5 Most Dangerous Countries for Travel

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To make your trip exciting, you want to make sure that there are plenty of fascinating attractions to visit, and it is safe for tourists. While there is no such thing as “too dangerous”, there are parts of the world that may not be very comforting because of a few dangers lurking in the shadows. So, it may be best to take into account these 5 most dangerous countries for travel before you prepare your itinerary and book a flight for your upcoming trip abroad.

1. Iraq

There are those who may be drawn to visit Iraq because of its extraordinary beauty that may remind you of a fantasy tale such as some structures including the Arch of Clesiphon or the awe-inspiring Southern Marshland. The Kurds are also known as one of the friendliest people in the world, which you can find in this country. However, you may want to rethink your goal of visiting Iraq because of some serious threats that make it a rather dangerous place to be. Bombings and violent crimes are now common occurrences in this country, specifically in Kabul.

2. Russia

Russia is an inviting country to tourists because of its remarkable climate and geographic location. In addition, there are enchanting architectures in the country such as the temples, monasteries and other structures in the country that have been in existence for centuries. The savory food and thrilling water activities are other things you will love about this country. Unfortunately, the Global Peace Index ranks Russia as among the world’s most dangerous countries to be in. There is a high rate of money laundering, drug trafficking and abduction in the country, and numerous criminal organizations have no fear of Russia’s judicial system.

3. Brazil

This country is famous for its pristine waters, beaches and the Amazon Rainforest. Parties are also a big thing in Brazil such as the world-famous Carnaval. Yet, traveling to this country may not be that appealing to those who care about their safety since Brazil is known for its significantly high percentage of crimes and gang violence. In particular, Rio de Janeiro has an escalating number of rape, theft and murder cases.

4. Afghanistan

Afghanistan is home to remarkable sites that are worth a visit such as the Bamiyan Valley Kunduz and Wakhan Corridor. There are also friendly people who are a joy to be with, which will make your trip memorable and enriching. However, Afghanistan may be a dangerous place to be in because it is basically a warzone. For years, the Afghan life has been influenced largely by the Talibans. Because of that, there are numerous instances of bombings and terrorist attacks in the country. There are also landmines that threaten the safety and well-being of the locals, plus the increasing percentage of people using opium, which alter their mind and psyche.

5. Egypt

In terms of security and safety, Egypt is much lower in rank than Chad, Yemen or Pakistan. This country that is made popular because of the stunning pyramids of Giza may not be an inviting place to visit because of ongoing cases of gunfire and political unrest. The failing economy is also another reason why so many instances of crime occur in this country.

Traveling may be fun, but as long as the places you visit are safe enough and not a threat to your life. So, be sure to keep this list in mind and secure your life and well-being during your travel.

Last modified: September 11, 2015