are doing. They care about animals and the earth as much as they care about themselves, and that’s pretty fucking rad. By many standards, they are competitors. They own and operate websites that compete openly with two of my company’s own. By free market rules, the last thing I should want to do is be generous and help them and instead focus on leveraging every advantage I have to take their market share, reducing their revenue until they can no longer operate. That’s just business.

But being the good community steward that my company is, we instead planned to carve out a budget to promote smaller bloggers through a free “Best of 2017” e-cookbook for vegetarian and vegan cooks, which my company would produce and market on their behalves, including international press releases and a strong social media blitz. All they would do is submit a recipe and a photo from their blog, and we’d handle the rest. We routinely produce free e-cookbooks for our own audience, so adding one more during the year would be easy. For us, this was a way of saying thank you for being a part of our community. We like giving away things.

Our goals for the “Best of 2017” had nothing to do with revenue or any other performance metrics. We just wanted to say thank you to the larger vegetarian and vegan community. There was just one hiccup I hadn’t foreseen.

Luckily, we have an amazingly patient and understanding managing contributor at work, and she was kind enough to explain to me why going to bloggers with that proposal would be a huge, monumental mistake sure to backfire.

“But,” I argued, “they would get high-quality backlinks from high-authority domains.” “What if we give them rights to use the ebook to promote newsletter signups on their sites?” I wanted to push. “This could really help their domain authority,” I stressed. “We won’t make money doing this,” I pleaded, desperately trying to justify why these bloggers should trust me.

“What am I missing?” I exhaustedly and defeatedly asked.

According to our managing contributor, the thing I was missing is that I had never been shit on by a big media company before.

The American media landscape is rubbish—if I’m being generous. Online, in the digital media world, it is getting scary. If you’re unfamiliar with how the internet works, you basically have millions of websites all fighting for the same limited number of clicks every day. Clicks mean page views. Page views mean ad revenue. More page views mean better ad revenue per page view. So, the bigger a website is, the more money it makes off of you. Not exactly a good environment for smaller independent websites.

Which gets back to that desperate drive to get clicks, and for this you have a few different avenues, most notably social media and internet search engines. There are of course other ways to source traffic for one’s website, but bloggers and smaller sites are often limited to social media and Google.

By having so few options to drive traffic to their websites, bloggers get trapped. Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter have all changed their algorithms making it a pay-for-play scenario, wherein the algorithms these social media platforms use are designed to depress reach by publishers unless they can afford to market their content to their own fans. Essentially, Facebook won’t show your content to many of your fans unless one of two things happens. One, the post needs to be insanely popular, with nearly every person who sees it engaging (Like, Comment, Share, click, etc.) with the content, or, two, someone is paying Facebook to reach their existing fans and others. This summary of the situation is a gross oversimplification, but it could also be called succinct. If you want proof of this, check out Facebook’s revenue over the past few years, and you’ll see the fruits of their labour.

These changes have been taking place slowly, but over the last year, they’ve fully taken effect. This reality puts more pressure on bloggers to get traffic through search engines, namely Google. The art of getting search traffic is called search engine optimisation, or SEO. You can read about SEO from MOZ, but the gist of it is that there is no gist. It’s complicated. For bloggers to stand a chance in an SEO war with larger media companies, they are pressured to give major media companies free content for a lowly link back to the bloggers’ websites.

Does that link provide much traffic? No. Does it achieve much in the way of boosting a site’s domain authority, which allegedly helps overall SEO performance? We can not be certain, but probably not. The piece of content a blogger gives to the larger media company has far more monetary value than any link back. Without handing over their intellectual property, the blogger doesn’t get a high-quality link back from a high domain authority website, which one needs to improve his/her domain authority to compete for Google clicks against larger media companies.

And, to add insult to injury, one’s SEO authority is also dependent on one’s social media performance, which has been depressed unless one can afford to pay; primarily, only large websites do.

To summarise: Bloggers either need to act as indentured servants or have cash or both. Further compounding matters, quality online ad networks have begun cutting off publishers who can’t meet very high thresholds for minimum page views each month, reducing the revenue streams for emerging and smaller privately-owned websites. Of course, it is far more complicated than that, but people only have so much attention span, so let’s keep going.

“What am I missing?” I now ask myself rhetorically, laughing, sighing, wincing. I was so tone deaf.

You see, I’m not a Stalinist communist. I’m a real communist in the sense that I want to see communities of people working for the betterment of all within the community, not just themselves. Bloggers have these communities already. They have them on Facebook, Reddit, Google+, and various forums. They support each other, share thoughts and ideas, concerns, advice, and information. That’s how our managing contributor could recognise a bad idea when it was presented to her.

In context, the confusion evaporates as to why bloggers wouldn’t see my company’s benevolence as benevolent. It would be a, “give me something free and you can have a link back,” with the key difference being that we weren’t going to make a penny off their work—just like them. Replace “link” with “thousands of links”, and at the end of the day, we are just promising, literally, more of the same.

I’m proud that my company thought it was a good idea to spend money promoting other people and their work. These bloggers are visitors of our websites. They subscribe to our newsletters, read our recipes, scold us when we include honey in a vegan recipe, and support our community by spending their time working on their websites. We are legitimately thankful for them, in all facets. And we did just want to give them a leg up because the landscape isn’t kind to them. We would have provided tremendous value compared to our competitors if bloggers shared their recipes with us, but we were missing the point.

Up until I sat down to write this piece, I kept asking, “What am I missing?” I had been missing that these people are at a disadvantage, bullied by larger media companies to work for free so that they can get a few crumbs. They have to work twice as hard and often for a lot less money than the guy who emails them asking for free shit and offering a single measly link in return.

Tomorrow, a vegan food blogger is going to get a canned email sent by some intern at one of the large media companies in New York asking to use her recipe in a roundup about vegan barbecues this summer. “We just LOVE your blog!! Especially, this recipe that’s conveniently on your homepage. And good news, your blog can be prominently featured in our vegan BBQ roundup about three-quarters of the way through the article if we can just use the work you’ve already done. Don’t worry; we’ll give you a link! Now, of course, people won’t actually follow the link, but you do get a .001% bump in Google’s search algorithms. We’re even going to—surprise—post it to our super big social media audience, some of whom we’re literally paying to reach instead of paying you. All I need is your permission to take your hard work and copy it. Do we have a deal?”

When people think of the “media,” they imagine CNN, Fox News, The Young Turks, etc. Also, primetime programming, movies, other television shows, and books will come to mind for some. After reading this, I hope you’ll also think of small bloggers and independent digital media companies for whom resources are scarce and the competition fierce.

Media consolidation is a very real threat. The fewer companies that own more outlets, the worse off the public is going to be. What was I missing? I was missing that these bloggers are at war with bigger, badder companies with more resources, hell bent on taking what limited market share the bloggers have. They’re in the same fight the mum and pop grocery store has been losing for decades. They’re feeling the same pinch that has put independent pharmacies out of business, as well as small home builders, and thousands of other types of privately owned businesses. In so many of these cases, where big media empires are given an advantage and use it to its fullest potential, the very victims of this bullying are forced to hand over what limited resources they have to the bullies in the hopes that they can somehow turn it into profit down the line. We see this when the small bookseller goes to Amazon to look for a hard-to-find book for a loyal customer, literally paying the enemy to keep a patron happy. We also find it when a food blogger gives permission to a media giant to use her recipe in the hopes that a single link can somehow turn into one thousand page views so she can make $4.00.

The same wealth consolidation that has hit society as a whole is being felt online too. That’s what I was missing; these people have been victims of an economy that does little to help the little guy.

Do me a favour, unfollow Delish, and Tasty, and Tastemade on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Then find twenty small food bloggers and follow them instead. If I truly intend to help these people, I’ll start by bringing their struggles to light, and you can assist me with that.

If you stand up for the little guy, share this piece to social media. Help them out. And do so so we don’t have to pay Mark Zuckerberg.

Almost Like History

Pamela Anderson Nude and Some Hot Facts to Know



Pamela Anderson nude

If you grew up looking at Pamela Anderson nude then you are not the only one. Even if there are a lot of hot and sexy ladies who have also stripped in front of the cameras, the nude pics of Pamela Anderson are still very hot. Looking at her pictures back in the 80s and 90s will just make you reminisce about those times. You will realize that life isn’t as complicated as it is now. People lived with a carefree abandon. The rules are not yet that imposed. It was a great time for a lot of people’s lives.

A lot of men know that Pamela Anderson is not completely a natural. She has had a boob job but nevertheless, she is still one of the hottest women in her prime. Even if she is already 50 years old now, she is still someone that you would like to be with, even for a short while.

One good thing about the internet now is it makes it possible for various Pamela Anderson nude pics to be easy to search. There is no need to check out different ones and to find the pictures that you want to save. They can all be on one website and you will not be disappointed. She has a lot of nude pictures back when she was still doing nude photo shoots for various magazines. Some are saying that she could have been a porn actress but she did not push through with that route. In a way, this can be a good thing because at least, her nude pictures are more cherished.

Facts to Know About Pamela Anderson

Just how much do you know about Pamela Anderson? You may see her more now because of her obvious distress about the death of Hugh Hefner whom everyone knows is the founder of Playboy. Aside from that, there are still some facts that you should know about the hot actress:

  1. She was sexually abused as a child. She has gone through molestation from her babysitter. She was also raped by about 8 men before she reached the tender age of 15. She has gone through a lot of things but she proved that she was resilient and she pushed through with it.
  2. She has first increased her breast size to 34D but probably because she wanted to improve her figure further, she decides to get a 34DD. Even if men knew that her breasts were fake, they still like her a lot.
  3. She has appeared in Playboy more than any other model. Pamela has revealed that Hugh Hefner has told her that she is that one person who embodies Playboy. She was told by Hugh that she is his favorite and this is something that she will always hold close to her heart.
  4. She became well known internationally because of her role as C.J. Parker in Baywatch. She has appeared in 5 seasons of the show and this is still considered to be her best role so far.
  5. It seems that in the year 1999, she grew tired of her breast implants and she had them surgically removed again. Men are not complaining about it though because her natural breast size fits her current body.
  6. There are a lot of people who may think that all she does is look sexy but during her spare time, she is active in campaigning for animal rights. She has been active in stopping people from doing seal hunting and so much more. She also feels strongly about using animal fur. She will never wear a fur coat and she is campaigning for people from wearing fur as well.
  7. She and Tommy Lee experienced love at first sight when they first saw each other back in 1995. They got married a few days later and the first marriage lasted for 3 years. They still reunited with each other through the years.
  8. She has a famous sex video with Tommy Lee and she has always said that this is not something that she regrets doing because at that time, they were truly in love with each other and they wanted to document their love. This may be one of the videos wherein you can see Pamela Anderson nude.

Are you surprised with some of the facts that you have learned? If in case you have not seen some of the Pamela Anderson nude pics yet, you are missing out. They are plenty enough pics to turn you on.

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Norman Reedus Tattoos and Other Facts



Norman Reedus tattoos

Daryl Dixon who Norman Reedus plays in The Walking Dead was never a part of the series but surprisingly, he has become one of the lead stars of the show. There are a lot of fans who even consider him as their favorite character because of his various abilities. There are a lot of fans who have threatened that they will no longer watch the show if his character is killed off. Fans notice everything so they analyze all things including Norman Reedus tattoos.

If you would like to know more about Norman Reedus but you do not know where to start, you are in luck. You can get to know various details about him right now.

  1. He was discovered at the most unlikely time.

You have already heard of how celebrities were approached in malls, parties, and events and they were told that they can become actors and actresses on television. This is considered normal but for Norman Reedus, he was discovered when he probably did not think he would be discovered. He was drunk and was shouting while at a party. He was approached afterwards and was asked if he wanted to take part in a play. It was an unlikely situation but it did work out for Norman.

  1. He has very personal tattoos.

Unlike other people who would get tattoos just for fun, Norman Reedus tattoos are very personal. He makes sure that each one has an important meaning. He has a lot of tattoos but the one that people may know about is the name Mingus placed on his right forearm. This is the name of his son.

  1. He has collected a lot of fans that are a bit unconventional.

Fans can make a person’s career but there are times when they can be a bit too much. Norman has mentioned that he has received a breast implant from a fan and because he is also unconventional, he has decided that he would like to collect them. Fans of Norman Reedus, you should all send your breast implants now! He was also bitten by a Walker Stalker before. He did not say anything at the event but of course, he does not want to be bitten, not on the show and not in real life.

  1. He auditioned for the role of Merle.

He first auditioned for the role of Merle Dixon but perhaps the producers felt that he was not right for the role. His audition was good though so they created a character that is not part of the series that only he can play. This is definitely interesting aside from the Norman Reedus tattoos and the fact that he was bitten by a fan. There are no videos that have come out that will show how he auditioned for the role but knowing how he was discovered, he may have done something similar to that effect. It would have been cool to see especially if Norman Reedus tattoos were prominent.

  1. His eye socket is titanium.

It is not evident that he has a titanium eye socket but he has received this when he had an accident that made him crash through the windshield. The left side of his face had to be repaired and the titanium eye socket is one of the things that were placed there. This is truly unique because where else can you find an actor with the same feature?

  1. He has already appeared in various music videos.

When you first saw him on The Walking Dead, did you wonder why he looked so familiar? This is because he has appeared in different music videos prior to getting the role. The most recent music video he has been on is Judas by Lady Gaga so if you have not seen that music video yet, you should take a look at it. If you are a fan, it may be one of those videos that you will watch again and again.

  1. He lives in the woods while filming.

He knows that he would like to put his heart and soul into the role that he plays and this explains why he has lived in the woods while filming the show. Prior to having the role in The Walking Dead, he did not know how to handle a crossbow and he also did not know how to ride a horse. The fact that he was able to do those things effortlessly makes him a great addition to the show.

There are so many things that are interesting about Norman aside from the Norman Reedus tattoos. Do you think you will still watch the show if his character is written off?

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Almost Like History

Lost Weekend – Is It Worth Watching?



lost weekend

A lot of people who were only born a couple of decades ago will not be too familiar with The Lost Weekend. Those who have watched it have different things to say about it and if you think that old films should not be watched then you will surely find some that will make you change your mind. You may never know, this may be the movie that you are searching for.

The Lost Weekend Started Out as a Novel

A lot of people are not aware that this was a novel that was published during the World War. There was a publishing company who rejected it saying that no one would care about the woes of the individual because of what was happening back then; but they were wrong. When the book was published, people were hooked. It sold more than 500, 000 copies and it was translated into more than 10 languages. The Lost Weekend was a big success, especially during that time.

It was a bit of a surprise for the author of the book who did not gain recognition for his previous works. Soon after his book became a bestseller, people wanted to know more about him. He was invited by Hollywood weeks later and his life and the life of his family were never the same again. By the time that he transferred to a new home, people knew about him. They all wanted to get a glimpse of the man who created the book that just made them read madly. A lot of people were shocked that he was quite mild-mannered. This surely added to his appeal as an author.

The Lost Weekend as a Film

There were some speculations that the movie will not push through because people may not be too interested in it even if they have read the book. Some people can just appreciate stories better if they read it rather than when they watch it. Yet, people were determined to produce it and release it and after some time, they were able to choose the lead for the movie. It was offered to a lot of actors who turned it down because they felt that they were going to jeopardize their career because of the role. Eventually, Ray Milland took the role and it was the best decision he has ever made.

There were some minor changes to the script here and there but there were some problems with the ending. The first ending of the movie is that the lead character will not be able to recover from being an alcoholic. Instead, he will allow his girlfriend to do his work for him while he slurred his words. The author became mad about it because he felt that it was too close to his personal life. After a few months, the ending was changed a bit. It still was not as sappy as people would have hoped but it would show that the lead character is on his way to recovery.

With all of the changes that have been done, the author has said that he is extremely grateful that the novel, The Lost Weekend was handled with care. Unlike other novels that were butchered by producers in order to look great in movies, the novel was just shown as it is and people have liked it tremendously.

While this may seem to be the case, in the beginning, the movie has become a classic that people have already forgotten that it is based on a best-selling novel. People have forgotten about the author and he just felt a little bit slighted by it especially when he was not thanked for the awards that the movie has received. People also have short memories and they have also forgotten that this used to be a novel turned into a movie.

The Author on His Masterpiece

Jackson has always stated that his masterpiece will never be forgotten. He was able to create and publish 5 more books after but it was not as acclaimed as The Lost Weekend. Since he also struggled with his dependence on alcohol, he found it hard to write without it. His happiness was just to see the movie from time to time from his room. It is when he watched the movie that he remembers the type of treatment he used to have in Hollywood when his book was the best thing. If you have not seen the movie or you have not read the book, perhaps you should look for them. You may like it as much as other people do.

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