Reasons to Watch Avatar – The Last Airbender Full Episodes

There are a lot of people who still feel nostalgic every time they watch Nickelodeon. They cannot help but remember the time when they were still younger. People grew up watching Nickelodeon shows and of course, people have their favorites. Probably one of the preferred cartoons was Avatar – The Last Airbender. If you have missed the last episodes, you should not worry. You can watch Avatar – The Last Airbender full episodes online.

Whether you are a 90s kid who grew up watching a lot of shows in the early 2000, then you tried your best not to miss Avatar – The Last Airbender full episodes. A lot of times, you absolutely had no control of the things you can and cannot watch in which you may have missed it.

What if You Never Tried Watching It?

If you are one of the few people who never tried watching this show, then you certainly have missed out. A lot of people consider Airbender as one of the best cartoons that they have ever seen. There are even some who love it so much that when the series ended, they cried. Some people tried hard not to cry but still shed a tear, or two….

If you have not tried watching it yet, here are some of the reasons why you should:

  1. This is a cartoon that shows that being creative is cool.

There are a lot of cartoon themes that seem to be recurring. A lot of the popular cartoons now talk about family and their dysfunctional relationships with each other. Avatar – The Last Airbender shows that people who know martial arts can become so in touch with their spiritual side that they can start manipulating the 4 elements that are rampant on earth. Take note that not all people who are familiar with martial arts can do this. It is only the Avatar who can properly do the technique called “bending.” If in case you are not familiar with the storyline, the setting started out one hundred years since the Avatar has walked the earth and there is a need for the Avatar to be reincarnated. Have you become interested based on the storyline?

  1. It will be hard to find problems with the show.

There are a lot of cartoons that you may stop watching because you know that it is not probable even if the theme is fantasy. You become bored and that is it. With Avatar – The Last Airbender full episodes, you will find it hard to become bored. The things that they state seem plausible in another lifetime. You know that you are watching something fictional but you cannot help but wonder, what if, in an alternate universe, it can occur? The fact that you can think this way while watching a cartoon is quite a big thing.

  1. You can tell that a lot of respect was given to the culture where the story was adapted.

A lot of people become surprised to know that the makers of the show are not Asian. The way that the story was created made a lot of effort into honoring the Asian culture and their beliefs. You can tell that they made a lot of effort into it because there are consultants that can give their knowledge about what is considered proper and factual in the real world. Watching the show can help you become immersed in a different culture and appreciate it at the same time.

  1. You will begin to feel an affiliation to the cast.

Like in all of the cartoons that you love, you will begin to know all of the characters involved. Even though the episodes are only 20 minutes each, you will begin to feel like they are a part of your world even for just a short period of time. They may have some dilemmas that you cannot help but relate to. There may also be times when you want to give them advice but you know that you cannot because they are fictional characters after all.

If you have not tried watching Avatar – the Last Airbender full episodes yet, you do not have to worry anymore because there are a lot of websites and online streaming sites that will allow you to watch the show. It will be the best hours of your life and you will probably find a hard time accepting that the episodes have ended – but it was good while it lasted.

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Valerie Stitt