Affordable European Travel Destinations

You may assume that Europe is a playground for the rich and famous, yet you can also visit some parts of this continent even when you are not planning to spend so much on your trip. In fact, there are affordable European travel destinations that you may include in your bucket list such as the ones enumerated below. These are noted for their fantastic attractions and interesting culture that are worth exploring.

Krakow, Poland

Kraków poland
By: sixtwelve

Poland may be famous for its freezing cold weather, yet there is more to this country that its subzero temperature. For budget-conscious travelers, a visit to Krakow can be an interesting one since getting around and discovering fine attractions doesn’t cost much. This city is famous for its town squares, palaces and castles that seem to bring you centuries back in time because of their rich and long histories. There are also cheap hostels where you can stay for days and not spend a fortune. Affordable eateries, bars and cafes are also found all throughout the city for your convenience.

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov czech republic
Image: Czech Tourism

This is a small town that you may want to visit if you are on a tight budget. Cesky Krumlov is an example of this cheap town where there are roughly 14,000 people living in this part of the country. Great places to visit include the 13th century castle and the lovely river that is simply a sight to behold. As for food, you can buy a meal for at least $4, while a beer should cost you only about $1.50 for a half-liter bottle. Hotel rooms are also very cheap, which normally cost about $50 for an overnight stay.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague in fall
Image: NG Student Expeditions

While some people may not consider Prague as a cheap destination, particularly after considering how much it used to cost travelers to visit this place, you will be glad to know that you can book hotels and dine at restaurants for less. You will find a number of hostels where you can book a room at very reasonable prices. Beer is also cheap, and you only need to spend as little as $2 for each pint of beer. Just be sure to go for local restaurants that serve traditional meals to pay less for your food.

Berlin, Germany

Brandenburg Gate by Night
By: Stacey MacNaught

Several years after Germany was reunified, Berlin was noted to be one of the cheapest places in the country to travel – even cheaper than Hamburg and Munich. In particular, communist-era establishments offer cheap rents, and these are situated in East Berlin. You can also find numerous expats settling in Berlin, mainly because of the fact that the cost of living here is rather low. As far as quality is concerned, it still remains within European standards, so you can expect a good value for your money. You can easily book a room on the cheap and dine at a budget-friendly restaurants.

You’ll be able to enjoy your vacation in Europe without spending a lot of money by exploring these great cities that are worth every dollar you spend!

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