A painless way to train your dog

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If you’ve read any of my prior work on this site, you would know that in recent months I adopted a dog named Raj from the Heaven Can Wait Dog Rescue shelter in Russellville, Kentucky. Due to feeling extremely down during the time I was living in the American South. I decided to adopt this little fellow to brighten up my daily life. So far, he’s been really good. But there have been more than a few bad moments he’s caused that have made me want to smack him hard.

First, there was the time he pooped all over my bed when I was in the other room and then proceeded to ROLL AROUND IN IT! And this was after months of no accidents in the house and awe inspiring adaptability to the potty training that he was going through with me. Seriously, within maybe a day or two he realized that he had to go outside and poop and pee on the grass. In retrospect, maybe that was just him screwing around with me in order to get my guard to lower. After I dressed him down for this incident, he tried to hide from me under my old blankets.


Later on, after getting immensely tired of him kicking me in places that a man should never be kicked when we were trying to sleep through the night; I decided to get him a dog bed. Clearly, he must have resented being banished from the larger piece of furniture. As what you see below was accomplished in the span of 1 minute. For a small dog, Raj sure can chew quite intensely.

A few months later, things were back to pattern. He was behaving good, had stopped kicking me in my sleep and had finally mastered not pooping on any of the furniture. But, as always, what is going up must come down. Just this month, I woke up to a strange sight. Raj was awake before I was and seemed to enjoy chewing something on the ground. Not knowing what it was, I quickly grabbed my glasses and discovered to my horror that the little Devil had been eating the charger for my laptop computer. Needless to say I was furious. So angry in fact that I grabbed a nearby spray bottle and gave him a quick blast on the butt. He ran and spent the rest of the day with his tail between his legs. To my surprise, this simple method of discipline works extremely well.

Need him to be quiet and not beg at dinner? All I need is the spray bottle.

Flustered with his reluctance to come to me when I call him? A quick blast on the back fixes it.

When he’s barking in his crate, I just need to set the bottle in front of the door. And as you can see, he immediately calms down and fixates on it with a curious and slightly scared gaze.

Now I know this may seem cruel or uncouth, but it really works well. If ever you need to discipline your pet, don’t use any silly psychological techniques. In my view, all you need is a bottle of very cold water. This is seriously a great way to train your dog. Truly, it is quite amazing. If I’m wrong feel free to let me know.

Last modified: November 21, 2016