5 Things To Do Before Turning 30


Turning 30? 

Doesn’t it seem just like yesterday that you got your driver’s license, your first job, or even your college degree? The problem with turning 30 is that it doesn’t really make you old…but you’re not really young either. Your 30th birthday is a lot like your 17th or 20th birthday. You are older and that’s great, but there’s nothing really different about the world that is now open to you just because you turned 30.

Or at least that’s what it means to most people at first glance. If you take a little time to examine just how you have lived your life up to this point, turning 30 can actually be a pivotal moment in your life. A moment when you stop doing some of the more selfish and comfortable things that dominates most of our 20’s and become a little more responsible.

Turning 30? Start Waking Up Early

It’s a scary thought, but most adults don’t get to sleep in. If you go to sleep at a reasonable time and  get up earlier, you get more done and feel recharged throughout the day. If you begin your day with a good night’s sleep and a positive attitude, along with a little coffee, you’re much more likely to have a productive morning, afternoon, and night.

Turning 30? Stop Wasting Your Money

Are you the type of person to offer to buy another round of shots for everyone? Do you swipe your credit card without even so much as look at your balance? If you do these things, in moderation, have at it! But if your wild nights are preventing you from saving money for the future, you might just need to tone it down a bit.

The average American spends 4x as much money at bars than they do at coffee shops — and we drink a lot of coffee.

Limiting your fun money to just a couple of nights a week can exponentially grow your savings and be great for both your wallet and your health.

Turning 30? Start Drinking Better Beer

By now you should be drinking light beer, that is, if you are drinking beer at all. There’s a reason that beer is called “liquid bread,” and then of course we’ve all heard of the “freshman 15.” Not only do we eat worse when we’re in college, we consume way more alcohol than any other age group. This can carry over into your life even after graduation and affect you for the rest of your life.

Try to keep to socially drinking, again in moderation, but if you do go a little overboard, know that your choices of beer and frequency of alcohol consumption can make big differences in your health.

Turning 30? Stop Eating Anything And Everything You Want To

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Mountain Dew isn’t going to cut it anymore, guys. According to Men’s Fitness magazine, your metabolism slows down incredibly every year after you turn 25.

Those calories won’t be as easily burned off and you’re going to have to work to keep the body that you want instead of just having it given to you. Stay away from the obvious junk foods as much as possible, exercise, and try to select more healthy alternatives to everyday meals and snacks that you’re used to.

Turning 30? Start Your Career

This is the one thing on this list that usually requires someone else to help you out with as well. But, if you’re staying fit, waking up early, saving your money, and not wasting time staying out until 3AM, you are more likely to find a potential job opening. By the time you hit 30, as long as you’re not in graduate or doctoral program, you should be looking at potential careers that can support you, your potential family, and your future.

If you’re doing one or two of things already then you’re on track and have a jumpstart on the long future ahead of you. The same goes for if you aren’t doing any of these, you’ve got plenty of time to figure everything out.

After all, it’s not like you’re turning 40 or anything.

David Stansberry is an intern contributor and student at Middle Tennessee State University majoring in Economics and English. 

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