5 Least Friendly U.S. Cities

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When it comes to traveling, the good company of warm and friendly people adds to your overall experience during your trip. Unfortunately, there are just some places in the US that may not be packed with the friendliest people you hoped they would be. The following are among the least friendly U.S. cities including some key features of each.


Everyone knows Chicago for its freezing cold weather, and it seems the people are also reflecting the subzero temperature of the area in terms of their personality (We jest… Somewhat). In fact, it is considered one of the most unfriendly cities in the country, although people in Chicago are known to be both modern and intellectual. However, if you find yourself in this city, the best places to go would be to theaters for some cultural shows or a few taverns where you can have a taste of their great drinks or mingle with the locals (if you find some friendly ones!).


Another city referred to as a little on the unfriendly side, Seattle can be a rather intimidating place to be for first-timers. Even with this image and common reactions from travelers, you can still enjoy your trip to Seattle if you check out interesting places of attraction that are popular among the locals. Basically, Seattle is known for its coffeehouses, which exude a warm and friendly atmosphere. These coffee shops offer a wide selection of latte and pastries to go along with your drink. In addition, you may want to go on a little stroll and have a nice picnic (if the weather permits!) at the City Hall Plaza.


While many people think of the South as the hometown of America’s friendliest people, Dallas may not be as charming to tourists. In fact, surveys reveal that locals at Dallas are experts in giving newcomers a brush-off. In case you find yourself in this Texas city, you can make the most out of your trip by going to some well-known places including the art exhibits, wine bars, and fancy restaurants with a wide selection of menu. 


New England is known for its breathtaking sceneries and quaint villages. Yet, it also strike visitors as a bit aloof and somewhat bookish, which make them not exactly the friendliest city in the United States. Nevertheless, Providence has reached quite a high ranking when it comes to accepting LGBT travelers, so there should be no problem visiting this place because there are no risks of being discriminated. You will also find it rather interesting visiting some fascinating destinations in the city including restaurants, karaoke bars and bakery cafes that are indeed worth your time and money.

Los Angeles

Most people think of Los Angeles as a place where gorgeous and famous people live. However, it also is known as an unfriendly city where it may be tough for a tourist to mingle with the locals who possess this same quality. To have a blast during your trip, though, you may take some time to visit some fine places here including the El Matador State Beach, restaurants and bars that feature an array of great drinks and food items to satisfy your craving.

While some of the places in the United States may not exactly be as friendly as what you think, you can still have an amazing time during your travel by checking out must-visit areas in these cities.

Last modified: September 21, 2015