5 Serial killers who were murdering people before they hit puberty

Serial killers attract a certain macabre fascination. Perhaps one of the most frightening thing about them is that they are difficult to identify. Your neighbor, your spouse, your friend, any of these people could secretly be sneaking out at night to commit gruesome murders. Even your child could be a murderer as these five examples of serial killers who were murdering people before they hit puberty demonstrates.

Seisaku Nakumora

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Seisaku was born deaf in Shizuoka Prefacture, Japan in 1924. At the age of fourteen he began attempting to rape older girls and stabbing them when they resisted. This began a series of stabbing attacks that lead to the deaths of for more people. In August of 1941, he turned on his own family, murdering his brother and severely injuring his father, mother, and brother in law. After this attack he was picked up by Japanese authorities but due to the ongoing war the incidents were kept quiet. After his arrest his father committed suicide rather than suffer the shame of having a murderer for a son. Nakamura was finally executed in October, 1942.

Cayetano Santos Godino

Serial Killer
“Petiso4”. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Born with congenital syphillis, Cayetano was known to have a fascination with torturing small animals. As he grew slightly older he began setting buildings on fire in order to watch the firemen run inside to put the fires out. At the age of ten his mother caught him masturbating. As this was illegal in Argentina at the time she turned him over to the authorities and he served a two month jail sentence. After his release he began murdering other children, including a five year old girl whose dress he set on fire.

After killing four people he was apprehended by police and sent to prison where he died in 1944.

Stephen Akinmurele

murderer steven akinmurele
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Originally from Nigeria, Stephen Akinmurele had a pathological hatred of the elderly, and began physically attacking them at 11 years old in his new home of England. In his late teens he graduated to murder, staging a series of home invasions that left eight elderly men and women dead. He told police that he committed the murders for the thrill he got from killing. He was found hanging in his cell shortly before his trial in an apparent suicide.

Jesse Pomeroy


Jesse Pomeroy
Image: Public Domain/Wikimediacommons

On April 24, 1874 the Boston police found the mutilated body of four year old Horace Millen in a marsh outside the city. Their investigation led to a young boy named Jesse Pomeroy, who at fourteen had already served a prison sentence for several assaults on other children. The police soon found the body of a ten year old girl hidden in the basement of his mothers dress-making and tied Jesse to both of the murders. It was alleged that Jesse had lured both children to secluded areas and beaten them to death. Jesse was sentenced to life in prison where he died at the age of 72 after decades of legal appeals and escape attempts.

Amardeep Sada

Murderer Amardeep Sada

The youngest killer on this list, Amardeep was arrested at the age of 8 and charged with the murder of three children, all under the age of ten. In 2007 in rural India, Amardeep strangled his 8 month old sister only to do the same to his six month cousin a few months later. His final crime occurred after he abducted a neighbor’s infant daughter and took her out into a field where he killed her by hitting her repeatedly with a brick. Because of his age Amardeep was sentenced to remain in a juvenille facility until his 18th birthday at which point he will be released.

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