Big Lenny And His Battle With Palumboism

Big Lenny is actually one of the most famous bodybuilders in the world right now. However, he is not exactly famous for having the best physique: but he is, in fact, infamous for having an abnormally big abdomen (or core, if you will). Also, he is considered as one of the tallest and strongest bodybuilders, weighing at around 300 pounds.

Big Lenny’s huge abdominal area has remained the topic of many discussions and that is one of the major factors he is known for today. But here’s a catch. Many people and experts believe that he suffering from a condition called ‘palumboism’.

What is Palumboism?

Palumboism is actually a physical abnormality in which the mid-section of the body starts to expand at a rapid and abnormal pace. There are many symptoms and resulting conditions that are also associated with this problem. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Expansion of Mid-Section

The first visible outcome of this condition is the expansion of the mid-section of the person suffering from this. This is the first and most obvious result of this. The human body is made to be in certain uniformity and proportion and this non-symmetrical does make the victim look a bit abnormal.

  • Pelvic Bone Expansion

In addition to the mid-section or trunk, another thing that enlarges is the pelvic bone. It expands and becomes at least three times its original size. And yeah, such an abnormal body proportion is definitely not hard to spot.

  • Rib-Cage Enlargement

If you thought that the expansion of the pelvic bone is alright, there is also something more life-threatening that happens in this condition. The rib cage of the person with palumboism enlarges in size and becomes at least double in bone length and density that can lead to many serious health conditions.

  • Muscle Thickness

Another internal effect of this health condition is on the muscles. As a result of palumboism, the muscles become very thick and rigid. This is not how normal muscles appear to be and this is why it is instantly noticeable as well.

Is This Condition Common for Bodybuilders?

This disease is not seen in normal people. The only few cases there are of palumboism are all in bodybuilders. So, this is a bodybuilders’ disease, though not very common. Even its name is derived from a famous bodybuilder, Dave Palumbo, who first got this disease.

So, What about Big Lenny? Does He Have Palumboism?

Big Lenny weighs at around 300 pounds so he should be seen as a bulky bodybuilder. But still, his abdomen is too large even for his physique. His stomach is inflated just like a pregnant woman. And that is why many people believe that he does have palumboism. And for some, he has the worst case of palumboism out of all the cases in the whole world (Phew!)

As unfortunate as it might be, the battle of Big Lenny with palumboism is a constant uphill battle that is actually very evident. Ever since he came into the limelight, he has been more in the news for this condition rather than his exceptional body muscles. This has been a big challenge that he had to face ever since the beginning.

Lenny’s Denial

In many of his interviews when asked about his condition, Lenny has completely denied all claims that he is suffering from any such condition. Of course, medical experts have refuted all his statements and have termed him of being in denial of his condition. Other critics have also reported that he might be fully aware of his health problem, but might be denying it deliberately to shift attention of people from his condition to his muscles.

What Is He Doing Now?

Big Lenny is an active bodybuilder and also regularly appears on the YouTube channel, ‘The Delray Misfits’. He is also known for the open $1000 challenge he gives to anybody to fight him, and if he loses, he will be glad to give one thousand dollars to him.


Big Lenny and palumboism are like two intersecting lines. You can’t mention one without the other. However, there is one thing for sure: Big Lenny has made a unique name for himself. For some, he is a troubled person, but some others would think of him as an incredible bodybuilder. We would end the discussion with the quote of a Big Lenny’s fan: “Perhaps Lenny’s biggest organ isn’t his gut, but his heart.”

Last modified: August 9, 2017