Best Budget Whiskeys

whiskey on the rocks
By: Dominick

You are very lucky today, as whiskey drinker. You can find many good whiskey brands on a budget and still enjoy the great taste. However, this doesn’t mean that all cheap whiskeys are good, no. What it means is that there are some brands out there that have proven themselves among whiskey lovers, yet they can be found for a couple of dollars. 

Here are best budget whiskeys that will save on your hard earned dollar and give you some really good time.

Fighting Cock

Everyone loves this bourbon. It’s a six-year-old, high-rye whiskey, which offers great value for money. Just because it is sold for only 18 dollars it doesn’t mean that it tastes awful. In fact, it is one of fine-tasting brands in the market today. It compares to Wild Turkey 101, with the similarities being notably in the constituents and overall taste. The whiskey is one of the most versatile brands, especially when it comes to mixing and sipping.

Knob Creek Rye

Ask any mixologist and bartender which is their favorite budget whiskey and they will tell you Knob creek rye. Going for only 30 dollars, depending on the store you buy it from, this whiskey is definitely worth your money. It contains the right amount of smoothness, hint of floral, and spice. Whether you want to mix it in a cocktail or just take it dry, you will surely enjoy this bourbon. 

Old Fitzgerald Prime

Imagine buying a good whiskey for only 14 dollars. Wouldn’t that be nice? Well, this whiskey is very cheap but offers the same great tastes as other big brands out there in the market. It comes with a soft, mildly sweet flavor. It can be compared to the famous W.L or Maker’s when it comes to taste and flavor. It is mellow, with some hints of tree fruit and citrus. It mixes very well, and can beat other more expensive brands if it were a competition.

Evan Williams Black Label

Aged from 5-7 years, this whiskey is considered as solid bourbon. It appears rightfully on most countdowns on best budget whiskeys, as it only goes for 14 dollars. You can get 1.75L handle for only 25 dollars, and it will last you for days enjoying the great, smooth taste. Many people prefer this brand more for sipping rather than mixing, because of its great taste and flavor. It is a brand that every whiskey lover should be looking for, especially if they are financially constrained.

Jim Beam Black Label 

This is the perfect expression of 8-year old bourbon. Those who are not a fan of the white label brother can get this brand at only 20 dollars. It is smooth and contains the exact amount of caramel, vanilla, and woodiness. It contains the perfect balance you would wish to have in a good whiskey. It does what a good bourbon should, and delivers to its word. Try it and you will give up the more expensive options.

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