How Can You Get The Best Results By Combining Both Bro Science And Exercise Science?

If you follow a very strict workout routine that you have designed for yourself and are confident that, based on science, this routine will certainly help you get the kind of results you desire on your body, your exercise science is pretty much on point. There is however, always an element of see and believe in every gym because of this one massive bulky guy who is working out and is actually not half bad to talk to. If you decide to converse with him and he gives you advice regarding how to pursue your workout plan or how to enhance it, his advice falls under the magnificent category of ‘Bro Science’.

Why Bro Science?

The name bro science came about by the motto ‘bros watch out for each other’. The same holds true for a gym because two people with hearts not as hard as the body they want to build can help each other in case one is more experienced than the other.

The main problem that revolves around considering bro science as a legitimate way to utilize your time is its credibility: what if it does not work? This list will help you identify how you can combine your exercise routine with any good advice you may get.

  1. Be Practical

If a buff guy comes up to you while you are lifting weights and gives you an excellent tip to make your back slimmer and to gain more body control, it is just your lucky day because whatever he said has surely worked out for him. However, when you start exercising the way he tells you to, you realize that the exercise involves no part of your back and it seems quite childish. This is when bro science is not your bro!

In the gym there is no decorum that has to be maintained as such and people will sometimes want to joke around for laughing fits, and it only hurts when you are the victim of the joke. You need to have basic knowledge about your body and understand that there is no compromise on the effort you have to put in, so anything that feels too light or easy for you is probably not going to work out, so be smart enough to recognize who is favoring you and who is simply messing around.

  1. Do Not Replace

If you have a schedule that you have designed based on caloric calculators and professional advice, do not replace that routine with something a fellow gym mate just told you. As effective as it may be, a well-organized routine gets disrupted and your body starts responding slowly to what you have been doing for the past couple of weeks.

To avail bro science to its fullest, add on the new tip to the start or the center of your workout, depending on how severe and stressful the training tip is. In addition, you should go back to your bro and ask him if you can make some alterations to what he told you based on what your routine is, so that this new bit can smoothly slide into your daily workout program, minimizing any drawbacks involved.

  1. Learn to Say No

It can be tempting for new regular gym goers to see these impressive bodies working out all around them, because it induces a sense of deprivation in them. With that being said, you must have faith in your own skills of dealing with the gym, and regardless of how incredible something sounds, you do reserve the right to not give in to temptation, and say no to yourself.

More often than not it is hard to inculcate bro science in your workout because it can be tiring, frustrating, and really difficult first time around, so you either decide to go about it gradually or decide not to pursue it at all. Bro science, however, is not definite; it is a spontaneous science and anybody can be a good teacher any day; which is why you can feel free to ask the approachable members of your gym for any tips and tricks to get you through.


Watching out for each other is indeed a great deed and anyone who drops some advice can by no means determine how incredibly it can change another person’s life. So if you want to pump up your performance, reach out to your bro and amplify your routine for the perfect workout daily!

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Valerie Stitt