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It’s always great when a loved one is into their fitness. Not just because you can be assured they’re taking care of their health, but because it presents an almost endless list of opportunities for gifts they’ll really appreciate. With the holiday season upon us once again, here are 5 perfect fitness gift ideas to help them kick ass in the new year and beyond:

1. Foam Roller

For anyone who likes to exercise and DOESN’T own a foam roller yet, that needs to change. Right now. Rollers have multiple benefits and are a go-to recovery tool for all kinds of fitness professionals, from physiotherapists to athletes. They can help you recover from workouts and injuries, relieve muscle and joint pain, and even improve your balance and flexibility. This one from TriggerPoint (the original, and still the best) is just $45, but the value your loved one will get from it is priceless.

2. Wordlock

A Wordlock is simply a combination lock that uses letters instead of numbers. Why? Because words are much easier to remember. OK, so it’s not exactly difficult to recall a 3-4 digit combination, but only when you’re using that combination regularly. For someone who doesn’t visit public facilities that often (e.g. they prefer to work out at home and only use the gym when they travel), a wordlock could save them a headache.

3. Earmuff Headphones

These unisex bluetooth ear warmers from 180s are genius, especially this time of year. They work for both music and calls, are fully adjustable to fit any size head, and there’s no wires to get in the way while you work out. Of course, you could always just wear regular earmuffs over headphones. But this can be awkward, and you can end up shoving buds further into your ears (ouch). The 180s are a simple solution that just works.

4. Organic Muscle Rub

Anything that can help ease recovery after exercise will be a hit with your loved ones. This muscle rub from Moon Valley Organics does just that — just throw it in the gym bag and apply after workouts. It’s a compound of all-natural ingredients, including ginger to warm up muscles, stimulate circulation and calm sore nerves. There’s also a healing herb called Wolf’s Bane, which is a known analgesic and anti-inflammatory. If you have to choose just one of the fitness gift ideas on this list, make it this one.

5. Sports Bottle Blender

Another incredibly useful and time-saving idea, this blender by Oster is a portable smoothie-maker and sports bottle all in one. The idea is to save you a couple of steps by blending your morning smoothie or health shake right into the bottle so you can just pop on the lid and get going. It’s a pretty funky looking gadget, and the surprisingly powerful motor is well able to handle ice and frozen fruits. Perfect for those who need to get out the door as quickly as possible in the morning.

Q: Got any fitness gift ideas of your own? Share them with us in the comments below.

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The ultimate gamer gift guide

Many a would-be gift giver has a gamer on their list of beloved friends and family. However, it’s not always simple to find the perfect gamer gift.



christmas gift holiday present with bow

christmas gift holiday present with bow

With the holiday season upon us, many a would-be gift giver is sure to have a gamer on their list of beloved friends and family. And theoretically it should be easy to buy a gift for a gamer, just buy them a game. Duh. However, it’s not always that simple. Well never fear, this holiday season you can be sure to get the gift of their gaming dreams with our gamer gift guide.

So how might you end up in a situation where you can’t just buy your favorite gamer a game they’re interested in? Well, what if they already own all the games they want right now? What if you had the perfect game in mind but your stupid sister Darcy bought it before you, and now you have to think of something else? What if you simply want your gift to be a little more original?

Whatever your reasons, now you’re on the hunt for the perfect gamer gift, but you’re not sure where to start. Don’t worry, we have a variety of ideas for you to choose from at a range of prices so you pick the best gift to match your gamer and your budget.

$20 or Less

It’s the thought that counts right? Maybe your not getting your beloved gamer a game this holiday because $60 bucks is out of your price range. Hell, you could get them three gifts for that much! The key to success at $20 or less (rhyming) is to find gaming paraphernalia they’ll love. Identify some fo their favorite series, and give them a shirt or a mug or some other trinket that will let them represent themselves as a gamer at all times.

The Legend Of Zelda Triumphant Triforce Shirt – $12.98


Men’s OW Overwatch Logo Long Sleeve T Shirt – $12.98


The Sun – Solaire Tarot Card T-Shirt – $11.48

Dark Souls Shirt

Funko POP Figurine – Dovahkiin – $10.00


Bethesda Fallout 4 Vault Boy Bi-Fold Wallet – $15.29


$100 or Less

You’ve saved up a little bit of money to spend on your gamer’s gift so you want it to be nice, but at the same time you aren’t willing to break the bank. In fact ,even though you’re willing to go as high as a $100 if you could come out less than that you’d be happy. That’s fine. This is the price range most gifts are going to fall into, including games themselves. It’s the same rule here as at every other tier (rhyming, again), make sure that whatever you decide to get them is personalized to them. That doesn’t mean their name needs to be custom engraved across the top of it, but if you are going to get them a themed game controller just be sure it is for a game they actually like.

Razer Firefly Chroma Custom Lighting Hard Gaming Mouse Pad – $49.99


Zelda Triforce Lamp – $65.95


E-Blue Marvel Ironman 2.4G Wireless Gaming Mouse – $99.99


DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 – Gold – $78.18


$100 or More

Really? Are you sure? Do you really like them all that much? Well, they are lucky to have you as a friend, and you and I should hang out sometime. If you’re planning on going all out, then you probably already have something in mind, but just in case you need a little inspiration on where to find the ultimate gamer gift . . .

Turtle Beach – Stealth 420X+ Fully Wireless Gaming Headset – Xbox One – $149.50


Sony PlayStation 4 Pro – 1TB – $443.85


HTC VIVE – Virtual Reality System – $799.99


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8 Gifts your for your tech-obsessed loved one

The holidays are almost here, and if you’re like most people, you now face the daunting task of selecting gifts for the tech-obsessed nerd in your life.



anki cozmo

The holidays are almost here, and if you’re like most people, you now face the daunting task of selecting gifts for the tech-obsessed nerd in your life. It can be tough to pick the right gifts. But luckily for you, as tech-obsessed nerds ourselves, we’ve selected some of the best gifts for techies out this season.

1)Samsung Gear VR Headset

Samsung VR

Image: Best Buy

Virtual Reality is officially at the point where it isn’t a headache inducing novelty. In fact, there are a number of pretty awesome application out there right now for virtual reality, and it seems like nearly every major tech company is trying to get in on the platform. And Samsung’s Gear VR headset is one of the best options. It’s only compatible with Samsung appliances like the Note or Galaxy, but if the person you are buying the gift for already has one, then you can snag this for a song at $80.

2) Vantage Robotics Snap Drone

Snap Drone

Image: Vantage Robotics

Drones are big this year and if you’re not interested in all the disturbing political and social ramifications of a fleet of private eyes in the sky, you can get in on the phone with this fun little model. The Snap is designed so that each of it’s separate parts detach from each other so that you can carry it around in a backpack and assemble as needed. And it’s 4k camera lets you capture gorgeous footage from a bird’s eye view. The price varies according to options, but you can pick yours up here.

3) Amazon Dot

Amazon Dot

Image: Amazon

The Amazon Dot is a scaled down version of the Amazon home system at a far more affordable price.  The Amazon home system is basically a personal robotic assistant. It can look up facts and recipes or play music by responding to voice commands. But where the full-size model costs $150, you can pick up the Dot for a third of that at $50. But that doesn’t mean it can’t do all the tings the Amazon home can do. So if you feel like renaming it Jeeves and pretending to be Tony Stark, that’s totally doable. Of course, it can’t actually mix you a cocktail…yet.



Image: Podo

If you’re tired of your friend’s annoying selfie stick (and who isn’t?), you can pick up this cool little invention that just got launched through a Kickstarter campaign. It’s a camera that syncs to your phone and can be attached to nearly any surface. That way, you can take selfies from any angle or distance. It isn’t retailing yet, but for a $40 donation you can pick one up in time for Christmas.

5)Bose Bluetooth Headphones

Bose Quiet Comfort

Image: Amazon

Wireless headphones are officially the way of the future, and no one does it better than Bose. Their Quiet Comfort line uses sound canceling technology to block sound from outside the headphones, giving an unparalleled sound quality and deep rich tones. Carry them on a plane and never hear the sound of the engines. Or take them on a long walk and bask in some quiet reflection. Though at a hefty $300 price tag this might be one of those gifts you want to save for yourself.

6) Anki Cosmo

Anki cosmo

Image: Amazon

The Anki Cosmo is the updated version of the miniature robots every tech enthusiast used to love getting as a kid. It uses advanced AI programming and can recognize its owner and even be surprisingly emotive with its little LCD eyes. Plus, if you’re into programming, Cosmo comes with its own kit that can let you add your own features. It’s a neat little gadget that’s great for kids of all ages. $180 on Amazon.

7)Wacom Bamboo Notepad

Wacom Bamboo Notepad

Image: Pinterest

If you know anyone who has ever talked about starting their own webcomic or maybe even just likes to doodle, the Wacom Bamboo Notepad is a great gift. It instantly transmits anything drawn on the pad directly to a mobile device so you can keep track of notes or upload drawings to the internet. And it’s only $150 on Amazon.

8) Tile Tracking Device


Image: Amazon

There are few things more annoying than constantly forgetting where you left your keys or wallet. Wouldn’t it be great if they came with their own GPS tracking device? Well, guess what: now they do. The tile is a device that slips into your wallet or around your key ring and keeps track of where everything is through a phone app. So if you have a relative who is constantly losing things, the Tile is a great gift. $30 on Amazon.

So there you go, eight of the best gifts to give this holiday season to the techie in your life. And remember, there is absolutely nothing wrong with gifting one of these to yourself. Happy Holidays!

This article originally appeared on The Fanboy Report as “The Best Gifts For Techies.”

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What if Skymall was your only gift resource?

You’re stuck in the sky forever. It occurs to you, as you hurdle through the air in a metal tube, that the holidays are upon us, and you haven’t bought a single gift. What can you do from 30,000 ft.?



You’re stuck in the sky forever. You’ve always worried this day would come. It’s why you always travel with five different books, an iPad, and an extra change of underwear. It occurs to you, as you hurdle through the air in a metal tube, that the holidays are upon us, and you haven’t bought a single gift. What can you do from 30,000 ft.?

Enter Skymall: your sole gift resource.

Now, your reality warps while you’re on a plane. Anything that’s not insufficient legroom or a thimble of ginger ale seems wondrous and desirable. There are things that are proper gifts, and there are things that are fever dream garbage. I’m here on the ground to help you tell the difference.

Proper Gifts (Sort of)

Image: Skymall

It’s a wireless mouse that looks like a cool car! Skymall has lots of different makes and models to choose from, but the Corvette seems to be the most ergonomically sound. Is it kind of silly? Sure. But it’s a fun gift for a car lover.


Image: Skymall

For the person in your life that carries sufficient cash to necessitate a money clip and likes Batman, this money clip could be a good gift. It is ostensibly practical and has an action-packed scene on it. It’s a bit quirky, but has its charms.


Image: Skymall

No, this isn’t the most inspired piece of jewelry, little of the Skymall collection is. However, it’s sparkly without being over the top and easily matches most outfits. This bracelet’s simplicity means that it won’t go out of style. Plus, you get to say that it has Swarovski elements, which ups the sense of value.


Image: Skymall

I initially thought this was garbage until I saw that this item had 34 5-star reviews. There is a type of person who will love this thing. That person has sufficient space, has been to Brussels, and won’t be horrified that you spent over $100 on a gift. Follow your heart and get them a statue of a kid pissing into an elaborate basin.


Fever Dream Garbage

Image: Skymall

Ahhh!! A guitar is going to fall on your head! Look out!

Haha, j/k, it’s a guitdoorbell! GET IT?

There’s nothing quite like gifting someone the ability to freak out guests as soon as they arrive. Don’t do it. Stuck-on-a-plane you thinks it’s hilarious, but don’t do it.


Image: Skymall

Yeah, these’ll look right at home next to a flat screen T.V. and plywood bookshelves. No one has a place for these except maybe under the kitchen sink or in a dumpster. They’re big and ugly, even by Rococo standards. You can’t even use the damn things unless you want to scrape wax off of naked cherubs. This is not a classy gift! Do not buy it!


Image: Skymall

There are so many reasons why this is a horrible gift, but let’s start with the idea that you assume a balding relative would want a laser hat that plays music. You cannot go about your life pretending everything is normal while wearing this. You just can’t. Also, this joke is over $800. You could’ve spent that money on literally anything else, like several peeing boy fountains.


Image: Skymall

In fairness to Skymall, this can be found under “gag gifts.” They also let you know exactly what you’re getting: “Key features include an ass, grass, or gas patch, a stylish jean jacket, sweet tattoos over the chest and arms, as well as a epic wolf patch on the back.”

But let’s get into this gag. It’s obviously a shirt, unless most people have hemming at their wrists. And what’s the joke? Who’s supposed to laugh at this? Even the model looks confused. You will never be redeemed if you give this as a gift. Never.

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